Episode 110 Did you notice

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Episode 110 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:54 am

South Park fans Episode 110: Mr. Hankey, A South Park Christmas
-Kenny is wearing a white angel suit, but it has the exact same hood as his regular coat.
-The "VISIT SANTA" stand is the same one from SOXMAS.
-In Kyle's house, there is a painting of one of the hebrew characters you'd find on a dreidel.
-There's a "go cows" poster in Kyle's bedroom just like the one in the football game from Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride.
-As the townspeople are removing offensive Christmas decorations from the town square, someone rips Santa's head off of a figurine and throws it to the street.
-When Kenny opens the box to reveal "Mr. Hankey" at the bus stop, you can hear Kenny say, "That is the sicking thing I have ever f*cking seen!" quite clearly.
-There are BioHazard and Nuclear Radiation signs in the "Reseach Center".
-Some of the people's offensiveness indicator lights are different colors.
-During Cartman's "Bitch" song, there is an African American kid with a "T" shirt like Terrance and Philip wear (only his T is uppercase).
-The Counselor calls Kyle a "sick little monkey"--a line often used in Ren and Stimpy.
-There's a Catatonic kid in the background when the kids walk into the insane asylum.
-In the Mr. Hankey commercial (right after Philip Glass's performance), the announcer is the same guy who voices the commercial transistions between Terrence and Philip. -And, of course, what Christmas Episode wouldn't be complete without references to SOXMAS: -Kyle sings the dreidel song in the asylum -Mr. Hankey's "this is the one time of the year" speech is similar to Brian Boitano's to the boys. -Stan says, "This is pretty 'd up right here". -Stan's "You know what, I learned something today" speech is similar to his at the end of SOXMAS.
-Of course, any kid who used to watch or still watches the Charlie Brown Christmas Special will see a lot of references in Mr. Hankey to the show: -1) The Biblical quotation that Stan recites at the beginning of the showis the same one that Linus Van Pelt's does near the end of Charlie Brown's Christmas Special. -2) The kids are all outside "eating Christmas snow" and even the music is the same. -3) At the end, when all of the townspeople gather to wish Kyle a Merry Christmas, this is the reaction Charlie Brown got from his friends at the end of his special (remember when they have the real Christmas tree set up?). (special thanks to Shari Dayton for the Charlie Brown info too) -I don't know why Kyle's mom is so pissed about Kyle playing Joseph, since Joseph, Mary and Jesus were all Jewish...(New testament version, of course) -When the scientist at the research center is trying to "find out which words are least offensive during the holiday season", the woman all the way to the right is offended from the very beginning when the researcher says the word "computer"...she's also offended by the words Christ, camel, and Stupid-wop-daygo.. the latter of which doesn't seem to offend the 2 sitting in the back.
-Cartman's "Kyle's mom is a stupid bitch in D minor" isn't in D minor...
-I don't know why the guidance counselor at school put Kyle on Prozac. Kyle didn't seem depressed, and besides, a "certified counselor" can't prescribe psychotropic medications unless he's a psychiatrist...
-Mr. Hankey leaves "skid marks" on everything he touches, yet his gloves and hat stay clean the entire episode.
-Throughout the entire show, Mr. Hankey is constantly leaving his "mark" on Kyle's gloves. However, each time in the next scene his gloves are clean. (Maybe Sheila had to clean more than the bathroom due to Mr. Hankey's marks)
-We see all of Pip's old English family when Kyle sings his "It's hard to be a Jew..." song. (They're decorating a Christmas tree)
-Cartman finally gets to see some Tree Huggers, but he doesn't say anything to them.
-Of course, Cartman thinks he is getting his mom's vibrator.
-When Ike hits the table, he goes "ow!" as the Menorah falls on him. When he is on fire, he says "uh oh, on flame?"
-Mr. Hankey is taking a bath with bath cap and brush in the Guidance Counselor's coffee.
-Chef sings a remixed version of his first song from Cartman gets an Anal Probe.
-After Mr. Hankey comes out of his box on stage, he fails to leave stains wherever he walks...only when he kisses Kyle.
-First, I'd like to dispel the great "It's Hard to Be a Jew..." jingle. Everyone had a different idea of what the song was parodied after, and anyone who got close didn't get the name right. The very beginning of Kyle's song sounds a lot like "Stand By Your Man" (you know, Sometimes it's hard to be a woman...giving all your love to just one man). However, after seeing the episode a few times in a row, I don't think that the rest of the song sounds like "Stand By Your Man" at all.
-Did anyone notice that just before the Tree Huggers complain to the Mayor about the "senseless cutting down of Christmas trees", they AREN'T wearing their white and red "Tree Hugger" shirts?
-During the big fight scene before our beloved Mr. Hankey gets everyone to "STOP FIGHTIN'", Sheila Broflofski actually punches her husband in the stomach before it cuts to commercial.
-When Mr. Hankey is taking a bath in the Guidance Counselor's coffee, he begins to sing another verse of his "Jolly Christmas Song"
-Cartman's "Bitch" song in D Minor may be a tribute to the cult classic movie "This is Spinal Tap". To understand why I say this, you'd simply have to see the movie :).
-How about this one? Did anyone think it a little ODD that when Mr. Hankey shows back up to visit Kyle at the asylum, the shot from the inside shows the barred window way up off the floor (like, ten feet up), yet, Kyle has no problem standing up and looking out the window to find everyone with him a Merry Christmas?
-Why were the townspeople wishing Kyle a Merry CHRISTMAS anyways?
-When Kenny is eating "Christmas Snow", an eagle craps in his mouth. If you watch closely (before the scene cuts away), it looks like you can see his mouth.
-Yes, the 15 kids on stage all seem to disapper then reappear between frames at the beginning of the show.
-Yes, the regular intro did not play.
-And finally, yes, of course, Kenny lives! (WOO HOO HOO!)

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