Episode 103 DId You Notice

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Episode 103 DId You Notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:19 am

Episode 103: Volcano
-Patrick Duffy - Male lead of "Step By Step" named Frank (also appeared on "Dallas" for those who remember), oh, and the leg of Scuzzlebutt. Patrick Duffy also played "The Man from Atlantis" in the series of that name.
-"Lava and You" (black and white movie) - This is a parody of the 1950's movies about nuclear safety. The government convinced people that if they were nuked they could 'duck and cover' for safety. "What do you do when you see the flash?" "DUCK AND COVER!"
-"Nothing to see here" - could be from The Naked Gun (1 or 2.5?) -The three clocks on the wall behind the Geologist read: NY time 8:00, LA time was 11:00, and South Park time was 10:30.
-At the end, Ned can't shoot Scuzzlebutt because he is out of ammo. but later, he drops his gun and shoots Kenny!
-Also, the lava traveled through the ditch, and it wouldn't have even hit Ned, Jimbo, Cartman, Kenny, Kyle, Stan, or Scuzzlebutt.
-After the boys are "saved," the Mayor hops right across the ditch, as does Stan, in order to kill Scuzzlebutt. -When Cartman told the story of Scuzzlebutt, the celery was supposed to be his left hand, but when he actually showed up, the celery was his right hand.

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