What are you doing now?

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Re: What are you doing now?

Postby JamesPup » Tue Aug 09, 2016 9:32 pm

The last week I have been binge playing 'Pokémon the trading card game online'. They just came out with a new series of cards and I traded for a couple dozen of them and have build a few new decks and am having fun KO'ing peoples Pokémon. I am playing a Yanmega BREAK deck I hand crafted that no one else knows about or has. Still it is not that good but I really love it. It is so fast to attack and resilient that I can beat certain decks that I've never been able to give such an ass kicking too.

I will be going out to drink soon as I need something to liven up my atmosphere.

Also the Olympics are real fun to watch rate now. The USA and Italy are doing great which brings me such joys.

Oh well, I guess back to winning in 'Pokémon TGO'.
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