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Postby KyleSchwartz#1 » Thu Apr 19, 2007 4:50 pm

I enjoyed this weeks episode. Anyone else notice that the scene in the promo where Randy is slamming the door behind him and saying, "NO CHANGE! NO CHANGE!" in his house, they changed the location. I wonder why they made the change, and how that affected the story.

Anyways, its hard to believe it was seven episodes already (I thought this was only the sixthed :oops: at first). I can't wait until October now.

Note- I also hope everyone who keeps whining about there not being an episode about all four boys stops complaining now. You have it. I hope you enjoyed it.
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Postby strumpfhose » Thu Apr 19, 2007 5:19 pm

"In the cityyyyy, city of Venace, right by Matt's house, you can chill if you're homeless........" LOL LOL LOL
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Postby tjrd » Thu Apr 19, 2007 5:37 pm

iceiwynd wrote:Tjrd: Yes! I don't agree with your opinion, but the way you stated it, I really wish more people could act like you do. Aaand you have the added bonus of not denouncing the show all together which is something else a lot of people do, so your post wasn't annoying at all.

Thanks for responding :)
I would never denounce the show, there is not a single episode that has not been worth watching - not even A Million Little Fibers

I've never really seen South Park as being a show really shocking and unpredictable with its twists before, but that's more or less for drama series. I still enjoy the episodes and they still provide me with a good story, even though I know exactly how everything happens (I'm big on rewatching episodes, especially new ones - I go overboard there).

I usually put a few on in WMP and watch till I fall asleep, so yeah I've watched most episodes at least 5 times. And indeed, new ones I watch most, because I suspect they will grow on me.
South Park never shocked me either but there have been times when I was really surprised at plot twists. Most recently Stan pulling a gun on Kyle in "Mystery of the Urinal Deuce", that was golden.
Let's fighting love!
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Postby BRMBug » Thu Apr 19, 2007 6:22 pm

Oh, and when they went down into the sewer, I didn't think of Mr. Hankey, I thought of Garrison.

strumpfhose wrote:"In the cityyyyy, city of Venace, right by Matt's house, you can chill if you're homeless........" LOL LOL LOL

:o I didn't hear that! (Was it really in there? Because I turned the sound down, and didn't pay alot of attention when they did that.)
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Postby strumpfhose » Thu Apr 19, 2007 6:40 pm

BRMBug wrote:Oh, and when they went down into the sewer, I didn't think of Mr. Hankey, I thought of Garrison.

strumpfhose wrote:"In the cityyyyy, city of Venace, right by Matt's house, you can chill if you're homeless........" LOL LOL LOL

:o I didn't hear that! (Was it really in there? Because I turned the sound down, and didn't pay alot of attention when they did that.)

Yeah there is! I didn't hear that at first either but when I heard that he sang so, I listened to it again and there it was! Hilarious :D

Big Will's got the song in his site:

http://www.spscriptorium.com/williewest ... %20version).mp3

Uh... I don't know why the link didn't work but just copy paste.
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Postby deathandecay » Thu Apr 19, 2007 7:01 pm

Oh man, the video stopped when the researcher killed himself but the audio continued, messing up the rest of the show :x But other than that, it was hilarious. I guess it'd be even funnier if i saw the dawn/land of the dead movies though...
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Postby crazyQH » Thu Apr 19, 2007 7:07 pm

iceiwynd wrote:If I had to pick a favourite episode right now, it'd probably be this one.

I'm... I'd liek to try to keep this short and not go on rambly mentions (even though that's GONNA happen) because there were too many REALLY, REALLY awesome parts. I mean... holy craaap. This was... so, so good. What a way to go out on the run, that was great. The running gags... Started off a little slow, ended up a little abruptly, but... wow. That. That was so good.

All of the senseless killing and stuff... the homeless expert shooting himself over, and over, and over - SO. GOOD. Randy showing Glen that everything was okay... Gerald becoming one of the homeless... All of the violence, and the turning on each other! I've never seen a zombie movie before but I know a guy who talks about them a whole lot, and as such, I think that prepared me a little more for the parody.

