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Rodan & Fields Beauty Products

Postby SilverDamsen » Fri Jan 27, 2017 5:40 pm

I just watched the season 8, episode about Paris Hilton, "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset," which is a great parody of not just Hilton but of the wider culture. This episode came to my mind as I went on Facebook and noticed yet another post on Rodan and Fields from one of my acquaintances who is selling this ridiculously expensive product. In terms of a pitch what I'm suggesting is something like a cross between "Stupid Spoiled Whore Video Playset" and "South Park is Gay." Here Rodan and Fields is a product of Stupid Spoiled Bitches (since they are not really slutty but they are mean) but the end game is that the product ruins the women's skin and has some other weird side-effect as well and yet is the master plot of something like the crab people.

Several aspects of Rodan and Fields make it especially apt for parody.

1. It is hugely successful and very expensive, and yet from the photos I've seen doesn't actually do much to improve skin quality. The most ridiculous of the products is called "lash boost." It gives the end result of something that looks like glued on daddy long leg spider legs, not anything even a self-respecting Tranny would wear.

2.The marketing is all done by individual consultants and seems to have photo shopped "after" pictures.

3. Much of the marketing is done on Facebook by women who are really stupid and who are tryin to appeal to the stupidity of their stupid friends. The way they talk to each other is something like the lingo of the "Raisin Girls" but even more stupid. From what I can tell those that are most successful at marketing are narcissists who enjoy forcing their friends to buy their over-priced products. Yet it is more than that. I think key to the success of Rodan and Fields is that it allows women to post unattractive photos of themselves with spidery eyelashes in the hopes of getting like clicks and compliments on how attractive, brilliant, and successful they are.

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