South Park Blind Date

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South Park Blind Date

Postby Tweeker_Steph » Tue Jun 21, 2011 10:47 pm

Alright, so here's the drill.

First, say the character that you would LIKE to go on a date with.

Then, say a BRIEF, TRUTHFUL paragraph about your personality (Don't make it so you just get who you want to get).

Then, say who you really wouldn't like to get.

The next person to post should firstly state who the user above would most likely suit based on their description, and then that person fills it out for themselves, and the next poster does the same.

If the next user says the person would suit the one they originally liked, then DING DING DING. We have a match. Sucks that they aren't real. You can choose ANY South Park character by the way.


I would like to go on a date with Kyle.

I'm a female who's rather lazy but passionate about the things I enjoy doing, like acting and writing. I enjoy video games, sports and flirting. I dislike dogs, fat people and being underestimated.

I would not like to go on a date with Cartman.


The above user would probably suit someone like Stan.

I would like to go on a date with Butters

Blah Blah Blah!

As for my information;

I would like to go on a date with Tweek.

I like writing stories and poetry as well as acting. I actually don't like drinking coffee, but love the smell. I love pokémon games and other RPGs. I love kittens and cats but hates dogs. Fat people make me giggle. I can't stand naive or stupid people.

I would not like to end up with Butters.
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