Coon/Mysterion/Chaos wallpapers

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Coon/Mysterion/Chaos wallpapers

Postby Tepec » Mon Jul 18, 2016 10:58 am

Hi all!

After reviewing the "Professor Chaos" episode, I decided I needed to have some wallpaper to honor that great vilain but could not find much on the internet, so I poorly made my own; it ended up being a triptic width Chaos / Coon / Mysterion.
I wanted to illustrate for each some emblematic elements: Chaos as he sees himself, the Coon lurking the threat in "his City" and Mysterion being immortal due to some weird Cthulhu-worshippers meetings where his parents went to get some free alcohol.

You can find below each part independantly:

Despite Cthulhu being seen as "the Coon ally", I really wanted to put it as Mysterion's background as it is somehow related to Kenny's immortality, his parents attending to Cthulhu-worshippers meetings for the free booze.
The color for the background was not that easy to choose as the green could have been a logical choice; but Chaos using a light green as main color for his suit, it would have been redondant, so I went for the "nightly" blue, which seems consistent regarding the fact that Mysterion is acting always at night.

The Coon
I had a hard time finding a background fitting with the Coon and only the Coon: the city could have been for Mysterion as well, except that the first "the Coon" episode has a strong "red" atmosphere which is not seen when Mysterion is around. Cthulhu could have fitted here, but I wanted to keep it for Mysterion (see explanations on previous pic).

Professor Chaos
I really LOVE Butters, and him being Chaos makes it even better! Chaos is, from what I recall, the very first "super-character" amongst the protagonists, and what a super-vilain he is!
For the background, I just wanted to put "Chaos" as Butters sees it.

Hope you'll like it!
As my design skills are complete rubbish, I uploaded the PSD file here so anyone who wants can use/improve it at will: here it is!
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Re: Coon/Mysterion/Chaos wallpapers

Postby Sam_BelgianFries » Sat Jul 30, 2016 7:10 pm

These are actually really good, pal.
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Re: Coon/Mysterion/Chaos wallpapers

Postby Meight » Wed Aug 03, 2016 9:12 am

this have nice and good

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