All four boys were involved and that made me so happy. Kenny got to scream at Cartman again. Kenny did stuff again. They all... that was a GREAT involvement of the boys and the adults. They got the themes, they got the... aahfguidhgifd. I'm... I'm gonna try to shut up now. I'm just so giddy and giggly right now. That. Was. AWESOME.

Aahfduhgd, what a way to go out, I'm totally happy right now... This was so good. So very, very good.

I totally agree with you Lior. It really was awesome. I know I already left my review on it, but damn, I just thought it was so great. I-I gotta watch it again. And yes, I do think this may be my favorite of the season.

I can't get over how great their little song was at the end. Awesome. It was a perfect way to end.
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Postby buttersbutters » Thu Apr 19, 2007 7:28 pm

Kyle: Whats he doing?

Homeless research man: He's dying

Cartman: Cooooooooool

:lol: :lol: :lol:
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Postby 203177 » Thu Apr 19, 2007 7:38 pm

LOOOOOOOOOOVED it! I would give it a 10/10 it was so funny when randy was freaking out he was all like "I DON'T HAVE ANY CHANGE"!!! my other favorite part was when the boys sang there song too good. And when cartman jumped with his skate board and the arguement between kyle and cartman was good too and the part with kenny was awsome :lol: loved it!
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Postby CartmansCuzzin » Thu Apr 19, 2007 8:53 pm

You know what I noticed folks? On the teaser commercial, Randy ran inside his house on the "I DON'T HAVE ANY CHANGE" scene but on the actual episode, he ran inside the recreation center (well I think it was a rec center). Sorry to add that so called blooper/changed background on an expressional thread. My apologies.

Anyways, that was by far the best ep of the season! I am going to look at it again tonight, tommorow & sunday! The best scenes were when the researcher kept shooting himself, Randy showing Glen's half face to the boys' rescue, Kenny hittting Cartman after he said the sewer smelled like his house & the "California" remix they sung. R.I.P. 2PAC!

This is honestly the most satisfied I been about an episode since "Cartoon Wars Pt. 2(most shocking/unexpected ending ever)" "The Return Of Chef(even tohugh I was hella upset with him dying)" "TSST" & "Make Love, Not Warcraft!" STANDING OVATION!

I really wanted Jimmy to have his own solo episode this half but hopefully M&T will grant my wish for the next half. With that said, BRAVO for 1107!

Scores for Season 11 eps...


1103--LICE CAPADES--9/10


1105--EASTER SPECIAL--7.5/10



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Postby DevilAngel16 » Thu Apr 19, 2007 9:36 pm

That. Kicked. ASS.

Oh my God. That seriously kicked some major ass. I even screamed “THAT KICKED ASS!” after the episode was over. And then I danced around the house a little bit. XD Wow.

I thought it was amazing. I knew I was going to like it from the first second it started with the four boys at the basketball court. I...oh my God. I’m still so f*cking giddy over watching this episode last night. Ahhhhh.


...Sorry. I had to get that out. XD

Okay...the boys were absolutely amazing in this episode. Cartman had some funny moments, as usual. Like when he jumped that first homeless guy in the beginning. I thought he was gonna fall flat on his face. That would’ve been hysterical. XD Also, I loved his comment about the one homeless guy dying. “Cooool.” Awesome. And his, “NO, f*ck OFF!” to the random homeless people asking for change. I also liked the “He smells like Kenny’s house” line. :B

Stan was pretty good too. I loved the way he kept pointing out how stupid their parents are. “These guys are just as stupid as our parents.” True. XD Speaking of parents, Randy was great, again, as usual. I loved the scene when the homeless were following him like zombies, and then when one of them said, “God bless you,” and Randy, “Aw, now I feel bad!” XD Also his comment about the Poptarts was funny. And...it was funny when he shot that Glen guy and then later on when he was holding up his body and saying, “Look, Glen!” XD Oh, still on the subject of parents, Gerald was great too. I loved how he was just wandering around with the rest of the homeless and asking for change himself. XD

Um, Kyle was absolutely amazing in this episode. He’s such a good kid – giving that homeless guy $20, despite the fact he didn’t appreciate it all. Aww. And I felt bad that Stan and Cartman were blaming him for the accumulation of homeless people, but he was the one who figured out why all of the homeless people were coming in the first place. I also loved the ongoing joke of thinking his idea was Cartman jumping all of the homeless people. “I really don’t know what you see in this, Kyle.” XD Yeah...Kyle’s just amazing.

