Episode 108 Did you notice

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Episode 108 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:43 am

Episode 108: Damien
-When Cartman first gives Stan the invitation to his birthday party, he tells Stan that he is to buy a "Green Mega-Man". However, When Cartman opens Stan's gift at the party, it is a "Blue Mega-Man". Cartman doesn't seem to notice the difference. In fact, the Blue Mega-Man was never one of Cartman's requests (he asked for Red, Yellow, and Green).
-Mr. Hankey graces the show with a guest appearance. When Damien is causing the tornado in the cafeteria you can see the lovable piece of Christmas Poo fly by. if you want to know when this is, watch the background when Chef says "We've go to do something!"
-At the pre-fight weigh-in, Jesus weighs 135 lbs, 1 oz. However, when the fighters are announced, Michael Buffer says that he weighed in at 140 lbs.
-In the first classroom scene, one of the equations on the blackboard equals 666.
-In the classroom scenes, the numbers 666 often appear in red on the back wall.
-This is the first episode to be rated TV-14 rather than SP's usual rating of TV-MA.
-There was a sign in Jesus' dressing room that said, "Bleessed Art Thou Ratings".
-There is an alien (or someone with an alien doll) in the crowd at the boxing match.
-Bill and Faussy's dads (or at least the grown-up version of the two kids) show up in the bar behind the priest after the priest makes his comment "What the hell, does he think we're all crazy?!" They both make a "Huh, huh, he's gay" comment (or something similar to that).
-When Damien is wreaking havoc with his powers, there is a close up on his face (and eyes), and some chanting, demonic background music begins playing. At several points, you can hear the chanting say "Cheesy Poofs".
-The glaring look that Jesus gives the crowd as they cheer for Satan is identical to the one he gives the kids as they cheer for Santa in SOXMAS.
-The referee for the fight is supposed to look and sound like Mills Lane, the famous boxing referee most noted for the Tyson/Holyfield fight.
- When Damian flies stuff all around the cafateria this is what flies by: 1. 26 milk cartons 2. Pip s hat 3. 22 food trays 4. 3 happy face bags 5. Signs a. "School food is good food" 3 b. "Hot" 2 c. "Food" 8 d. "The Four Food Groups" 2 e. Alien "Have you seen me?" 3 f. "Zoop" 3 6. Box of "Snacky Cakes" 7. Yellow Backpack 8. Clock reading 12:05 showed 5 times 9. 8 Bunny-Fish 10. 11 desks 11. 3 footballs 12. 6 telephones 13. 5 red fire alarm switches 14. 5 benches 15. 2 shotguns 16. Mr. Hankey 17. Kid with black hair, red gloves, and light blue shirt 18. brown cow 19. 2 beer cans -When Damien flipped Cartman's desk out the window, Cartman yelled about having a "Poofy Pie" inside, adding to the ever-growing number of South Park snack foods.
-Ike was shown flying in the debris when Damien destroyed the schoolyard.
-The priest was at the bar with Chef slugging down a beer, then proceeded to cover the "beer" label later.
-A metal slide wouldn't burn, neither would a metal elephant. -Satan's agent is a parody of Don King.
-Kyle's elephant and several others are at Cartman's party.
-People wear Satan and Jesus shirts at the boxing match.
-Stan's quote about "just being a man" is from "Star Trek: First Contact".
-Uncle Jimbo rejected guns at the end of "Volcano", but he sure does have one handy when he kills Kenny.
-The chalkboard has various formulas, one of which is 2x+3y+1=666. -At one point, as objects are flying through the air thanks to Damien, Clyde (the zombie that bites Bebe as she is bobbing for apples in "Pink Eye") can be seen flying around.
-The fight poster for Jesus vs Satan says "Boutin at the Mountain" a reference to the infamous Ali/Foreman fight in Africa, "The Rumble in the Jungle" or even "The Thrilla' in Manila'".
-When Satan is coming, Chef offers to protect all of the women. At this point, Mr. Garrison instantly grabs hold of Chef for protection. Could this be another hint to Mr. Garrison's sexuality?
-At one points in the background chant music, the Latin words "rectus dominus" can be heard. This loosely translates to "Ass Master".
-Mr. Garrison says that they're finishing a lesson on the great singer of the Baroque era...which is 1600-1750AD...but he then starts talking about Nancy Sinatra.
-As Cartman is pointing to the charts explaining his "gift ideas", one of the kids is taking notes.
-Jesus takes off his Halo when he goes in for the last round of the fight.
-Cartman is finally a bad-ass in this episode. usually, he'll get smacked a couple of times by Kenny and never fight back. However, this time he practically strangled Kyle and trie dto pick a fight with Damien by calling him a "little bitch".
-Jesus says "What the hell...", and Stan says "god Damnit!!!" when he is talking to Jesus and trying to give him a pep-talk.
-Cartman's party has a "Party On" and "Party Off" switch.
-After Cartman changes the switch to "Party Off", everything gets dark and the balloons fly away.
-Why would anyone in South Park pay $49.95 to see the fight on TV when they could go right down the street and watch it live?
-Jesus' trunks had his name spelled "Jezus"
-The bet cards were for $500, and for the win to come in the 12th round.
-When Jesus first appears in the show, the priest says "Hey, that's that guy from the cable access show!" The priest had a hard time recognizing the Son of God?
-The Hassidic Jews in the audience of the boxing match cheered for both Jesus and Satan during the fight.
-In Mr. Garrison's classroom, there are pictures of a giraffe and a baboon. In the movie, "The Omen", Damien (the Son of Satan in the film) totally freaks out a giraffe and a pack of baboons.
-At one point, Cartman says "Pip, old chap" just as Joe Gargery would say in Great Expectations.
--When Jimbo sees Kenny as a duck-billed platypus, he yells "It's coming right for us!" as he did so often in "Volcano". A lot of other past lines are used again:
-"Let's get our asses to the bookie"--Jimbo
-"I don't know what to do, dude"--Stan -"Our Savior!"--Stan and Kyle -Damien uncannily looks like "Hecubus, Spawn of Satan" from a skit on The Kids in the Hall.

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