*1103: Lice Capades*

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Postby kylestanfan » Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:09 pm

It looks to me like a brown-haired boy, guessing from the picture up at the top of the page...although that could be the special shampoo you use.

Anyway...brown-haired boys, brown-haired boys...I've only got Clyde and Cartman...but I'm sure one of you can correct me on that :wink:
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Postby DevilAngel16 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:22 pm

XD I just saw the press image of Cartman holding a blowtorch and Craig standing there in the background. Uh oh. What's he gonna do with it? :B

Yeah, the kid with lice is most likely Clyde. The image on the top gives it away. I really don't want it to be Clyde, but I guess it's gonna be him.

It's not confirmed though, so there's still a possibility that it could be someone else. (Even though I highly doubt that.)
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Postby EPAF » Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:25 pm

So, we've got a non-political based episode this time - and even better, one that focuses on a typical school-related subject. I remember the problamatic saga of lice back when I was in Primary School when every kid started worrying about it like it was some kind of new disease or sumin. :roll:

But yeh, this should be yet another interesting episode to watch.
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Postby iceiwynd » Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:27 pm

I'm hoping it's not Clyde. Maybe it's just a generic shower shot? D: This wouldn't be the first time we've seen him in the shower, soo...

I'm still hoping it's Kenny. Poor should equal lice.

And I think it'd be rather nice to see a bit of Tweek in this one, too, since he's pulled out his hair before. :B
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Postby DevilAngel16 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:39 pm

iceiwynd wrote:I'm hoping it's not Clyde.

Me too. D:

iceiwynd wrote:I'm still hoping it's Kenny.


Ooh...I just thought of something. Maybe we'll get to see the boys' hair again in this episode. Since they'll be checking for head lice, they'll obviously have to take off their hats. I hope they do. :D I like seeing them without their hats once in a while. (We're all used to Cartman without it, though. I mean, he's already had it off in both episodes of season eleven so far.) Still...the last time all of the boys were hatless for practically the entire episode was The Losing Edge.

Just a random thought.
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Postby albino.black.sheep » Mon Mar 19, 2007 2:41 pm

*I really think Kyle's gonna have lice because of all the hair he has under his ushanka.
*Cartman will definitely get lice because otherwise he'd just laugh at those that do have them.
*It possibly looks like Clyde in the shower. Or even possibly Jimmy.
*And Mrs. Garrison might have them too... but the head lice might be mistaken. They might be body lice, because they spread like wildfire and are bitches to get rid of. Not that I know...

(I apologise if someone's already mentioned all these, but I haven't been arsed to read all of the posts yet! :P )
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Postby Blasty » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:23 pm

I love a cartman centered episode :twisted:

I think this episode could still be a political/controversial one, regarding torture...
For Carman to ridicule the infested kid, he had to get information - If I'm right there could be some shocking torture scenes... the blowtorch scene promises alot :lol:
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Postby BRMBug » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:26 pm

Poor Clyde. Why are M&T dumping all these afflictions on the poor kid? Last time it was a colostomy, now it's lice, next thing you know he's going to have Rickets, Scurvy, and Dropsy. Un-hooded would be nice. Also, I wonder if Kyle has ever been routing around in his hair and just started pulling random stuff out like pencils and crap. Kind of like the secretary from Ferris Bueller.
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Postby nall » Mon Mar 19, 2007 5:26 pm


NEW YORK, March 19, 2007 -- The fourth grade class won't be denied their rights as children to make fun of the unfortunate kid who has lice in an all-new "South Park" entitled, "Lice Capades," premiering on Wednesday, March 21 at 10:00 p.m. on COMEDY CENTRAL.

Confidentiality about who has head lice must be maintained so no child is embarrassed; so says the administration at South Park Elementary. When Garrison refuses to name names, Cartman finds a way to detect who has the head cooties.

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Trey Parker and Matt Stone are co-creators and executive producers of the Emmy and Peabody Award-winning "South Park" with Anne Garefino as executive producer. "South Park's" Web site is http://www.southparkstudios.com.

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Postby ShaneHaughey » Mon Mar 19, 2007 6:01 pm

iceiwynd wrote: This wouldn't be the first time we've seen him in the shower, soo...

Nice to know that you're keeping track of the shower scenes in the show. :lol:
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Postby Cartman_91 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 7:19 pm

I'm guessing the lice is either: Craig, Clyde, Jimmy or Kyle. I think it could also be Butters but I think they'll probably pick Kyle since it would make such a great episode, Cartman can finally tease Kyle about this and being Jewish.
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Postby danielprive6 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 7:35 pm

I think that the person with headlice is ether butters kenny or dog poo. It could be butters or kenny because in that picture the hair seems brown but maby thats just the shampoo that you have to use or something. They would not make it clyde because thats just to easy to guess for all of us. The episode is called lice capades, that has to have something to do with the episode. Maby they're reffering to the "ice capades" anywho this episode looks pretty promissing and will flip everyones expectations upsidedown.
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Postby Cartman004 » Mon Mar 19, 2007 8:19 pm

This looks like it is going to be another great episode
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Postby KennyStanWendyFan » Mon Mar 19, 2007 9:07 pm

Sounds funny. I hope the mystery kid is Kenny. It'd be an easy role to give him, it's fitting because Kenny is poor, and it'd finally give him something to do. Tweek might work too--he has a whole mess of hair and doesn't seem to put much time into hygiene, plus he hasn't done much lately either. Kyle has a whole mess of hair as well, but I hope it's not him; the Cartman-Kyle rivalry is getting kinda worn. I hope it's not Cartman himself either because that's too predictable. And I hope it's not Butters because that'd also be too predictable and we just had a Butters episode--let's not let him be overplayed again.

I wonder if this will be the 24 parody that was mentioned a couple weeks ago. Whether it is or not, I do look forward to this episode as well as the 24 parody (assuming it's not this week's).
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Postby triplemultiplex » Mon Mar 19, 2007 10:01 pm

I'm imagining a scene for this episode right now.

The kids are all in class and they know that somebody's got lice and they're all analyzing each other for any suspicious movements. But at the same time, everyone's all paranoid about making any movements towards their own head for fear of being accused of being 'the one.' So invariably, somebody can't resist scratching a non-lice related itch and that's when the rest of the class judges that kid guilty.

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