Episode 205 Did you notice

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Episode 205 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:36 am

Episode 205: Conjoined Fetus Lady
-In this episode and in Chickenlover, at the back of the classroom is a picture from "American History" which is one of Trey and Matt's first animated films -Ok...hey, I know that this is a pretty apparent one, but if I don't put it here, I'll get it sent to me a million more times...YOU CAN'T DRIVE A BUS TO CHINA!
-Principal Victoria has a picture of Kathy Lee Gifford hanging in her office
-The poster in the nurse's office isn't completely spelled out, but you could see that it apparently says "Use Condoms" -When Kyle's mom has Mr. Mackey, Principal Victoria, and the Nurse Gollum over for dinner, she serves pork even though Jews are not supposed to eat pork
-When Stan's mother calls Kyle's mother after Stan tries to cut his head open, Kyle's father is reading what appears to be a Catholic newspaper with a picture of Christ on it, yet Kyle's dad is jewish
-The picture of conjoined twins that Kyle's mother shows to the boys from her book "Freaks A-Z" is actually a picture of Micky Dolenz and Michael Nesmith from the band "The Monkees"
-After she gets hit in the head with a jelly roll, Ms. Crabtree crashes the bus into the Vietnam War Memorial wall
-The name of Nurse GOLLUM could be a reference to J.R.R. Tolkien's book "The Lord of the Rings". Gollum was the name of an evil deformed little monster who lived underground, from whom Bilbo stole the Ring of Power at the beggining of the saga. Gollum was also a character in the book "The Hobbit"
-The Captain Ahab reference could also be a reference to a line from the movie "Star Trek-First Contact"
-When the boys are discussing what they have for lunch, Kenny pulls a dried up bone out of his lunch bag
-Pip's last throw of the dodge ball could be a reference to the "Death Blossom" from the movie "The Last Starfighter"
-When the boys return home as world dodgeball champions, Kyle is the only one in normal clothes, the rest are still in uniforms
-Cartman's literary reference "Captain Ahab has to get his whale" is from Herman Melville's "Moby Dick".
-The Chinese sports announcers are reminiscent of the ones at the football game in "Big Gay Al's Big Gay Boat Ride." They make endless tasteless jokes, one of them finally says, "You're going to get us in trouble again", and the other one has a comb-over, receding hairline-hiding hairstyle a la Marv Albert
-The motto of conjoined twin myclexia week--found on the box of hats--is "let's stick together"
-When the boys return home as world champions, even the cow on the "Go Cows" banner is wearing a conjoined twin empathy hat
-In the scene where South Park is playing Denver Elementary in the dodgeball state finals, Pip throws the ball at three boys who are standing together. These three boys closely resemble Neil, Rik, and Vyvyan, the three main characters in the surreal British comedy show "The Young Ones"
-A Gollum is a man made monster in Jewish literature. The Frankinstein Monster was a Golum. i.e. the nurse is considered a monster
-In the dodgeball international finals against China, the song which plays as Pip gets all psyched up and whips the ball at the opponents is taken from the theme song to "Street Signs" on CNBC

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