And Kenny. Yes, I was so happy that he was involved just as much as the other boys were. I loved the sewer scene when he punched Cartman and told him to shut the f*ck up. XD Ahh. I love him.

Let’s see...oh, the part when the homeless expert guy kept shooting himself was hilarious. It took him quite a few bullets to finally die. XD That was great. Also before that when he was explaining about the homeless people to the boys, calling them ‘its’. XD

Oh yeah, and when the boys were in that other town with those three guys. That one guy talking about how his wife lived in his house for 20 years and he found out that she was actually homeless - XD stupid idiot, that makes no sense, which is what made if funny. And then his wife trying to say 'you burned my lips off' was also funny. I also loved when they all started randomly shooting each other. XD

Ummm...there’s definitely a bunch of other awesome things I forgot to mention. So now, the ending. Holy God. That was probably the best part for me. The four boys singing together was simply AMAZING. Their song was so catchy. I loved it. XD Anything with singing involved is great, but the fact that it was the four boys singing together was what made it even more amazing. I mean, we rarely get to hear Kyle sing, so I was ecstatic about that alone. But ahh, it was just so cool to hear all of them sing.

Fantastic way to end the run. I think what I was most happy about was that it involved all four boys equally, which is what I really wanted. I can't wait to watch this episode again tonight. I think this episode is my favorite of the season so far, too. It was just so freaking amazing. I can't say that enough. Amaaaazing.

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Postby Aym_Dand » Thu Apr 19, 2007 9:47 pm

strumpfhose wrote:"In the cityyyyy, city of Venace, right by Matt's house, you can chill if you're homeless........" LOL LOL LOL

ha yeah another strange coincidence about this episode is that I actually have a friend named Matt who lives in a house in Venice. Not Matt Stone, though.

I also wanted to give a brief mention to the good laugh I had when Jimmy did the drumroll before Cartman's jump.
I probably would have just put the f*cking lotion in the basket.


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Postby BigBroflovskiFan » Thu Apr 19, 2007 9:52 pm

Oh man, I loved this episode. I'm so happy it was a group episode. I gotta say, them singing 'California Love' at the end just... awesome XD.

Oh yeah, I couldn't stop laughing at the scene when the guy's wife he killed for being "homeless" came back to life and was like, "YOU BURNED MY LIPS OFF." HAHA. That just totally got me cracking up.
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Postby crazyQH » Thu Apr 19, 2007 9:58 pm

Well, I've already watched that episode..four times, and I'm still not sick of it. It's is just that good. I also downloaded their song on itunes, and can't stop singing it. Actually, a couple people in school were singing it too, which I found funny.

I think it's funny that Cartman rips on Kyle for being a "greedy jew" (even though he's obviously not) and then when he does a charitable act that none of the other boys even considered doing, like giving $20 to the homeless, he is still prosecuted. Poor kid, that scene where it was raining made me feel bad for him.

So yeah, I'm still all giddy over this. It's too bad we won't have another one until October. But, at least they ended it with an awesome episode. I can honestly say this episode had some of my favorite moments of the boys, with Kyle giving the guy the money and then of course, their song in the end. Wow.
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Postby solidviper » Thu Apr 19, 2007 10:18 pm

This episode was really awesome. Not my favorite of the season, but it's definitely a really good one.

I'm gonna rank my eps. now

1. D-yikes
2. The Fantastic Easter Special
3. The Snuke
4. Night of the Living Homeless
5. Cartman Sucks
6. With Apologies to Jesse Jackson
7. Lice Capades

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