A thank you regarding season 21

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A thank you regarding season 21

Postby Kirious » Wed Mar 07, 2018 4:43 pm

I don’t know where else to reach out but I really feel like I have wanted to thank South Park so much for touching on narcissism and emotional abuse with the Heidi/Cartman dynamic in season 21. The first time I watched season 21 it was like looking at my own life. My soon to be ex husband is Cartman. 110%. Except in “doubling down” when Cartman blames his blood sugar for his sour behavior, it was alcohol for my ex. I have shown that episode to family members and none of them can laugh because Cartman’s crying and begging and abusive behavior aligns so perfectly with my ex husbands. It is scary how accurate it is. When season 21 came out I had not yet left my husband. I have since moved 400 miles away. Thank you for the disturbingly accurate portrayal of emotionally abusive behavior. More people need to see that because I feel like that issue is so under played in our society and so many women and men alike stay in those situations because they aren’t being physically abused and they remain confused about why they’re having such a hard time. I have been watching South Park religiously since I was 10 and I turn 30 in 2 weeks. You guys are my heros, keep being awesome, and most importantly, keep being real.
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Re: A thank you regarding season 21

Postby mario88 » Mon Mar 12, 2018 1:02 am

Sorry to read that you struggled in your marriage because of a narcissist partner; but more importantly, glad to read that you came out of it. Narcissists are the worst, they suck out life from those around them like black holes suck the light, so to speak.

That episode was peculiar, I remember I wrote that South Park is not just a comedic show anymore and that episode certainly wasn't made for making people laugh.

I have always claimed that south park is not just a show, it's a literary work, in the form of a cartoon.

Such recent episodes show that once more.
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