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Postby New Age Vigilante » Thu Nov 16, 2006 9:26 pm

Well......I think the episode was alright. The first half or so seemed pretty lackluster. I liked the Pee Wee Hockey scenes and the comedic way they used the cameras. The second Irwin joke was pretty funny with the awkward silence afterward. I was also amused by the overall shock of the ending which made it funny too me. Also, I don't think showing the sick kid was supposed to be funny, but all the unrealistic pressure and guilt Stan had to go through to win for him was.
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Postby MCkormick2 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 9:39 pm

"No hope...no hope".

That was grim. But, it wasn't just this little detail that made the episode suck. On the contrary, the idea was all-right. For a while there, I tought the other team- Adams county - would have dying kid of his own, such making it a interesting dillema. The narrator's jokes were funny, but I think they'd be better if there was a bit more of logic behind them - I mean, the narrator just appearen whenever he wanted.

There are a lot of people offended at this episode, and, heck, I can't blame them. I thought, while watching, that if someone who hates sports movies to a point as to never have seen one and to be unaware of their plots, this episode would seem like the product of a sick mind. I mean, two sick minds.

Shocking, but unfunny, for most parts. And it's lack of fun made it even more offensive. 4/10.

By the way, the week Steve Irwin died, I saw a TV show in wich a girl swam in a tank full of stingrays. While Matt and Parker never heard of it happening, I got the feeling of "seen that" when they made the joke.
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Postby TetrisRock » Thu Nov 16, 2006 9:44 pm

Hmm, what the hell was that? Jesus. I'm not offended, just... where were the bits that were supposed to be funny?

Most of it was just bleak. The only bits I laughed at is the first time you saw the young kids trying to play hockey, and when Stan had to get Ike into the team just because he was canadian.
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Postby DaCrazyBasta » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:09 pm

I get all the jokes in humour in the episode, but it was still bad. The jokes were bad and the plot was stupid. This is the first time that I saw an episode and felt that I was strongly let down.

A fistfull of tastless repetitive jokes leads to a "funny ending." is the best description of this episode. Great, sports movies are unrealistic- "Who would have known?"

Seriously, is the joke that your audience are such fanboys that we can't get dissapointed?

I was excited to see this episode because your season was so pollitically charged, but it turned out that it was just so dumb. Please fire the new writer that thought it would be funny to parody a sports movie again. Just imagine him when he thought of this idea.

"What if we make an episode about a crappy sports team that faces impossible odds and loses? Wouldn't that be hillarious?"

Awesome idea. Awesome idea.
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Postby Romeoinlove32 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:23 pm

i'm sticking to my opinion on this one. I didn't think it was funny. I've been watching south park since it started, and for some reason, this episode didnt seem to be it to me. I wasn't laughing the entire episode, i don't think the jokes were good enough to fill the space between them. It felt kinda long a drawn out to me because there wasn't enough comedy. I understand its south park like to go at hollywood and their hero always wins kinda movies, and i guess that was ok, but i still think it was a weak go after that.

it seemed really empty without a No kitty thats a bad kitty or an omg they killed kenny in it somewhere. Without those characters it seemed bland to me. Cartmen is a lot of the comedy i think in south park because he is so dumb and doesnt know it. i love cartmen and kenny.

it just seemed so empty, and some people think they werent making fun of cancer, i feel like they were sorta, but they definately coulda done without the killing of little kids and the dying of a poor lil kid.

There were some funny parts, but too few, and too far between good ones.
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Postby Shiek927 » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:24 pm

I FINALLY got too a good computer with internet connection, so I can finally post my usual thoughts.

-New sport that hasn't been shown at all yet in SP: Hockey
-Another interesting look between the relationship between Stan and his father
-Reminicent of "You got F'd in the A!"(Butters Tragedy mirrors Stans) and The Losing Strike("At the point in a sports movie...")
-M&T aren't done with Steve Irwin just yet! Not once, but twice they mention him.
-Nice parodys of bad sports movies, including Mighty Ducks
-The little kids responses were great. They're so young, they don't realize what they're saying("Are we gonna get cancer?")

-The end was abrupt and a bit WTF. Seeing the kids get massacred wasn't exactly what I expected
-No Effing Kenny AGAIN -_-

That episode gets a 9/10. My only regret is that they didn't have more episodes like this for this season.
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Postby Nicest Hat » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:49 pm

I don't think it was that bad! The random guy that kept commenting on everything was kinda funny, plus the little kids being all like 'Will we get caaancer?' and when Ike showed up. Certainly not the best episode ever, but from my POV that's cause Kenny wasn't anywhere to be seen AGAIN :?
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Curing cancer with hockey does not work

Postby GordonUppercut » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:58 pm

The epsiode was great. The record playing storyteller guy was hilarious.

