Episode 107 Did you notice

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Episode 107 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:37 am

Episode 107: Pink Eye (The Halloween Special)
-That's not Real Russian that the Cosmonauts are speaking
-They don't celebrate Halloween or anything even remotely similar to it in Russia
-After Kenny gets carried away by the ambulance, the cosmonauts are still in the Mir (which is still on fire).
-How the hell did the EMTs get to Kenny so quickly?
-Kenny got right up and walked off from the embalming table. The thing about that is that according to a prank call once made to a Green Bay morgue by a pair of Boston DJs named Opie and Anthony (who coincidentally once did a phone interview with Trey Parker and Matt Stone)--Once a cadaver has been embalmed (even partially), its joints cannot be moved in any way, Or they'll break off (hence the term "stiff", and the way Kenny's arms fell off for no reason).
-There's an alien embryo in a jar behind the embalming table.
-Jackie Collins isn't a horror writer (my mom read one of her books, it was called Hollywood Kids or something like that) -10465 (The number on Chef's house)
-This must be something similar to the Football Jersey Puzzle from "Big Gay Al's..." someone who works on the show must have been born on October 4, 1965 (I just don't see how a town as small as South Park can have a street with that many houses)
-In the Principal's office, there's a shelf that holds a framed picture of Kathie Lee Gifford. Also in the principal's office is a poster of a (fully-grown) gorilla that says "Hang in there, baby."
-The Mir Picture on the news doesn't look very much like the one at the start of the show
-Chef's car is clearly visible in a wreck behind the bikini-clad midget reporter
-The fat dude that Kenny bites is wearing a "let's get physical" shirt--get the sarcasm?
-I do believe that that's Stan's house that the zombies are shown destroying for a split second in the background.
-A KKK meeting at a typical Suburban house?!?
-Jimbo and Ned are on the roof of the left-side store (Jimbo's Guns? while the zombies are rioting downtown (and the right-side store is called Tom's RhinoPlast--?!?)
-I've never heard of there ever being a morgue in the middle of a cemetary, that's supposed to be a mausoleum in that spot. Have they no respect for the dead?!?
-The bottom-right corner of Crack-Whore Magazine reads "five-on-one action!"
-A pay-phone in the middle of a cemetary? They really don't have any respect for the dead!
-The Phone # on the back of the Worse....Worstoo....Wor...Aah, screw it! Bottle is an -800 # which is only usable in the United States (and possibly Canada), while the company is obviously based in Britain. In real life, Kyle would've had to dial about 30 numbers to get connected, whereas here he only dialed 5.
-Cartman and Stan are shredding up dozens of Zombies, there's blood everywhere, yet there's not a single stain on Cartman's KKK...er, I mean ghost costume. Must be teflon.
-Wendy is surrounded by dismembered corpses, and she says "Barf is gross" I guess that America's youth really is desensitized to violence.
-Since when does Kenny get a funeral, a grave stone, and the tears of the other 3 over his death? (especially unusual in an episode where everyone in town dies!)

During Opening Theme Song: "Children Crossing" sign replaced by sign depicting a witch on broomstick.
Stan s head is a Jack-O Lantern.
Bus says "Happy Halloween" on side. (For one shot.) Singer is a skeleton with a Bunny-Fish skeleton on his hat.
Mrs. Cartman is wearing a witch hat.
Bus drives by a herd of skeletal cows.
Barbrady looks at you (insanely gritting his teeth) when he drives past.
Usual bird has been replaced by a bat.
Mayor s helpers have witch hats.
Witch on broomstick flies up.
Kid in front of Gun Shop repeatedly stabs a Jack-O Lantern.
Death is driving the Chef s station wagon.
"Alien family" is replaced by a Graveyard with a burning skeleton in it.
"REDRUM" is painted in blood on the window in the back of the bus. (Refers to movie "The Shining"; REDRUM is MURDER backwards.) Black cat crosses behind the bus.
School is now a haunted house, with rats and a ghost.
The bat hits a tombstone that says "South Park". (Instead of Ike hitting a sign.) During the Show: There is a fetal "visitor" (alien) in a jar on the morgue shelves. (I can t read the labels on the other two jars, but I bet they re funny.) Morgue has an "Overnight" Drop Box.
Doctor has chart showing the human skull. Eye holes are HUGE, but no nostril holes. (Look at how the South Park characters are drawn. Makes sense.) Cartman s mom puts up Nixon poster on her door to scare people.
Cartman s house has a "visitor" spaceship crashed halfway into the roof.
Video shown to Cartman is titled "That Guy Hitler".
Chef s chair is covered with naked, greenish women.
"Crack Whore" Magazine says "Back Do Ho. Five on One Action!"
The pay phone is in the middle on the Graveyard.
Worsteshire Sauce s Hot-line number is 1-800-555-5633. (No such number. Good call by the Comedy Central Legal Department!!) I'd missed this on the first pass: Principal Victoria is a play on the name of the model/actress/fitness guru, Victoria Principal.
May also refer to a woman with "Victorian Principals": Very modest, stoic, and believes in following all rules stricly. (Named for the age in which that was the fashion.) - Yes, I know that I don't have much for the Halloween Episode. But then between it's first airing and Halloween, there's too little time to make a big fuss. And you won't want to see Halloween decorations after this Weekend!

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