Episode 111 Did you notice

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Episode 111 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 2:59 am

Episode 111: Tom's Rhinoplasty
-The modeling agency where Mr. Garrison has his modeling photographs taken is the "Photo Dojo".
-Ms. Ellen being a lesbian may very well be a reference to actress Ellen Degeneres, a well-known lesbian.
-However, Ms. Ellen's appearance may be a play on KD Lang, a famous singer who is a lesbian.
-The diner where Ms. Ellen and Stan go to eat is called "Jimmy's Buffet"...could definitely be a reference to everyone's favorite singing beach-bum Jummy Buffett.
-The aliens on the poster at the back of the classroom blink at certain times throughout the show.
-When Ms. Ellen takes Stan out to eat, he makes the comment "Are we making love now? They have no fireplace, so we can't be making love" this is a blatant referral back to Chef's orignal song in Episode 101 about making love down by the fire. Then, when Stan returns to class Kyle and Cartman ask if they can make love down by the fire.
-At the end of the show, Wendy and Bebe are at Wendy's party in two-piece bathing suits while Kenny and Kyle are still in their winter clothing. Could winter finally be over in South Park? I doubt it.
-When Kenny dies (at the hands of Ms. Ellen), he says "...SHE killed Kenny!" rather than the typical "...THEY killed Kenny!". Also, he doesn't place as much emphasis on this as he usually does.
-In many ways, this episode clears up a lot of the specultations about Mr. Garrison being gay.
-The credits mention the guest voice supplied for Ms. Ellen not by her name, by by refering to her as "That Chick from Species". Her real name is Natasha Henstridge
-When Ms. Ellen walks in the room, the N at the end of her last name is written backwards (not the first time a backwards N has appeared on the show). This also happens later on with the word "Handwriting".
-For most of the episode, the alphabet on the blackboard is backwards, forwards, mixed up, etc. The letters "Fu" end up together...coincidence or intentional?
-Mr. Garrison's new face/head after his nose job is that of none other than Michael Knight/Bikini-clad beauty/European music star...David Hasselhoff. This is the same face that he chooses the nose from before the operation (when the doctor is showing him on the computer).
-The multiplication tables on the blackboard change during the episode.
-When Stan finally pukes on Wendy again at the end of the episode, he actually pukes in her mouth.
-Before we see Mr. Garrison's face after the bandages are taken off, he has his usual gray hair and glasses. AFTER the bandages are removed we see him in the mirror with his "David Hasselhoff look".
-Mr. Garrison has his nose done at Tom's Rhinoplasty in South Park but in "Death", Tom's Rhinoplasty is right next door to Cartoon Central in New York.
-At certain points in the show, Wendy's outfit quickly changes from her "leater" outfit, to her normal outfit, and back again.
-The color of Stan's puke alternates between green and pink.
-At one point, the "N" at the very end of Ms. Ellen's name is centered on the board. However, in the next shot, it's hanging off the board and is written on part of the wooden boarder around the blackboard.
-The song that plays while Mr. Garrison is strutting around after his nose job is "Shadow Dancer" by Andy Gibb.
-The name of the laundry detergent that Chef gives Kyle is "Whitey's Laundry Detergent".
-Supposedly, near the door of the classroom there is a picture of a topless woman. (still unconfirmed)
-Some of the names of other noses at Tom's Rhinoplasty are "The Dictator, The Hooker"
-This is the first time the kids didn't reply with a "Hey Chef" when Chef greeted them with "Hello children".
-None of the kid's parents appearing in this episode.
-Kenny finally doesn't know the answer to something. He didn't know what "they say about a women with a mole on the back of their necks with hair growing out of it". He also didn't know what a lesbian was? (kind of surprise, isn't it?)
-Several of the Stan puke scenes are not from old South Park episodes.
-Stan is tackled by his own teammate in one of the puking scenes (referring to the "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride" episode, but it isn't an actual scene from the show).
-Chef sings his cleanest song ever--no dirty sexual references.
-Taking the highest scoring student out to dinner was also done by Michelle Pfeifer's character in the movie "Dangerous Minds".
-There's also a schedule on the blackboard, with several backwards N's in the words: "Writing" "Reading" "Lunch"...
-Wendy's address is "28201".
-There's a swimsuit photo on one of the bulletin board by the classroom door.
-Ms. Ellen says that they're going to work on cursive handwriting, yet all of the writing on the blackboard is printed.
-Stan doesn't throw up when Wendy talks to him until the end of the show.
-The guys all smile like Charlie Brown when Ms. Ellen comes to the class as a substitute. Even Kenny's eyes appear as if he is smiling the same way.
-Ms. Ellen refers to Cartman as "Cartman" like the other kids do rather than "Eric" as all of the other school officials refer to him.
-The picture on the wall of Tom's Rhinoplasty (after Mr. Garrison's bandages are taken off) is of a guy with an elephant's nose.
-Kenny's gift of a sausage could mean that he can say he "gave his sausage to Ms. Ellen".
-Cartman sneaks a piece of the chocolate pie he was going to give to Ms. Ellen as a present when Wendy asks a question about the spelling test.
-Wendy's line "What incredible irony!" is from SOXMAS.
-While the kids are talking to Chef during lunch, the lunch menu reads: Hot Lunch Menu 1. Cous Cous with Goose 2. Cream Cheese Surprise 3. Beef Jerky A La Hercules
-At the end of the show, the box that Wendy uses to look through at the sun has no hole to look into it, just a hole to point towards the sun.(can anyone verify this for me???) -When Wendy uses a box with a pinhole in it to see Ms. Ellen's rocket hit the sun, it's actually a way that people try to watch an eclipse without being blinded. However, people aren't supposed to look at the sun through the box, they're supposed to project the light onto some surface to watch the progression of shadows.
-I'm beginning to think that Trey and Matt (or at least one of them) are fans of Nine Inch Nails/Marilyn Manson. The two references to these so far exist in many of the backwards "N"'s found on the blackboard in Mr. Garrison's room. Nine Inch Nails is often refered to as "NIN" with the second N written backwards. Also, in Trey's first letter to Taison regarding the SPIN article, he makes a comment that SPIN defamed their "friend Marilyn Manson" in a previous issue.

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