The whole topic of "there is a little boy with cancer counting on you" is not new in comedy by the way. Seinfeld used a sick kid (although it didn't die). South Park just visualized it rather crudely, like they always do. I mean they showed Christopher Reeve sucking the brains out of embryos so I think this episode is quite non-offensive.

And by the way I don't get the whole thing about hating "A million little fibers". I laughed my ass of when Oprah's anus got shot to death.
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Postby raducucosmin » Thu Nov 16, 2006 10:59 pm

[Again, please tell me what, in and of itself, was funny about Steve Irwin dying - and please don't tell me it was funny because they were saying f*ck you to all those people that thought it was too soon. That would be an example of them trying to make some point (which I guess would be "F*ck You"). Ok, fine; what, in and of itself, is funny about Steve Irwin dying]

the death wasn.t funny in itself. what was worthy to laugh at were the people who worshiped that man and who thought he was imortal. what happened to him, as you said, is terribly ironic, and it only goes to show that you should never think you own nature or any of its creatures. i don't know whether he became infatuated with his skills or not, but i do know that you had to be a fool to think that this kind of thing was not bound to happen.(i mean this is coming from a man that watched hundreds of irwin's shows)and let me say: he was at least crazy. no one made fun of his family's suffering, and the joke in Hell on Earth was acctually a joke in itself, suggesting the exact reaction that people had after it was aired. also, maybe in matt and trey's vision Irwin is a guy that would go to hell, after he dies and so he had to attend the party. or maybe they weren't laughing at irwin's expence, as they were spoofing those who were shoked by his passing away(this in the context decsribed above).
as for the two jokes in this episode they were just replies to those who ran their mouths after Hell on earth.and i believe didn't in fact relate as much to the unfortunate event itself.
but then again, that's just my opinion

ps; one more thing. i also waited for almost the whole episode for something to happen that would put it all together, but then it hit me. if anything like that would have happened, then this ep would have become the exact thing it was spoofing. a lame sports story. the ending represented the exact opposite of any sports film ending. also it kind of moked those people that act like Randy(in this case and in some other episodes), those who not only love sport, but they make it into a life and death matter
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Postby randomperson » Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:37 pm

I am usually one of the first to tell someone else they didn't "get it" when they find a SP episode offensive, pointless, silly, over-the-top, etc. I am usually one of the first to defend Trey and Matt for any reason, because I believe they are smarter than most people give them credit for, and I enjoy their style of writing. There have been some episodes where even I end up shaking my head and saying "No ... nonono, that's just WRONG, on so many levels" ... but with a smirk on my face the entire time. (Like the Reeve fetus thing).

Anyway, I'm not gonna go to lengths to defend how "true" of a fan of the show I am, because whether I am or not shouldn't make a difference.

Last night's episode was hands-down the worst ever.

Being silly, over-the-top, obnoxiously offensive, etc. is all great, as long as it has a purpose, and as long as the episode at least has a reasonable plot, eg. as long as there are other things to carry us through.

And I'm all about the unconventional endings, and f*cking with the viewers' ideas of how something should resolve itself, etc. I loved the end of Free Willzyx, and the end of Cartoon Wars II, and the Kenny Dies episode, and sooo many others I could compare this one to, where the ideas they used actually *worked*. But this episode was a failure on so many levels, I wouldn't even know where to start.

The only level of satisfaction, if I would even call it that, I can even find in having watched this episode, is that after all these years, they finally made an episode that pissed me off. I can at least appreciate it on that level ... after years of telling other people to chill out when they were offended by SP, they finally got me (not just on the "offensive" factor either, just pretty much on all levels). I guess I never thought that would happen.

My girlfriend Meg had leukemia from the ages of 7-14. We laugh at cancer jokes all the time. She's a good sport about it, usually. But after last night's episode, here is what she said - "Honestly, the running laughing-at-cancer joke wouldn't have even bothered me that much, if the rest of the episode would have been remotely funny in any way." We just sat there with blank faces the whole time ...
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Postby Kyle the Skeptic » Thu Nov 16, 2006 11:41 pm

My feelings on this episode are mixed, for lack of a better word. I got what they were parodying, and I thought they were working with some solid material, but the execution seemed to fall apart in the third act.

* Stan attempting to prevent his bike from being towed was hilarious. It was kind of out of character for him though, as it's something I might expect Kenny or Cartman to do.
* The announcer guy was funny, but only the first couple of times. Towards the end I was just wishing Stan would tell him to shut the hell up.
* The kid with cancer, the pee wee team's comments about him, and Stan's attempts to smooth things over.
* The jabs at Steve Irwin were funny, but again, the first time was funnier than the second.
* The portrayal of the pee wee hockey teams was cute, especially how they just kind of sat there, sliding around at random on the ice.
* Ike had a small but significant role, as did Kyle.
* Randy's antics in his underwear made me laugh.
* Kenny didn't die all season.

