South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Bloopers (76)

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South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Bloopers (76)

Postby Crampsy » Sat Jun 06, 2009 8:54 am

When the switch is thrown to electrocute Terrence and Phillip, it's pulled downwards. A few shots later, we see Cartman jump in to save T and P by turning the switch off. He also pulls the switch downwards instead of pushing it upwards. When the boys are singing "What Would Brian Boitano Do?" Cartman says "Sh*t," but doesn't get shocked by the V-chip. Even though he is not on screen, he can be heard. The kids dig a hole and a spotlight goes over it. Wouldn't the operator notice the hole in the ground? During the "La Resistance" number, during the verse, "They may stab you in the head, with a dagger or sword," We see a guy wearing blue with a blue hat on the left (probably Craig). In the next shot, he disappears, and in the next shot, he reappears. During the press conference, the president says that at 5:00 AM the Baldwin residence was bombed. However, the Baldwins were sunning themselves. And, if the president was referring to Eastern time, it would have been 2:00 AM in Hollywood (sign in the background). When we first see Chef saying "Hello Children," we see two kids wearing their regular school clothes, then in the next shot, we see those same two kids in their Terrance and Phillip outfits. The night of the La Resistance meeting, before Kenny appears as a ghost, Cartman can be seen putting a mirror and a rope into his backpack. These are items that The Mole requested they bring for the rescue operation, but they hadn't met The Mole yet. How did Cartman know what to bring? When Winona Rider first appears on stage, Phillip's "P" is missing from his shirt as she passes them. At the USO Show, Kyle asks Cartman a question. But for some strange reason, it's Stan's mouth that moves. When the kids walk away from the movie theater, and they start to sing "Uncle F----," Stan moves to the back of the line, then in the next shot, he's in the front. Early in the film Satan is singing and has 4 fingers. When he asks Mr. Hat to join him in hell, he has 5. When Mr. Mackey starts to spin Stan around at the end of the "It's Easy, Mmmkay" song, they spin anti-clockwise. Then, from Stan's point of view, they are spinning clockwise, (the background moves to the left). Then, from Mr. Mackey's point of view, they are spinning anti-clockwise again, (the background moves to the right). After Stan joins back up with the rest of the kids, he finds Eric and Kyle on the battlefield as they are climbing out of the trench. In the first shot of Stan before he speaks, Wendy is clearly standing in front of Gregory on his right and Butters is visible in the second row behind Stan. In the next shot from the side, the kids shift so that they are standing further behind Stan than in the previous shot, Gregory is now standing in front of Wendy on her right and Butters has completely disappeared. In the third shot, a girl in a pink shirt, who was not visible before, is now directly behind Stan and Butters has reappeared. When Kenny dies, his heart explodes, leaving blood and guts all over the boys and the wall behind them. When the boy's mothers enter the room moments later, the boys, and the room, are spotless. At the start of the film, Stan shows all his friends and his mother the newspaper cutting of the Terrence & Phillip movie poster. Watch it carefully, the picture is different every time we see it. When Stan looks down his road at the start of the movie you can see the Post Office, and there's nothing across the road but trees and snow. Later on, when he's in Tom's Rhinoplastry you can see the Post Office across the street. When Saddam is packing his suitcase for Earth, you can see a little doll in the case, on the right hand side of it. But in one shot when Saddam gasps because Satan says he's leaving him, the doll is on the left hand side of the case. Straight after that shot though, it's back on the right hand side of the case. On the Conan O'Brien show, Terrance and Phillip put on moustaches, then Phillip farts in Terrance's face and Terrance goes flying off the screen with no moustache on. Yet in the next shot of him landing in the drum, he has his moustache back on. (Best viewed in slow-motion) When Terrance and Phillip are standing alone, and the big group of soldiers run towards them, the General is standing in front of them and Shelia is standing in front of the General. Yet when it cuts to a closeup of the General talking, Shelia has disappeared. When Terrance and Phillip are strapped in their chairs, the helmets on the chairs first appear in a closeup and aren't there in a previous wideshot. Before going to the cafeteria, Kyle and Stan have two different t-shirts but when they are waiting in line, Stan wears the same t-shirt than Kyle. His t-shirt is different again when they talk to Chef. n the song "It's Easy, mmmkay", Mr. Macky tells the children "With bitch drop the t 'cause 'bich' is Latin for generosity". Actually, there's no such word as 'bich' in the Latin language (the most common translation of generosity is 'magnanimitas').When