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Postby Zuli » Mon Apr 17, 2017 3:37 am

MixerMina wrote:I'm surprised Cartman didn't say he was going to kill Kyle for making him do this.

It was like a WTF? thing when he said "Yes but i'm not going to die..."
nah, if the gingers had started the extermination, they wouldn't've stopped; sooner or later they'd've found out Cartman wasn't a ginger, and he'd been thrown in the lava too. and i don't think he wanted to keep pretending to be ginger his whole life, either. so that was his only way out of the situation anymore.

anyway, this is definitely one of my favorite episodes. so many funny moments, and Cartman taking it to the extreme, loyal to his nature. loved Kyle beating him up when he was sleeping, and the boys' plot to make him ginger, his mom not sure if she wanted a ginger for a child, Butters laughing in the bus, the gingers haunting the town, airport Hilton and of course the ending with Cartman having to wriggle out of the mess he was getting himself into.
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