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Postby Phreaker47 » Thu Apr 13, 2006 9:27 pm

Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes. That way, when you do criticize him, you'll be a mile away... and you'll have his shoes.
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Re: Great

Postby Paladoris » Thu Apr 13, 2006 9:31 pm

marklar-mike wrote:It was a great episode, but can anyone please tell me what the hell Bart was doing in it? And the manatees? WTF!! Cartoon Wars Part 1 was a great start but 2 kinda killed it. I would have laughed if the writers were crab people or underpant gnomes but come on... manatees playing with idea balls. What were m&t on? geez... anyway I got one more complaint. They never returned to the scene with the heads in sand. They said that they would find out if there would be enough sand to bury everyone but they barely mentioned the people in the sand again in part 2. Anyway, besides these complaints... Brilliant. I just prefer part 1.

Why would Crab People or Underpants Gnomes be any better than Manatees? Cause they've been on the show before? At least Manatees was a new idea. My theory is that because Manatees are an endangered species, they're not afraid of terrorists because they understand Principles are more important than Survival. And come on...Manatees. Who jokes about manatees anymore? Except on South Park when they dissected manatees in I-forget-which-episode? Manatees are funny! Sea Cow!!
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Postby JDG128 » Thu Apr 13, 2006 9:47 pm

"Simpsons" season premiere involved manatees.

Furthermore, the only point to it being manatees is to say that a dumb-looking aquatic animal could write Family Guy.
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Postby Coen » Thu Apr 13, 2006 9:54 pm

iceiwynd wrote:So now it's gone from describing it as the Emmy Award Winning South Park to Peabody Award Winning? Heh.

And you know, Coen, getting overly aggressive when it comes to your point of view simply shows that you don't have much faith in it yourself. I'm not disagreeing with what you're saying, just how you're saying it. Only pointing that out.

It's sarcasm. While I enjoy rubbing it in, I'm lampooning them more than anything. :wink:
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Postby theprofessor » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:19 pm

I've been reading this board for a long time, but have never posted. I was thoroughly troubled that CC didn't show Mohammed. What a ridiculous double standard. Hypocrites! Holden Caufield would call the exes at CC the biggest 'phonies' in the television industry. And that's saying a lot.
It wouldn't be unlike TV execs to manufacture an issue and get people all fired up. What is it that Cartman says in the ep the American history project? Something like "That's the beauty of America (CC). We can say one thing and do another."
Pity CC.
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Postby triplemultiplex » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:31 pm

Well, my gut reaction last night was that it was Comedy Central who told South Park they couldn't show Muhammad. But all the nay-sayers on here had me doubting myself this morning still when I checked in at the beginning of work. People made some persuasive arguments.

But that theory just didn't seem to vibe with the tone of the whole episode. The story played out all serious, for the most part and to go the other way with it at the end doesn't quite work. It didn't feel right.

Trust your gut, I guess.

I look forward to hearing Matt & Trey's opinions on the whole debacle.

With Chef gone and the whole Muhammad censorship thing, this season is taking on a surreal quality; like it's happening in an episode of South Park.

You read it! You can't unread it!
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Postby crazyQH » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:38 pm

triplemultiplex wrote:With Chef gone and the whole Muhammad censorship thing, this season is taking on a surreal quality; like it's happening in an episode of South Park.

Yes, that's what I have been trying to say for a while now, but you put it in perfect words. It's like what is occuring in the show is happening in real life. I love the new episodes, I think they are awesome. They thus far have managed to retain the comedy factor yet are very thought-provoking.
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Postby SpiN_SycLe » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:38 pm

according to eonline news, it was indeed comedy central that pulled it. the part in the show where it stated that comedy central refused to show the image was no joke. I still loved the episodes and I understand what they were trying to do. I totally support them.

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Postby h8mewithurfist » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:41 pm

The Danish cartoon may have been "just a cartoon" but I think most of us can agree that south park is not just a cartoon. South Park pushes the envelope and even if it might not be able to change the world it does make an impact and now a days with alot of things not being able to even make a positive impact you gotta give props to matt and tray for doing something!

Also last night my initial reaction was that it was not part of the story line but also wasn't a last minute thing although it would sort of make sense as a last minute thing due to the quality of the retaliation video. It resembles the santa versus jesus and was awsome but does looks slapped together at last minute. The look however could be explained as being that way for alot of different reasons, maybe because it was supposed to be a cheaply produced cartoon they were showing or maybe thats how they are depicting muslim cartoons...or I dont know but I'm thinking the last minute feeling is just a style.

Also I won 20 dollerz because a bunch of my friends said it was part of the story and I told them to lick my nuts and fork up 20 dollers if tommarow we found out they wouldnt let them show muhammad!
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Postby makki » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:48 pm

Expert book reviwers labeled Salman Rashdi's book as one of the worse ever written, but yet it was one of the best selling books of all time, and made him into a millionaire.

Same thing with the Danish Cartoons, they got relesed in Denmark, no one even noticed. They get released in Norway several months later, and published on the internet. Within a month the magazine that owns the rights gains millions by allowing the worlds media to use the images.

This episode won't get the same negative reaction, because M&T are already rich. They made this episode for the message, and not for ratings or the money. The only way people would have found out, is if someone (usually the creator of anti-islamic propoganda) created a spam email telling people to boy-cott southpark and Viacom, which is highly unlickly.
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Postby h8mewithurfist » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:52 pm

Yeah but it won't be too long untill it's revealed that scientology has announced the evil lord xenus has been reincarnated into two humans, matt and tray! lol....Also katie holmes got made fun of in the relation video you think tom cruise is gonna have a hissy fit about that?
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Postby h8mewithurfist » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:54 pm

Oh, and on a side note I think Matt and Tray won because even though comedy central refused to let them show muhammad they were too ignorant to remove the depiction of muhammad in the opening credits! I know you all know this by now but I think that the fact they techniqually did show muhammad means south park won!!!! lol
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Postby kyramairead » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:57 pm

I loved "Cartoon Wars, Part II." But I was infuriated by Comedy Central censoring the episode. What a bunch of wimps.

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Postby h8mewithurfist » Thu Apr 13, 2006 11:59 pm

Tom Cruise is head dick but anyways CC people ended up to be pussies but read what I just wrote, techniqually they did show muhammad so HAH!
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Postby Grizim » Fri Apr 14, 2006 12:47 am

I think the cencoring thing was part of the script, but Comedy Central would definetely not allow Muhhamad or however you spell that douchebag's name (yeah, I said it) to be shown. Bart Simpson was great but his head was too big. The Simpsons have small heads. The manitee thing would probably really be a good idea if you're producing a show. I wonder who told Matt and Trey that their show is too preachy. I'm glad Matt and Trey are aware now, though. I mean even if South Park had a conservative bias, in the past South Park was like redneck conservative humor. Then for a while it was rich Republican dickhead preaching. Now hopefully they will get back to the cool conservative style. The stupid, goofy, hickish stuff that South Park became famous for.

PS That episode made me feel like watching Family Guy heh. Or at least the Simpsons.
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