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Programs section

Postby SecurePhoneRetriever » Thu Nov 30, 2017 4:41 pm

Hi South Park team!

My name is Andrew, i'm 28. I'm a fan of the SP! I even have a plush talking Kenny!
Sorry for my english, i'm from Russia and learn it yet.

I'm IT developer and i made the program for personal use named "Secure phone retriever" (SPR).
It is available by link ... sp=sharing.
I tried to make it interesting, attractive and in the SP style.

Briefly about the purpose of the program.
The purpose of the program is to securely transfer your phone number to friends and acquaintances via the Internet. While excluding open transfer of the phone number in text form via e-mail and social networks, where it can be easily obtained by third parties.

Yes, the program does not perform its function 100% and is not super secure. It is rather entertaining. But nevertheless, it performs part of the work to ensure security.

How the SPR works.
You run the SPR.exe application. Enter the phone number (for example 932804), click "Save" and close the program. Send SPR.exe and Trash.txt for example by e-mail. The recipient receives your letter, downloads the attachment, launches SPR.exe and tries to prove that it is not a robot to get your phone number.

I noticed that your site have a "Games" section, but there is no "Programs" section.
I believe that SPR could be a good start and even increase the popularity of the SP. I would like to know your opinion about this.
At your request, I could change the program if you feel it's necessary. For example, in design or logic.

Best regard!
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Re: Programs section

Postby SecurePhoneRetriever » Fri Nov 30, 2018 9:12 am

Hi everyone!

The Secure Phone Retriever is now on the GitHub ... eRetriever

The direct link to the app ... e?raw=true

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