Episode 112 Did you notice

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Episode 112 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:05 am

Episode 112: Mecha-Streisand
-Our Christmas friend Mr. Hankey makes an appearance on the front page of the newspaper that Mr. Garrison is covering himself up with to sleep at the artifact dig.
-When Barbara Streisand is torturing the kids in her torture chamber, there is a picture of her and Satan (from ep. 108, Damien) on a back wall that is signed "Love, Satan".
-As Chef and Leonard Maltin are driving to find Streisand's hideout, the background scenery is real footage, not animated.
-Mecha-Streisand signs Sheila's (Kyle's mom) autograph book as "Babs" (a common reference to her)
-When Streisand's helicopter is about to land (as the boys are about to meet her for the first time) Cartman yells, "Aliens!" and covers his butt in reference to the first episode, "Cartman Gets an Anal Probe". (so we now find that Cartman DOES believe in aliens)
-When Streisand shows up in disguise to trick the boys, all she's wearing a Groucho Marx Nose/Mustache/Glasses.
-Sally Struthers is shown acting with Sidney Poitier when he first appears on the show.
-There is a poster for "In the Heat of the Night 5" in Sidney's dressing room.
-Stan says, "Dude this is pretty f'ed up right here" just as he did in SOXMAS and Mr. Hankey.
-In the end , Robert Smith walks away into a Red sunset (a reference to the Japanese flag which has a red sun on it) instead of a yellow sun like they usually show on S.P.
-Of course, the characters that each actor turned into are from famous Japanese monster movies: Barbara (Mecha) Streisand--Mecha Godzilla (originally created to destroy the original Godzilla) -Leonard Maltin--Ultraman (may also be Jet Jaguar) -Sidney Poitier--Gamera (also famous for it's movies being showed on the TV Show "Mystery Science Theater 3000) -Robert Smith--Mothra -Sydney Poitier and Sally Struther's movie is being filmed at "Straight to Video Studios".
-Chef's license plate reads "LUV CHEF".
-Kenny obviously wanted to add a little "manhood" to the snowman with the sack of marbles and the carrot.
-This is the first episode in which Kenny's death seems to be his own fault.
-The archaeological site that the kids are digging at is named "Site B"--the name of In-Gen's laboratory installation on Isla Sorna in the movie "The Lost World".
-When Kyle tells Ike to tell Cartman to leave, Ike tells him "Cookie monster".
-Kyle has a Terrence and Phillip poster on his door. He also has a model of the solar system on his desk similar to the one in "Pink Eye".
-When Robert Smith finally defeats Mecha-Streisand, Jesus praises him as "Our Savior" just as the children usually praise him.
-The name of the newspaper that Mr. Garrison covers himself up with is the "Rocky MTN News".
-The picture that Cartman knocks off of Kyle's desk is of Kyle and his elephant from "An Elephant Makes Love to a Pig".
-The comment that Stan mades to Chef about his mother telling him that there weren't any real monsters is a take from a scene in the Movie ALIENS (the James Cameron film). In that movie, the character of NEWT says almost the same thing to Sigourney Weaver's character (Ripley)..."My mom always said there weren't any monsters, not real ones. But there are, aren't there?
-The twin Japanese fairies who appeared to Sidney Poitier (in the clamshell) are two characters in the Mothra movies who are the only people able to summon Mothra back to their homeworld when they need his help.
-In one scene, the P on the Post Office is missing and returns in the next.
-The way that Stan speaks to Robert Smith (aka "Mothra) at the end through a wristwatch walkie talkie may also be a reference to a character named "Giant Robot".
-When Robert Smith Transforms into Mothra, he (Mothra) is still wearing Smith's trademark lipstick.
-"Rho Sham Bo" is a reference to or another name for "Rock, Paper, Scissors". It is NOT the Japanese translation.
-The actual Japanese translation for "Rock, Paper, Scissors" is "Janken".
-After Barbara Streisand joined the two triangles, she speaking Japanese and said: "Sugoi! Kono ima... atarashii hajimaru da! Ima kara...atashi no na mae wa... MEKKA-BARUBARA SUTORAINSANDO da!". This translates into English as, "Wow! This is a new beginning! From now on,...my name will be,... MECHA-BARBARA STREISAND!"
-Rochambeau was the French General who helped Washington at Yorktown defeat Conwallis.
-The incidents the reporter talks about South Park induring are: Episodes 105: An Elephant Makes Love to A Pig, 107 Pink Eye, and 109 Starvin Marvin.
-Barbra Streisand is supposed to have found the first triangle during the shooting of "My Fair Lady". Babs was not in My Fair Lady, which you would really expect a film critic to know. The closest movie title to that which Streisand was actually in is "Funny Girl" (1975).
