Episode 209 did you notice

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Episode 209 did you notice

Postby datadragon » Mon Jul 13, 2015 3:55 am

Episode 209: Chef's Salty Chocolate Balls
-The poster on Mr. Garrison's desk starts off at the beginning of the episode with the word "Leafs" (mispelled, should be Leaves) on it along with various pictures of leaves. Then, after Mr. Garrison kicks Cartman out of class, the poster changes to a picture of a giraffe
-Mr. Hankey has given up his old Santa hat for a sailor's hat in this episode. He also bears a resemblance to Captain Shiner, a character that appears on Primuses CD Tales from the Punchbowl (remember, the lead singer of Primus does the opening theme song)
-When Mr. Hankey is wrapped up in gray/white shrouds so Kyle can take him into town, it resembles one of two things. First, it may be a reference to ET when they have to bring ET outside they dress him similarly. It may also be a reference to the movie The Island of Dr. Moreau where Dr. Moreau (Marlon Brando) is sensitive ot the sun so he dresses in white shrouds and dark glasses
-Fred Savage is in the audience for the first independent film, but we don't see him arrive until after the first movie when he pulls up in his limo
-Even though Cartman says that the movies are all in Black and White (Gay Cowboys Eating Pudding...), the actually move about the Gay Cowboys is in color
-When Mr. Hankey is about to die, he whispers to Kyle that there is another "Skywalker" which Yoda whispers (just before the dies) to Luke Skywalker in "Return of the Jedi"
-There is an alien in the theater seated behind the guy with the cowboy hat. When Kenny gets killed, you can also see an alien exiting the theater
-Ok, just so I don't hear this one anymore...the South Park restaurant Hollywood Planet=the real Restaurant Planet Hollywood
-The scene where Mr. Hankey summons the powers of the sewers to flood the film festival out of town is a pretty funny parody of Disney's animated movie "Fantasia"
-Kyle apparently doesn't need to take his pants down while using the toilet
-Cartman's T-Shirts advertising the movie made about Mr. Hankey said "Mr. Hankey and Me" when the movie was actually titled "Me and Mr. Hankey"
-During the scene where Mr. Hankey is playing the organ, he is wearing a bowtie. When he turns around to talk to Kyle, the bowtie is missing for one shot. Then, in the next scene, it's back
-For the first time, Stan and Kyle do not do their "Oh my god, you killed Kenny/You Bastards" routine. Instead the guys finding the penny took care of it as best they could
-Even though Stan and Kyle didn't see Kenny die, they seem to assume that he did because they never ask where he is for the rest of the episode
-It appears that Mr. Garrison still hasn't found Mr. Hat since Mr. Twig is still around. Perhaps foreshadowing a major plot in an episode yet to come????
-At one point when people are crowding behind the old man in a blue shirt, you can see a woman who looks like the popular singer/actress Madonna
-When Mr.Hankey was taken to the hospital, it was like the movie E.T.. A man in one of those big white suits to give him clean air and avoid contaminatiion zipped the gray body up in a with body bag
-Chef didn't know what cous-cous was, but he has served it in his cafeteria before in "Cartman gets an Anal Probe."
-In the film of Mr. Hankey, Tom Hanks starred in it with a monkey, but on the shirts, that was not Tom Hanks as he was shown in the movie with the monkey
-The same brunette with a grey streak in her hair walks by the Chairman of the Film Festival 5 times in Sundance going the same way (right to left). She then walks by the news reporter in South Park twice going the same direction.
-In the first film about the two girls, one has a shirt on that says "Lillith fare" which obviously is a spoof of "Lilith Fair" the female music tour -When Kyle was in the bathroom you could see that there was a shower to the right of the toilet, in the first "Mr. Hankey" episode there was no shower in the bathroom
-In one of the "town square" scenes, we see a trash can with some "ZOOP" in it. This is the third episode that ZOOP has appeared in (There was some flying around in the tornado in "Damien") but we still haven't found out what ZOOP is
-There is a Star Trek reference in this episode. When the movie guy says to Mr. Hankey "I....HAVE HAD...ENOUGH OF......YOU!!!!! and slams him agains the wall. This line is from Star Trek III: The Search for Spock. It's what Kirk says to the Klingon played by Christopher LLoyd as he's trying to save him, then the Klingon tries to drag him down as well. Kirk says the line and makes the Klingon plunge to his death -When the man and woman are at Chef's Food Stand, Chef has no idea what the man is talking about when he says "I would kill for some cous-cous right now", but "Cous Cous with Goose" was one of the items on the cafeteria's Hot Lunch Menu in Episode 111: Tom's Rhinoplasty
-Chef's Food Stand first appears with a green sign that reads "Chef's Soul Food", but later the sign is brown and reads "Chef's Salty Balls". Both signs have cutouts of naked women on them
-When the Hollywood Planet Restaurant is under constuction, the "planet" resembles the still under-construction Death Star from Star Wars 3 - Return of the Jedi
-The water in the sewer is shallow enough for the boys to wade through, but deep enough for Mr. Garrison to submerge completely with his diving equipment on

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