Episode 104 Did you notice

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Episode 104 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:28 am

Episode 104: Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride
-"I haven't seen an Englishman take a blow like that since Hugh Grant" Hugh Grant was arrested for soliciting a prostitute - this was both a major blow to his career and a major blow to (ahem).
-"I haven't seen a Jew run like that since Poland 1938" - Nazi Germany invaded the then-predominately Jewish Poland in 1939, marking the official start of World War II.
-"I haven't seen a beating like that since Rodney King" - In March 3, 1991, by-standers watched as several Los Angeles police officers severely beat Rodney King. When the same officers were acquitted on April 29, 1992, Los Angeles erupted into riots.
-Brian Boitano (of SOXMAS fame) makes a guest appearance on Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride.
-The Boat Ride is a mixture of Disney's Jungle Cruise ride and Disney's It's A Small World ride.
-The Village People appear in the Big Gay Boat Ride.
-The chalkboard in this episode seems to have either really advanced geometry on it. It's kind of odd for 3rd graders to be getting that kind of education.
pi * r * r = 2 * pi * r However, the above equation is not correct since you can't equate an area with a length. The units just don't work out. -"Loving You" was a number one hit for Minnie Ripperton in 1975. She was also the writer (or co-writer) of the song. It was sung again (albeit poorly) by John Stamos's (John Stamos was the Uncle Jesse character on the television show 'Full House') older brother Richard.
-Kenny was wearing number 13 (the superstitious number of bad luck) but the ref called him by number 23 (the number of the Illuminati) Also, Stan had #4, Kyle is #12, and Cartman had #68.. 4-12-68 .. Someone's birthday (Parker or Stone)? Additionally, helmet-less Pip wears #00. At one point one of the other kids was standing there with #29.. That would make that person.. 29.. -Kyle's football uniform number alternates between 12 and 14. -Some Middle Park kids have negative numbers such as -1 and -3 -The two mean-looking 4th graders who taunt Stan about his dog's lifestyle - ?
-Big Gay Al's right nipple is pierced.
-The conversation in "Big Gay Al's..." between Mr. Garrison and Chef, "I just act that way to get chicks, dumbass" is a blatant reference to the "Bloodhound Gang" song, "I wish I were gay so I could get chicks" -Also, someone wrote me saying,"I think that the 'I just act that way to get chicks, dumbass' is a reference to this summer's blockbuster hit, "My Best Friend's Wedding." "George likes to... pretend that he's... uh, gay." "I see, and, uh, why would you do that?" "I... I find it attracts women.""
-The little conversation between Mr. Garrison and Chef in Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride cracked me up. When he denied being gay, it reminded some people of "Lyle: The Effeminate Heterosexual," that old Dana Carvey skit on Saturday Night Live. For those who haven't seen it, Dana Carvey played this guy who was gay as a French horn, but everytime someone asked him if he were gay, he'd deny it, do that hand thing that Mr. Garrison does, and say with a big fat lisp, "Why that's insssssssane!"
-The Sports bar looks small on the inside, but freekin' HUGE on the inside!
-The 'Sports Bar' was not a bar, it was a Sports Book. That's what legal sports betting houses in Vegas are called.
-Book comes from Bookie, which is the guy that takes your bets.
-Mr Garrison is in the crowd placing bets behind Jimbo.
-When Stan & Sparky are leaving Big Gay Al's, Al says "When you get back to town, tell them about us, will you? Tell them there are gay animals here who need homes, desperately.", and Stan says that he will. This is (I believe) a direct lift from the old Rankin-Bass 'Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer' stop-motion Xmas special when Rudolph and the Dentist Elf are leaving the Island of MisFit Toys, the Winged Lion says basically the same line to them regarding the MisFit Toys and Santa Claus.
-The sportscaster at the football game (the one with the bad comb-over)sounds suspiciously like Marv Albert, a well-known NBC Sportscaster (who is a well-known toupee wearer, who is also no longer an NBC Sportscaster).
-What about the suitcase being some obscure reference to the briefcase in Pulp Fiction. Also let's not forget its striking simularity to George Jetson's briefcase flying car. So it was a flying briefcase and never turned in to a car, but close enough. : ) -The suitcase at the end - One explanation is it's like Mary Poppins...his work there was done, he had brought enlightenment and now he was going to move on.. A possible reference might also be to the (hotel chain) commercial with people popping into and out of a suitcase.
-Here's another explanation: The suitcase may also have been a reference to Felix the Cat's bag of tricks, but I'm not sure. The animation seemed the same.
-Actually, this bears a STRIKING resembelance to the ending of "UHF" where the crazy station engineer leaves for his home planet at the end of the movie. "It looks like my work here is done"

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