-The house on the side of a mountain that Barbra Streisand stays at is modelled after the house that Woody Allen goes to in the futuristic movie Sleeper. The house actually exists! Its on the road out of Denver heading up towards the mountains (Vail, Breckenridge, Keystone) You can see it up on the left as you go out on Route 100. Pretty true-to-life reference since South Park is also near Denver. Note also that when Chef and Leonard Maltin are driving up to find her, they refer to it as her condo in the mountains....hardly a condo.
-"Hmmmm....where would Barbra Streisand go in South Park?" Immediately Chef pictures the store front to Tom's Rhinoplasty....referring to her getting a nose-job. There's a whole bunch of nose references throughout the show.
-When Leonard Maltin tells the story of Babs and the triangle he mentions that her mother was a jackal...this is a direct reference to the first Omen where Damien's mother was also a Jackal (also a reference to ep. 108 Damien).
-When Cartman tries to steal the triangle from Kyle, Kyle is sleeping in his winter clothing like he is in Mr. Hankey.
-Notice next to Tom's Rhinoplasty is the "newly opened" Sushi Bar which Mecha Streisand stops to tear off the roof and get a bite to eat.
-The item "Love Chili" on Chef's lunch board may be a reference to episode 108 in which Cartman tells Chef to stay because his mom has made chili. To this, Chef replies, "Just my kind of chili".
-Sydney Poitier played the role of Mr. Tibbs in the movie "In the Heat of the Night"...hence the poster in his dressing room.
-Chef's blackboard at first reads: Hot Lunch Menu 1. Salt 2. Pepper 3. Oil 4. Vinegar 5. Hot Fudge then it reads: Hot Lunch Menu 1. Chef's Special "Love Chili" 2. Cheddar Cheese Fries 3. Hot Fudge Sundae -When Robert Smith transforms, Mecha Streisand is about to destroy a gas station with, appropriately enough, a dinosaur for a logo.
-Even though Robert Smith apparently turns into Mothra, his interaction with Stan through a wristwatch walkie talkie is just like the Japanese television series Johnny Socko and his Flying Robot. Robert Smith gives Stan his wristwatch walkie-talkie and Stan sends commands to the giant Smith exactly like was done in the Japanese TV show.
-The whole thing about kicking each other in the nuts to solve a dispute came from a Buddy Hacket routine that was on the Tonight Show when johnny carson was still on, about 10 years ago. Buddy set up the story with a duck hunter who shot a duck, but it landed in another guy's yard. So, the hunter climbs the fence to get the duck, and the land owner said that the way they settle disputes in his country was to take turns kicking each other in the nuts, and whoever was the last one standing got to keep the bird. Buddy Hacket really gets in to his stories, so he gets out of his chair and steps back a few feet, and acts out the land owner winding up for the kick. The guy kicks the hunter square in the nuts, and Buddy Hacket falls to the ground and rolls around for about 2 minutes. So Buddy eventually gets up and said that the hunter finally got up and was preparing to kick the landowner, but the landowner said abruptly, "No that's ok..you can keep it."
-At the beginning of the show, Cartman is singing an old slave work song.: "Day's Never Finished Master Got Me Workin' Someday Master Set Me Free"
-What Chef is "singing" just before Leonard Malton appears in the cafeteria is from a song called "Cooking Class" by The Time from the Pandemonium album: "Gimme little bit of of that pepper, Gimme little bit of that salt. Put it in the skillet and cook it. On that stove I bought."
-An anthropologist does not study the remains of ancient civilizations; that's an archeologist.
-The news is on after school, and the dig was during a field trip, yet the image, which makes several cuts, is said to be live.
-At the end of the episode, as the boys are saying goodbye to Robert Smith, Kyle yells, "Disintegration was the best album ever!" "Disintegration" was the Cure's 1989 album (Kyle would've been an infant, if he'd been born at all). The album is considered an artistic peak for the band and was their mainstream commercial breakthrough.
-Kyle's living room has a picture of Ike in his crib.
-The picture of the three kids behind Chef reads 'Hot talk is yummy.'
-The twin fairies in Sidney Poitier's seashell call South Park a "pissant, white-bread mountain town". The Mayor called it the same thing in Weight Gain 4000.
-The "quadraplegic Swiss man riding a pony" on the news report isn't a quadraplegic. He's a quadruple amputee.

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