1,000 signs that you watch too much South Park Round 2

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Kelly MacCornmac
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Postby Kelly MacCornmac » Sat Feb 11, 2006 7:33 pm

Moop and Fingerbang are my favorite bands.
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Postby Recnahs » Sat Feb 11, 2006 10:07 pm

767: You fart on your friends hand when it can save the world.
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Postby SouthParkMaster66 » Sat Feb 11, 2006 11:27 pm

768. You can tell what episode of South Park it is by watching the first five seconds. (LIKE ME!)
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Postby Mr_Jefferson_killed_Kenny » Sat Feb 11, 2006 11:30 pm

769: You refer to people as a "Cartman" when they are mean, a "Kenny" when they are poor, a "Kyle" when they are smart, and a "Stan" when they are normal.

770: You ask the teacher, "Excuse me, may I please go make a Mr. Hankey?"
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Postby TorsonicPolarity » Sun Feb 12, 2006 1:35 am

771: You tell the guy you like you want his "hot man chowder"
general disaray
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Postby general disaray » Mon Feb 13, 2006 5:29 pm

772. When your girlfriend tells you to buy her "product" you immediately look for Cherokee Hair Tampons

773. You throw away your cyborg Bill doll because it's totally gay
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Postby OrangeParkaGRL » Mon Feb 13, 2006 5:43 pm

774. For Hanukah, you bought your jewish friend a big green hat with earflaps

775. During the holiday season, your carols include "A lonely Jew" and "Mr Hankey the Christmas Poo"

776. Whenever you do #2 you yell "Hiiiiiiiiidey hoooooooooo"
Sheila's 3rd chin
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i got the magical 777!

Postby Sheila's 3rd chin » Mon Feb 13, 2006 9:22 pm

You show up to a hiphop gig accompanied by a professional steps dancer, a goth guy, a preteen stripper, and an arcade hobo, then proceed to dance foxtrot {or was it swing? I forget...}

888, errr, i mean 778.
You actually read all 19 pages of this to make sure you're not gonna repeat anyone

You blame Canada

You masturbate to the ass of a fat 8yo boy, because it has nipples painted on the bums.

Your send your kids on a quest to return a tape for you. When they return, you award them XP.

After watching RotFotRtt2T, you try to give Stan, Kyle, Cartman, Kenny, Jimmy, Token, Butters, Timmy and Chef aD&D stats, then make a Monster Manual entries for "Parrent", "Six-grader" and "Raisins Employee", or stat out the one Tape as an artifact.

You are a fold of fat under the face of a middle aged jewish woman who compensates for sexual frustration with extended public activism.
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Postby zeppo616 » Mon Feb 13, 2006 9:27 pm

783. When you talk to your South Park figures and they reply.:shock:
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Postby Cartman_91 » Mon Feb 20, 2006 12:57 am

784: Your Theory Is Sea People+Seamen=Seaciety
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Postby PJuarez420 » Tue Feb 21, 2006 2:42 am

30. If you bought the Chef Aid album and liked it
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Postby awesom-o-4000 » Wed Feb 22, 2006 7:37 pm

786 : if you put a stick up your friends dead grandmas ass and used it to scare the 5th graders on hallowean. :chaos:
Sheila's 3rd chin
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Postby Sheila's 3rd chin » Wed Feb 22, 2006 7:57 pm

When your shrink asks you to draw a family in action, you draw the Broflowskies playing "Kick the Baby".
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Postby koo101 » Wed Feb 22, 2006 9:45 pm

788: When the play count for the song "Forgot About Timmy" by Eminem, Jay-Z, Dr. Dre is over 300

789: When your Bookmarks list is 90% Southpark Links
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Postby SouthParkFan06 » Wed Feb 22, 2006 10:57 pm

790: When you go into the supermarket and shearch for "Chef's Salty Chocolate balls".

791: If you call transsexual's "Marjorine's".

792: When you go around the city pointing at things saying: "Simpsons did it".

Thanx, thats some of what i could think of right now.
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