the boys see Cartmans mum eating sh*t on the internet, Stan pukes in front of a cupboard. But in the next shots his vomit is gone. On the Conan O'Brien show, Phillip farts in Terrance's face and Terrance lands in a drum. Terrance's moustache falls off and lands on the stage, yet in the next shot it's gone. When Mole digs out onto the stage, you can see Terrance and Phillip in their chairs, and the helmets they're wearing have a wire which is connected to the chair. Yet in a closeup of Mole talking to Terrance and Phillip, the wire goes straight up, and isn't connected to the chair. When Kyle is searching for 'clitoris' on the computer, the mouse and mousemat next to the keyboard disappears and reappears continually. Before the 'It's Easy Mm-Kay' song, everyone is sitting in a circle. The boy on the right, by Cartman, is wearing a dark blue hooded coat, yet in a closeup, he has no coat but a light blue shirt on. When Stan is standing in Kenny's doorway as Kenny walks up to him, between shots Stan goes from holding the newspaper clipping at the side to at the top. Towards the end of the "Kyle's Mom" song - when his mother actually appears on screen - the position of her arms change between shots. In some shots, her arm are flat against herself, in others, she has her hands on her hips and her arms arched, etc. On the map Gregory has of the camp, the compass has the points labeled wrong. South and East are the wrong way round. In the movie theatre, the kids' heads are below the back of the seats. However from the back view, their heads are above the seats. When MAC realise what they have done, it shows a shot of the battlefield. When it shows them leaving to find their kids, everything on the battlefield has changed completely. Tanks have disappeared, planes have moved, etc. When Sheila asks if Terrance and Phillip have any last words, Phillip says, "Last words, how's about get me the f**k out of this chair!" When he does, his arm leaves the arm of the chair and goes through the restraint, which reappears instantly after. In the "La Resistance" scene, the kids change places between the shots. They quite obviously don't have time, such as one change between a normal shot and a top shot. When Terrance and Phillip are strapped in the electric chairs, they talk, and no-one is behind them. In the next wide shot though, a group of woman are surrounding the chairs. When the children and Christophe are on the hill near the military base, Christophe looks at his watch. It is a digital one then, but it's not when he says "Let's synchronize watches" a little bit later. When Cartman is in his bedroom, there's something besides his backpack that looks like books but when his mother is gone, it's now a mirror and a rope. In the scene in Hell when Kenny opens the door to Satan's bedroom he pulls the door outward, but when it goes to a frontal view of Kenny the door is open inwards. When we see the outside of Kyle's house, the doorknob is on the right of the door. When we see the inside of the house, the doorknob is still on the right. Do the Broflovskis have a magic door? During the USO Show, Terrence is sitting in the left electric chair, and Phillip is sitting in the right electric chair. Just before they get electrocuted, they swap places, and then quickly swap back. When looking across from Tom's Rhinoplastry you can see the Post Office, and when you look across from the cinema you can see Tom's Rhinoplastry. This would suggest that the Post Office and the cinema are right next to each other, but in any shots showing the front of the cinema, the Post Office is nowhere near it. In the long shot Stan is at the top of the steps singing 'there's a bunch' and you see him wobble down the steps, it then cuts to a close up and Stan is back at the top of the steps singing 'of birds in the sky' as he wobbles down the steps again. When Shelia is singing inside the house, she is looking out the window and there are no curtains, yet in the next shot indoors there are curtains hanging in the window. When we first see the boys in the movies, Stan has a green drink in his left hand. Then in a closeup the drink isn't there, then in the following wide shot, it's back again. When the five boys are walking to the movies, between shots Ike goes from being behind, to in front, then back to behind the others. When Stan knocks at Kenny's, Kenny goes to put his orange hooded coat on, and as he pulls it on his orange shorts appear on him, although he never put them on. Sheila Broflovsky shoots Philip in the middle of the "p" but when the blood starts flowing on the ground, the bullet hole is on the letter itself. When the children shows the newspaper to Eric, he has nothing in his hands but he gets yellow gloves when he jumps happily. The stage and the MAC group (Kyle's mom's group) is next to Tom's Rhinoplasty, but it keeps appearing and disappearing during the "What Would Brian Boytano Do" song. As Saddam starts his "I can change" song, his suitcase disappears from Satan's bed. [If you look closely at the second picture, you can see the top of the suitcase, behind the striped bedcovers. It hasn't disappeared, but has moved (which is still a mistake)] When Kenny is brought into the hospital, there