Episode 207 Did you notice

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Episode 207 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:45 am

Episode 207: City on the Edge of Forever
-"City on the Edge of Forever" is actually the name of an old Star Trek episode
-The kid who goes out of the bus and gets eaten by the big black monster is wearing a red Star Trek shirt. This is a reference to the fact that oftentimes, a character that you had never seen before on Star Trek with a red shirt (usually an ensign) on was dead before the end of the episode
-Kenny gets taken away by the monster. However, just before the bus falls into the big tub of ice cream, we can seen Kenny back in his seat on the bus
-When the parents are all singing for their children to come home, Mr. Garrison is in the background???
-For those of you who might not know, Brent Musburger (Scuzzlebutt's leg in this episode), is a Sports Anchor for CBS -However, before they pan down to a close up of Scuzzlebutt's leg (Musburger), Scuzzlebutt still has Patrick Duffy for a leg as he originally did in 103 "Volcano"
-The video shown on TV of the parents singing for their children to come home is kind of a take off of the old "We Are the World" video/song
-When the bus falls into the tub of ice cream, it's quite similar to the way that the Titanic was supposed to have sunk...it tips, everyone falls to one end, it splits in two, then the first side goes over followed by the second
-The bus breaking in half and the kids falling out the back is also similar to a similar scene from "Jurassic Park: Lost World"
-If you look on the back wall of the talent agency where Ms. Crabtree gets taken to, there are pictures of Leonard Maltin and Kathie Lee Gifford
-One of the kids pictures that gets hung up by the parents is of McCauley Caulkin (that wacky little tike we all used to love from "Home Alone")
-When Ms. Crabtree first meets up with the truck driver, his name is Mitch. However, after that, she refers to him as Marcus
-Mrs. Crabtree never said that the monster that would eat the kids if they got off the bus was black, but the kids make refrence to it being black before they even encounter it. In the video, it was called a "big, scary monster"
-The lame comic at the comedy club looks a lot like the comic Carrot Top
-Ms. Crabtree is announced as MRS. Crabtree on The Tonight Show
-For the Training Video, the manual said tape #35 but when Ms. Crabtree was watching the video, the announcer said it was tape #7
-Ms. Cartman is handing out "Missing" posters in a bikini...but there is still snow on the ground?
-Kenny actually lives in this episode. When he died, it was actually part of Stan's dream. When Stan wakes up and calls Kyle, Kyle tells him that he, Cartman, and Kenny are going for burgers at "Happy Burger"
-Another possible "Jurassic Park--Lost World" reference may be when the kid's bloody body is thrown against the side of the bus. Something similar happens with a goat's body in "Lost World"
-When they show all of the missing SP child posters the one of Cartman says "Needs Food Soon"
-When the parents are singing that 'ran away from home' song, the guy that was in the Ice Cream truck that came out of Cartman's ass in the Visitors flash back was in the audience, and three unknowns
-At the end credit sequence, you will see "Special Appearances by: Henry Winkler as the big scary monster". Henry Winkler didn't really play the monster, but he did play the Fonz on "Happy Days"
-When Mrs. Crabtree opens her video drawer there are a few extra movies titled" Stop Or my Mom Will Shoot" and "Over the top" both Sylvester Stallone films. Actually, Mitch sort of looks like Sylvester Stallone

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