*1109: More Crap*

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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby krazykarl12 » Thu Oct 11, 2007 6:16 am

Guess_Who_I_Am_Not wrote:Episode was a piece of sh1t. Literally. Who wants to watch 30 minutes of 40 year old men pushing out huge logs (except for really perverted old men who live with their mothers and don't have real jobs)? I don't. I like actual humor, not half an hour of p00p j0kes.


south park is toilet humor at heart.
always has been.
i loved the episode.
bravo once again.
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby jrvook7 » Thu Oct 11, 2007 6:39 am

i've been an avid sp fan since the late 90s. every now and then, and ep comes up that just doesn't stand in the same realm as the majority. jakovasaurs and a million little fibers are prime examples. this one totally blew, and in my opinion may be the worst ep of the series. complete and utter let down. trey and matt are much better than this.
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby S-O-U-T-H-P-A-R-K » Thu Oct 11, 2007 7:04 am

LOL EPISODE 8.5/10 at the end is maybe best how randy craps the big crap and spins up and how his face is constipated LOL
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby candies » Thu Oct 11, 2007 7:16 am

Yeah, The ending was funny when Randy crapped out on the toilet and wins a Emmy. I still think last week's were a little bit more peculiar than this.
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby BRMBug » Thu Oct 11, 2007 7:20 am

...He's had it coming for ten years!

The family's reaction to the initial dook was priceless. And I loved how Stan was just beaming at the awards ceremony.
And the ending... Well, it reminded me of a story from a friend who's in plumbing. He and his supervisor were working at a building owned by the city, and there was a major clog in the system. They took off an access panel in the floor, and unscrewed the clean-out plate for the main waste pipe leading out. He said the next thing he knew, this column of poo just slowly rose up out of the floor about three feet, and plopped over onto it's side. He's got pictures somewhere.
Speaking of which, I also think I know what my avatar will be, if I can ever pull it off.
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby gtaca2005 » Thu Oct 11, 2007 7:26 am

This episode is my number 2 favorite! :lol:
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby farswept » Thu Oct 11, 2007 10:17 am

Hey! Hot on the heels (um, 15 years later) of Negativland!
I remember back in '92 one of my friends wore his SST Records "Kill Bono" T-shirt to work and pissed off some other worker who said "What if I came to work wearing a 'Kill Rurik [friend's name]' t-shirt?!"
So my friend made his own "Kill Rurik" T and wore it to work! :P
But yeah, Bono sucks for all time, and he sho' nuff is a piece o' crap.
I knew that emmy thing had to be fake from the start - I L'dOL every time it popped up (at the a-propos moments, of course). Yes, South Park is from the start basically toilet humor, so shove yer hoity-toity Emmys! XLNT EP :assface:

P.S. Thanx for helpful info, siis_timmah and Big Will!
P.P.S. Whew! Plop plop, piss piss, oh what a relief it is there was no Mr. Hankey! (I hate that stupid piece o' Christmas crap)
Damn, dude, China is f^cked-up!
I love you guys . . . (aw, screw you guys.)
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby cheesypoofs857 » Thu Oct 11, 2007 10:51 am

Dammit! I slept through it.... AGAIN!! :x

I might as well get to YouTube before Viacom does
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby Infusions » Thu Oct 11, 2007 11:16 am

The beginning was garbage, the ending was worse, the only funny line was when Stan replied to Randy saying he never made anything in his life worth while by saying, "Gee. Thanks a lot dad."

But, you know what they say.

"There's always next week!"
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby largesponge » Thu Oct 11, 2007 11:36 am

excellent! south park, back to is roots of toilet humour (literally)! these kind of eps have me in stitches all the time, can never have to much poop jokes in my opinion! Bono is the record! 9/10 lets keep it goin!

but another episode without all 4 of the boys?! LAME!
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby Jay C » Thu Oct 11, 2007 11:45 am

Probably my least favourite episode of the series so far, but it was still alright. I think that the 'Emmy Award' jokes were great, especially them putting it in Randy's phat turd at the end. :lol: Also, most of the dialogue involving the guys was also funny. 'You just don't get it...'

6/10 - A slight dip in what's been a good season. I hate Bono too.
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby UnkieHerb » Thu Oct 11, 2007 11:56 am

Brilliant episode. I'm not usually a big Randy fan but this episode was so ridiculously stupid, so over-the-top, so retarded, it was brilliant.
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby Kikkerking » Thu Oct 11, 2007 1:14 pm

Hey, this episode was pretty good! MUCH better than I expected.

They REALLY made the description confusing, but in the end the plot was awesome.
It had a good amount of funny jokes, and a nice thing that I noticed was when Stan and that guy drive around in Germany, the car-plate says "Eins" which literally means "one". :P And the Bono parody was brilliant too, just like Randy's final crap. I give this episode a rating of 9.5/10, mainly because the plot was immature yet funny, and greatly written. :)
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby eatmydeaduterus » Thu Oct 11, 2007 2:25 pm

The whole "women do this men do dat" thing got REALLY old fast. Why do you think the majority of 'natural' laxatives are for women? Cos we get all bunged up once a month so, yes, we DO get it.

Pretty funny episode but the writing was oh so jaded sometimes. And btw Little Britain is official crap since the whole old-woman-pissing-in-the-supermarket-on-BBC1 thing, so the nod was a bad choice. Some seriously missed opportunities here. Why ignore how charitable stuff by Bono et al can sometimes misfire and prevents local economies from getting people out of poverty.That would have been way more hardcore.

Seriously, new writers needed cos I'd rather see Garrison pose for Playboy than sit through a half-assed episode like that again.
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Re: *1109: More Crap*

Postby castkeky » Thu Oct 11, 2007 3:42 pm

That episode was hot hot hot hot!!
To all the people who weren't impressed: blah! u aint true south park fans. u have to understand that this is the heart of south park humour. str8 from the toilet!
i loved that it was centred around randy (of course!) i loved the whole takin the piss out of bono thing! the way he was runnin down the streets in africa and the guitar riff everytime he appeared. like sesly, regarding bono, as cartman says: "whats the big f*ckin deal bitch?" heh i dont know why evrybody loves him so much.
anyhoo i lurrrved it when stan said "...at some point can't u just.. f*ck off?". amaaaazing! ahaha and!.. the final bit when randy spins up and around sittin on his huuuge crap. haha the whole emmy thing was wikkid as well. er..they showed them! haha stick that emmy in the crap.
FUC-KIN-A!! bring on next week!! banzai!!
i love u matt n trey. always n forever.
~sophie the southparkoligist

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