Episode 204 Did you notice

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Episode 204 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:32 am

Episode 204: Ike's Wee-Wee
-The figures on TV when Mr. Garrison is apparently high and later on the patients at the rehab clinic look just like the "Teletubbies", a pre-schoolers TV show from the UK
-When Chef asks the boys what the most important thing to a man is, Cartman says "Ham?" and Kyle berates him saying "No it's not ham you fat f**k!" just as they did in the original "Spirit of Christmas"
-When Mr. Mackey is snatched away from India, he is taken away by the "A-Team" (remember that classic TV show? Maybe Mr. T is making a comeback!)
-Right after Ike's circumsision and the boys' fainting, Ike says "Cookie Monster"
-Rather than having a Rabbi perform Ike's funeral (because he is Jewish), the minister simply takes his collar off and puts on a Jewish Yamika and performs the funeral
-The dog that chews up the fake Ike doll looks a lot like Sylvester from the Big Gay Al episode
-The finger-painting mural has a couple sets of Grateful Dead dancing bears
-As in the "Chickenlover" episode, above the chalkboard behind Mr. Garrison, the alphabet says in Spanish, "dios mio an matado ah kenny, bastardos". Translation, "Oh my god, they killed Kenny, bastards"
-At the bar in Nebraska, there are still two types of beer on tap like in SP, DUDE and BEER
-The "Canadian" scissors that the Rabbi uses to circumcise Ike is in the shape of a maple leaf like the one on the Canadian flag
-Usually, it is Chef who asks the boys how they're doing and when they say "Bad" Chef asks "Why bad?" However, in this episode the boys and Chef exchange lines
-The banner for Ike's Bris has a picture of shears/scissors on it
-There is a picture in the photo album of Ike sitting on Kyle's elephant from, "An Elephant Makes Love To A Pig."
-When Kenny, Cartman and Kyle were building sculptures with the snow they were building a replica of the buildings on South Park's main street
-Chef doesn't sing in this episode
-There is no Betty Ford rehab clinic in Colorado
-After Mr. Mackey returns to school, one shot of the classroom has Kenny sitting in his seat even though he died earlier in the episode
-Kyle's mom is supposed to be against cursing but she calls Kyle a bastard and a smart-ass
-You can hear Chef's "No Substitute for You" song (that he sand to Ms. Ellen) when he drives up to the kids
-Yes, it seems as if the censors decided not to cut out the word bull$hit when Mr. Mackey said it to Jimbo
-When everyone is stopped in the street to yell at Mr. Mackey, there is a Cheesey-Poof Semi/Truck in the traffic
-Right after the sentence in Spanish in the alphabet above the board, the letters "Fqu" are comined, coincidence?
-Ike's full name is Ike Moisha Broflovski
-Mr. Mackey and Kyle's family seem to be neighbors? When Mr. Makey returns from his drinking binge you see his house number is 1000. When Ike's Bris is finally happening, you see their household is 1002
-There's Seinfeld references throughout this episode. For Example, Chef and the boys' opposition to Ike being circumcised was similar to Kramer being opposed to a neighbor baby being circumcized in one episode, and there is a Seinfeld-like bass riff at the beginning of the scene where Mr. Mackey takes LSD
-Mr. Mackey screwed up the effects of pot, pot is an upper (makes you feel happy till you crash) not a depressant like he said -The bartender in Hap's Bar has on a tee-shirt that says "Mustache Rides 25 cents"
-When Mr. Mackey comes back to talk to the class after rehab, Kenny is sitting in the class, then disappears in the next scene -A Scottish guy is playing Hava Nigiela (might be misspelled), even though it is definitely a Yiddish song, for both Ike's and Kenny's funeral
-At Hap's Bar, the men's restroom sign says, "Gauchos", Spanish for Cowboys, even though Hap's is in the Heartland of America
-Mr. Garrison is also with the guys trying to get Mr. Macky into rehab, even though he didn't have a problem with stealing and smoking the "mari-ju-wana" from Mr. Mackey at the beginning
-The only member of the A-team not shown in the kidnap scene is "face". After Mr. Mackey is in the van, none of the A-team is shown again, except for part of B.A.. They are also playing A-team theme music in the background
-The penis is also reffered to as a fireman in the movie with Steve Martin called "All of Me"
-When Mr. Mackey goes into the bar the bartender presents him with a bottle marked "Royal Scotch Whiskey." Of course, all the alcoholics out there like myself know that Scotch is, by definition, spelled "Whisky."
-There is a Star Wars reference (when the Moyel is talking to Kyle and the kids about the bris, and says something about "Your father had it, you grandfather had it..." -- very similar to Luke's conversation with Leia in Return of the Jedi, revealing their ancestry
-When Kyle invites the boys to Ikes bris, he says there's gonna be a band, but at the bris there is no band
-The song Mr. Mackey sings as he staggers home is 'Love is a Battlefield' by Pat Benetar, in the video for that song she is kicked out of her house and runs away to start a new life (ironic huh?)
-The devil on Mr. Mackey's shoulder has his left nipple pierced
-Kyle has a poster of Terrance and Philip on his door-even though his mother had it canceled because she didn't want him seeing it
-The T-shirt on the boy that gives Mr. Mackey L.S.D. says "Legalize Everything"

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