f*ck a war

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f*ck a war

Postby HesseldeBoer » Mon Mar 20, 2006 5:36 am

They send a sucker to your folks, lookin' stupid
tellin' them you died in the line of duty
Or your ass is missing in action bro
Tryin' to be a damn hero
They bring your folks that duffle bag
The only sh*t they wanna see is that doggy tag
Hopin' that the worryin' will cease
And your ass will be home in one damn piece
But my mom ain't gotta worry about that there
Cause I ain't dyin' in the middle of nowhere

Only the rich benefit, it'll be a cold day in hell before I enlist
To eat sh*t out a can like a worm
And everyday wear the same f*ckin' uniform
Not knowin' if I'm comin' home or not
And if I do, I'll probably be shell shocked
Get a plate in my head, lose a leg, I might get a check
Or a gaddamn star, you can have that sh*t
Mother f*ck a war!

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