Episode 208 Did you notice

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Episode 208 Did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:50 am

Episode 208: Summer Sucks
-In one scene, there is an alien in the community pool
-In the beginning of the episode, at the back of the classroom is a "Have You Seen Me?" poster with a kid in a yellow shirt on it. Once summer starts and the snow melts, that kid is found under a melted pile of snow by his parents
-The kid mentioned above seems to be named "Jon" on the poster. However, when his parents find him, they say "Kevin honey, good to see you"
-Mr. Garrison meets up with Dr. Jonathan Katz (who has his own cartoon on Comedy Central) as he seeks some counseling on his couch
-Jimbo and Ned get arrested for bringing fireworks from Mexico into the USA...however, they border police never seize the "spectacular" fireworks
-The prank caller to Mr. Garrison sounds quite a bit like Mr. Mackey doesn't it? mmmk?
-In one scene, Mr. Garrison's house still has snow in front of it -Who is that little man in the boat that Barbrady is looking for? Well, let's just say that it's slang for a certain body part found "below a woman's belt" (sorry kids)
-When Ned says to the fireworks salesman "No moleste los gatos", it is Spanish for "Don't molest the cats"
-When they realized the snake wouldn't stop the kids continued to play their instruments. This was what the band on the Titanic did when they realized it was going to sink
-The flag in the background during the 4th of July celebration is the original United States flag containing only 13 stars in a circle instead of the modern flag's 50 stars
-When Cartman is swimming in the public pool he still keeps his hat on
-Another TV News Reporter has entered the South Park scene. In case anyone missed it, his name was "Creamy Goodness"
-The deep end of the pool is 9 and a half feet deep, but it appears that Cartman has no problem standing (or at least swimming without using his arms) in the deep end
-Why did Ned and Jimbo have to go to Mexico to get fireworks? Couldn't they just have easily gone to a neighboring state like Arizona or Utah?
-The song that the kids play as the snake is growing is "Nearer My God to Thee," which is traditionally considered to be the last song to be played by the Titanic's band before it sunk. The scene also follow's a scene from James Cameron's Titanic (Kyle starts playing the violin and the rest of the band joins in)
-In scene with Dr. Katz, his outline seemed to "wobble" or better yet, "squiggle". If you don't understand why, it's because that is a feature of his own show on CC. They call the process "Squiggle Vision"
-Ok, I have received a lot of different e-mails with different equations, measurements, etc. for the length of time that the snake would burn. Since everyone's was different, I'm not going to post one as being the correct one. From here on out, let's just say it'd burn for a damn long time :)
-When Ned is down in Mexico, requesting firworks from the mexican at the fireworks stand, he 'rolls' the R in 'spectacular'. This is impossible to do with his 'cancer kazoo'
-At the end of the episode, Mr. Garrison's new puppet friend, "Mr. Twig," has a (homosexual) triangle on his shirt
-The music that plays at the start of summer is the same music that is often heard in Peanuts specials. Also, this episode shares an eery resemblance to a Peanuts special called, "It Was A Long Summer, Charlie Brown."
-From the overhead view of North America, you can see the Giant snake never quite reaches the Mississippi River, but somehow it makes it to New York City to kill Dr. Katz
-The mayor says that they need to find a man to play Uncle Remus, instead of Uncle Sam. Uncle Remus was the lone human in the Disney Movie Song of the South
-The slogan under the "Dyno Might" logo says "Safe & Spicy" -One of the stands at the 4th of July celebration is a "Chili and Donuts" stand with a sign that says "Dunk 'Em"
-Mr. Hat's eyes move by themselves when Brett Favre comes into the Sports Spa

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