Episode 201 Did you notice

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Episode 201 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:22 am

Episode 201: Not Without my Anus
-The credits at the end of the episode have a lot of great jokes in them...many of them either relating to farts or other famous people
-At one point, the scoreboard says that it is fourth down, but Canadian football only has 3 downs
-When Terrance and Philip are in Tehran, Iran, there is a stand in the streets selling South Park T-Shirts with the boys on them. There is also a visitor standing behind a man at one point
-When Saddam Hussein and Scott are talking on the telephone, before they hang up Saddam says, "I changed my mind. Pray that I do not change it any more." This is a reference to a conversation between Darth Vader and Lando Calrissian in Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Vader's line is the same, and Lando's/Scott's reply is, "This deal's getting worse all the time."
-For those of you who really don't know, when T&P talk about "Kroff Dinner", they're actually refering to "Kraft Dinner" (Macaroni and Cheese). The pronunciation "kroff" is just a play on their accents, as is the pronunciation of "aboot" for "about"
-The first TV channel that T&P flip to seems to be showing Jerry Springer -Think about it..."Downtown Canada" or even "Canada Stadium"
-Despite his nationality, Saddam Hussein spoke just like the other Canadians
-Saddam Hussein says that he will take over Newfoundland. However, Newfoundland is a province of Canada
-The Canadian Football League did actually have two teams of the same name (the RoughRiders) for quite a long time. The Ottawa Rough-Riders are now defunct (died about 3 years ago) while the Saskatchewan Roughriders (see? their names are different!) continue to exist. The was never a Vancouver Rough Riders (they're the BC Lions) -The screen "HBC presents: Not Without My Anus" is a call off NBC's Sunday evening TV Special Presentation, "Not Without My Daughter", from a couple of years back -Terrance and Philip...T&P...Trey Parker?
-The torn patch in Terrance's shirt only appears when Scott mentions it, after that, the shirt isn't torn -At the end of the game, Terrance says to Scott, "Do you like apples?" and Scott replies "Yes, of course." Afterwards, Terrance farts on Scott and says "How do you like them apples?" This same line is used in the movie Good Will Hunting
-Phillip didn't know about Terrance's daughter, yet, when they arrived in Iran, Phillip was able to point out Terrance's daughter.
-After Saddam puts the Iraqi flag over the Canadian flag, in the next scene when Celine Dion is about to sing the Iraqi national anthem, the Canadian flag is back up there
-Despite the fact that Canada doesn't have capital punishment, Phillip is saved from the gas chamber.
-Scott, the nemesis of T&P, is supposed to be Quebecois(from the french-speaking province of Québec), which explains why he says "Je accuse!", which means "I accuse!" in french, during the trial.
-Kraft Dinner is the ruling brand of Macaroni and Cheese in Canada, and it's insanely popular among students as "yellow death."
-At the closing scene, the moose-like animal is actually a caribou.
-In the first scene, Phillip is shown seated just left of Terrence, showing the letters P and T. Now, in French (one of Canada's two official languages, and since the show is based in Canada), the spelling of P and T sounds exactly like the French word "peter" (pronounced pay-tay), which means "to fart" -When Scott meets Terrence and Phillip outside the Stadium, they spell out "TPS". Again, in French Canada, these three letters represent the Goods and Services Tax ("Taxe sur les Produits et les Services"), which was established in the early 1990's as an added source of tax dollars by the Brian Mulroney government. The GST has always been scorned by the general Canadian public.
-FAKE CREDITS: 1st Unit Supervising Fart Cutter: Gian Ganziano Moyel: (moyel is another way of spelling Mohel, the man who performs a bris (Jewish circumcision ritual)) John M. Watson Pyrotechnics supervisor: Carlos "Frogfingers" Palazio Animatronics Operator: John Baurley Special Underwater Pants Photography: Chris Fria Insemination Consultant: Dariush Derakhshani Best Boy: "Uncle" Jimbo Valladad Boom Operator: David L. Vanover "Props" Dispenser: Christine A. Mueller Bead Puller: Lydia Quidilla Fart Coach: David Goodman Fart Wrangler: Adrien Beard Fart Coordinator: David List Fart Layout: Greg Postma Digital Fart Artist: Tony Postma Fart Foley: Albert Lozano Flatulence Designer: D.A. Young Location Scout: Toni Nugnes Welfare Teacher: Monica Schmidt Mitchell Transportation Chief: J.J. Franzen Make Up artist for Terrance and Phillip: Alecia Shyngle Hair & Make Up for Mr Hussein: Kelly Cross Body Double for Ms Celine Dion: Katie W. Scott Body Double for Ugly Bob: Scott Oberholtzer Stunt Butt: Brandon Cruz Exective Assistant to John Cusack (?): jennifer Howell Assistant to Terrance: Paul Shomer Assistant to Phillip: Jenny Shin Assistand to Ugly Bob: Jackie Watson Stand-in for Mr. Hussein: Andrew Kemler Personal trainer to Mr. Hussein: Chris "Crispy" Brion Drover for Mr Hussein: Margie Stubbs Personal pilot for Terrance and Phillip: Angi Glenn Trainer for Barky and Purry: Bruce Howell Monkey Handler: Jon Singer Moose: Peter Merryman Moose Wrangler: Amy Winfrey Pharmecutical catering: Sean Laverty Kroff Services: Melissa Morvant & Karin Perrotta Voice Coach for Ms Dion: Martin Cendereda Dialect Coaches: (8 names) -The lines "For Canada, Terrence?"..."For Canada, Phillip." are references from Goldeneye 007 between 007 and 006 in the chemical weapons facility (rather, they say for England rather than for Canada)

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