* It's probably just me, but the ending was way too predictable. Obviously, since they were parodying sports movies cliches, and irony is a major part of any parody, you knew exactly what was going to happen. The way I saw it, the ending kind of sputtered out once again.
* They resorted to too many running gags, which kind of got beaten to death by the end.
* The episode was too short, and by that I mean that the plot and joke setups felt rushed in nearly every instance.
* The other boys were hardly in it at all. Kyle got only a couple of lines. Plus I'm still waiting for them to bring Kenny back. The only reason he didn't die is because he didn't DO anything.

5/10 I don't give out this rating without some reluctance. Stan is a great character, but this episode didn't exactly do him justice. As far as sports parodies go, The Losing Edge was a much funnier episode. Aside from that, parodying the Mighty Ducks is about as redundant as parodying Adam West as Batman. It's one of those episodes I'm glad I watched, but it's not something I'd want to watch over and over again.
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Postby Cartman_91 » Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:06 am

I personally think that it was the second best of the run besides 1008. A great sporty episode with a good choice in music and slapstick humor. Rob Schneider voice was hilarious and essential to the episode. Also the baseketball reference to the boy dying was funny. It was a lot like the losing edge which is my second favorite episode which was good but definitely not better. My only complaint is that Cartman wasn't in the episode. it was funny with Stan but I think they could have thrown Cartman in at the end.
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Postby uphoriak » Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:12 am

Firstly, let's get the introduction out of the way, hi, i'm dave ("Hello Davvvee"), and I've been addicted to south park for 10 years, blah blah blah..

Anyway, so like I said, I've been a massive fan of south park since I first came across the infamous santa vs jesus ecard back in '96, right up to today. And despite what I'm about to say, I'm still a fan and will remain so, because south park (generaly) is awsome.

BUT, I've had to come out from my months of lurking to comment on last nights episode, to say that it sucked ass. I'm sorry, but it did. Officialy worst episode ever.

It's a shame, because it had the opportunity to be so much better than what it was. There were loads of ways in which it could twist and be awesome, but (and maybe this was the point of it) it ignored all that and just ended with the death of a child lukemia patient. It's a massive gamble to do something like that, and for me and virtually everyone I've spoke to who saw it, you lucked out - it was just lame.

At first I wondered if it was just me who found the episode completely lacking in humour (save for the first game and the introduction of ike), i can hear the violins starting up as i admit that yeah i buried my mum from a two year battle against cancer a couple years back, nursed dad through the subsequent alcoholism and my bro through his abuse of drugs, and i can put that to one side, I really can you know, and take it at face value cos you have to. But there was no humour in what was portrayed - I looked for it, but I just couldn't find it. Like I say, my own past could have clouded my opinion so I asked others what they thought, and they said the same. It just sucked.

South Park is no stranger to tackling controversial subjects and ripping the piss out of pretty much anyone, but it's always done by taking things to extremes, to over-emphasise the supidness of whatever it is under the microscope, but in this episode there didn't seem to be any of that. I suppose the one thing about this episode is that it has at least given lots of people something to think about and question what humour/comedy really is and where subject matter takes precedence over satire.

Despite this, to me it's still an awful and disappointing end to a better-than-average series. Of course I'll still watch, and I'm still a fan, but I can't help thinking that from now on my infatuation with everything south park will have a thorn in it's side I just can't get over. Sorry guys, but the dream has died a little, and if this is the way you're planning on taking things, I dont wanna go darn that rard.

On a lighter note, ello to all. I might stick around and chat some more crap, who knows.. ;)
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Postby TetrisRock » Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:35 am

The "movie trailer" bits with the little record player were very "Ruuub Schneiiiider was a..."
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Postby Danny_Dickhead » Fri Nov 17, 2006 12:45 am

So, I'd like to say, to all those who've had loved ones who died of cancer: Life is meaningless, there is no god, and certainly no hope. All your emotions are chemical reactions in your brain. Eat my sh*t.

All you gothy morons with your sh*tty image-signature things: If the two esteemed creators of South Park ever met you, they'd more than likely hate you. Which is the least of what you deserve.

Finally, this is quite possibly the best episode of any television show, ever. Pure, jet black humor pumped into the brains of America. I hope you all choke on it. It's the f*cking truth - there is no hope. Get over your happy Hollywood ending and start living your pathetic life, because it's all you f*cking get.

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