is a schedule on the wall next to the door (Dr. No is scheduled to 'Kill Bond'). When Kyle is worried that their Mums will find out that they went to the movie, the Doctor column has vanished from the chart. A little later, the columns are reversed. Christophe, or 'The Mole' as he was known, asks if the boys brought the rope. But why does he need any, he carries rope over his shoulder the whole time he's on screen. The little sun awning over the roof of Tom's Rhinoplasty is grey in some scenes, and brown in others. The actual colour of the building itself changes slightly during the course of the film. When Gregory is explaining their attack at the USO show, he has toy soliders and cans on a table. Between a wide shot and a closeup, the 'Peas' can on the table moves. When Gregory and Wendy enters Carl's Warehouse, the banner with the words "Viva la resistance" painted on it has disappeared. When Satan and Saddam leave the room, after the 'I can change' song, Saddam says "I love you" yet his mouth never moves. When Kenny and Stan pass in front of the church, the doors are closed but they're opened the shot later, when Kenny sings. They're closed again after that. The letters on Chef's apron change place and size between shots. The whole time we see The Mole, he has nothing on his arms. His watch only appears when he wants to synchronise watches with the boys. In the film we see Bill Clinton sign a document with his right hand. Bill Clinton is actually left handed. When Cartman asks for someone to touch him, Clyde is behind him and to his left, blocked by Butters. In the very next scene he is off to Kenny's right. The first time the South Park boys see the Terrance and Philip movie, their order in their movie theater seats is (from left) Kyle, Stan, Eric, and Kenny. After many of the disappointed movie-goers leave the theater, and a couple make the remark saying "Well, what do you expect, they're Canadian", if you look closely in the background at the new seating arrangements, (even though the view is from the back now) the arrangements now go (from left) Kyle, Eric, Stan, and Kenny. This is also easily noticed when Kyle requests some candy from Eric, Stan is to his right, but from the back angle, Kyle is right beside Eric. After the shot changes back up front again, the boys are back in their original seating order. When Big Gay Al sings his song, he sits at the edge of the stage. In a wideshot the soldiers are just watching, yet in a closeup they're all waving lighters. In the cartoon series, Stan's house has a cellar at the side, but throughout the film, no cellar is visible. Operation "Human Shield" is supposed to "guard the tanks and planes too", and some of the black soldiers are tied to them. But once Chef jumps out of the way and says "Operation Human Shield my ass.." The others have miraculously been untied. When Satan says "I guess I'm destined to live in hell, alone", there is nothing on the rock in front of him. A few seconds later, Mr. Hat appears. When the boys are first talking to Christoff, his cigarette moves with his mouth except for one sentence near the end when it just stays still hanging from slightly below his lip. During the briefing of the American soldiers before the war with the Canadians, watch the background whenever we cut back to the big-general. The soldiers change positions on a fairly regular basis. When Saddam enters the room with a suitcase, Satan is sitting on a sofa and Saddam comes and sits next to him. Between shots, Satan's legs go from being bent outwards to being bent inwards. When Satan and Saddam are talking, Satan climbs into bed with Saddam and Saddam says "I love you." Between two shots the bedcovers jump up and cover more of Satan's body. Stan asks his mum for some money to see a movie and his mum puts a pencil down on the table. Yet when she gives Stan the money, the pencil is much shorter. When Terrence & Phillip are in the electric chairs, there are red curtains behind them. In between shots, it changes to an American flag, and then back to red curtains again. In the scene where Mr Mackey is teaching the kids not to swear, as he starts his song,"Its Easy Mmm-kay", the rose on the piano, starts on the left hand side of the piano. By the end of the song we see the rose now at the right of the piano. When Brian Boitano is shown skating, the judges gives him a score based on a scale of 10. Figure skating uses a scale of 6. Mr. Hat is taken to Hell by Satan, yet just a few moments later, he appears back on Mr. Garrisons hand. In the scene where Mr Mackey is conducting the class on not swearing, we never see Kenny in the scene. Then all of the sudden we see him in the musical number. Where was he before?
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Re: South Park: Bigger, Longer & Uncut Bloopers (76)

Postby allysapi » Thu Dec 31, 2009 5:53 am

My god you spotted a lot of things! I'm not sure if this is one of the things you listed *because while trying to read all of that I think I missed some lines* During the La Resistance song Gregory has his gloves on then when he gets on the box he doesn't and then after all the kids start singing he has them back on.
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