Episode 105 Did you notice

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Episode 105 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:26 am

Episode 105: An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig
-The last line of the show "That'll do, pig." is from the movie "Babe" after he wins the contest.
-Today in the cafeteria they are serving "cream-chip-beef on toast" (known in the military as "sh*t On a Shingle") along with "Gumbo with Rice and Cornbread".
-One of the kids has an "Elway" lunch box (couldn't make out the Hasidic kids one, nor what he is saying), but over them is a poster with an alien that says "Have you seen me".
-One of the posters in the back of the classroom read "Our Pets" and one of the pictures was of an alien.
-Pig-Pen from "Peanuts" definitely appears in the front row of the classroom.
-The Special Ed. bus driver is wearing a surgical mask.
-The end of the Genetic Engineer's cane is, you guessed it, an ass.
-The genetic engineer is very much like the character that Marlon Brando played in the movie,"Island of Dr. Moreau" -South Park Genetic Engineering ranch had those fish/bunnies on the sign.
-Rehashed plots - The "angry sister" plot and the "genetics gone bad" plot seem very familiar. They are pretty standard plot-lines, but we'd like some references to existing shows.
-That song that everyone seems to know - Someone's boyfriend said that he wasn't surprised that they picked Loverboy, as there songs are "obscure" in some way. "After all, if they said Led Zeppelin no one would buy it." I don't quite understand myself, but thought I would share.
-The geologist from Volcano sure looks a lot like Stan's father...
-Ms. Crabtree, the bus driver, has a bird in her hair.
-The first science project was "Casey and his Weed". That has GOT to be a pot joke, maybe Casey Jones by The Grateful Dead, but we're not sure.
-A small editing mistake, the first prize button is on Fluffy's cage, BEFORE she is awarded the prize, -The idea for Pip's name is completely taken from "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens. In "GE", the main character's name is Pip, because "his fathers family name was Pirrup and his Christian name was Phillip, and all he could make of both as a baby was Pip". Pip quotes this, but doesn't get to the last part before they tell him to go away. "French people piss me off!"
-The part where Terence(?) yells "Daddy, Nooooooooo!" when his dad shoots the genetic clone of Stan, comes from "The Omen". It's the next to last scene when Gregory Peck is in the church and is going to stab Damien.
-When Chef is singing his love song to get the pig and the elephant "in the mood", he quotes singer George Michael from his rendition of "Don't -Let the sun go down on me" when he comes in and says "Ladies and Gentlemen, Mr. Elton John!"
-During the elephant and pig episode when Stan's clone breaks free of the bubble he is in, he reaches into a box connected to the bubble and takes a frog out and throws it against the wall. This is an allusion to Jurassic Park when they needed to use frog DNA in order to complete all the Dinosaurs' genetic codes. Remember how the scientist asked for a hair from Stan? Because he didn't get the hair he needed something else to complete the genetic code, hence the frog.
-The two Hasidic kids may be saying, "This fish is hurting my anus" "It's pretty fresh"

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