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Re: Episode ratings for season 13 - Go!

Postby tommacco » Tue Nov 24, 2009 6:39 pm

The Ring - 9/10 - they were right on with this episode, disney, jonas brothers, purity rings, they got it all right. "mr. mouse" is one of the best cameo appearances of all time. "i am your destroyer, haha"

The Coon - 6/10 - this episode speaks for itself, not a classic but a good one time watch

Margaritaville - 7/10 - funny episode, great portrayal of how crooked modern capitalism and banks are. too bad nobody cares enough to do anything about it

Eat, Pray, Queef - 2/10 - this episode gets two points for butters getting queefed on.

Fishsticks - 7.5/10 - maybe not a classic but still a great, intelligently put together episode

Pinewood Derby - 5/10 - giving it a 5 only for the writers' portrayal of human behavior

Fatbeard - 8.5/10 great south park episode, love the light sabre and how afraid the frenchmen were.

Dead Celebrities - 4/10 - billy mays was great, that's about it

Butter's Bottom Bitch - 9.5/10 - instant classic, lost half a point for riding with the undercover cop thing too long, reminded me of family guy style humor

W.T.F. - 6/10 - on par for south park, not amazing but still not bad

Whale Whores - 3/10 - weak underlying message, poor execution, it was a single joke that dragged on for 30 minutes.

The F Word - 3/10 - regardless of whether or not you think bikers are fags, this was a very narrow-minded episode that found a way to tell the same joke 50 different ways

Dancing with Smurfs - 2/10 - the funniest part is the entrance credits for cartman's morning news show, that should say a lot

Pee - 1/10 - only funny part was how the monkeys reacted to getting pissed on-otherwise it wouldve gotten a 0

13a(average) 6.42 (a few classic with fatbeard and the ring)
13b(average) 4.07 (though there was one classic)
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Re: Episode ratings for season 13 - Go!

Postby Vic De Zen » Wed Nov 25, 2009 6:50 pm

Instead of summing up every episode, I'm just going to say that The Coon was the best episode this season! 10/10
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Re: Episode ratings for season 13 - Go!

Postby ladyLarissy » Thu Nov 26, 2009 4:02 pm

OP, i like your positivity! this season was one of my favorites. overall i'd give it an 8.5/10 as well (comparing it to other sp seasons).

top half of the season:::

1. margaritaville - it deserved an emmy. as soon as i saw Kahl swipe the first credit card, i called it. emmy-award-winning episode. what else needs to be said? f*cking brilliant.

2. WTF - (i always call this one "backyard wrestling!" this is one of my personal favorite episodes of all time. i mean seriously, it's cracked top 5. hilarious. i laughed til i cried the first, like, 10 times i watched this. there are weak moments, but every scene the boys are in is pure gold.

3. butters' bottom bitch - do you KNOW what i am saying? a pretty epic episode. nothing to say that hasn't been covered.

4. fatbeard - the ending made me want to cry, for a few reasons. sadness, guilt, and how beautiful the episode i just watched was.

5. dances with smurfs - a lot of people don't like this? i couldn't imagine why, and i wasn't familiar with Glenn Beck's shows or views on Obama at all before seeing this. i still loved it not "getting" the commentary. i mean they explain the gist of it to you pretty well... either way, this episode shocked and amazed me at every turn.
i love when Stan reads Cartman the passage from his book. LMFAO.

6. fishsticks. i always call this episode "gayfish". anyways, this became a huge pop culture phenom. that's when you know it's a good south park episode - when you hear people using lines from it all the time for the next month. EVERYONE saw this episode. everyone used the gayfish joke on a few people hoping they hadn't seen the episode yet.

7. the ring - i always call this "Kenny dies of the syph". some of the titles aren't descriptive enough for me, i guess. lmao. anyways, a pretty jokes episode. i love Kenny <3

bottom half (i liked them all though, just not much to say):::

8. the coon
9. dead celebrities
10. eat, pray, queef - this episode is soo underrated. the terrance & philip romance with the queef sisters is f*cking hilarious.
11. pee
12. whale whores
13. pinewood derby
14. the f word

Biscuits wrote:Eat, Pray, Queef - 5/10

Cartman and the boys seemed really out of character.

i thought the boys were supposed to be acting like women hence why they were overreacting over nothing. like literally nothing. like the OP said, it was an april fools parody episode.

also i thought they were doing a parody of the season 2 opener when they didn't show part 2 of cartman's mom is still a dirty slut and everyone like FREAKED out and probably called the network like cartman did in the episode, etc.
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Re: Episode ratings for season 13 - Go!

Postby r41n » Sat Dec 05, 2009 5:41 am

Oh yay, a ratings thread. I love these. (Yes, I'm that bored).

These are to my standards of what South Park should be so may be a bit lower than all of yours.

The Ring - 6/10 (First watch: 7/10, Rewatch: 5/10)
Yes, Jonas Brothers and other Disney RL critters are brainwashing kids. I cracked up the first time I watched this episode, but that's about it. Oh, and Jonas Brothers are gay.

The Coon - 7/10 (FW: 8, RW: 6)
Another parody... Meh. I liked the gag at the end.

Margaritaville - 9.5 (FW: 10, RW: 9)
This is one of those episodes where they threw in lots of stuff AND mixed it well. "The Economy" is the God of modern world now, ain't it :)

Eat, Pray, Queef - 4.5/5 (FW: 4, RW: 5)
Worst one of the season IMO. I was expecting a T&P episode for April Fools and I was right... Meh.

Fishticks - 9.5 (FW: 9, RW: 10)
Kanye West getting owned was enough to make me LOVE this episode. Kanye West is a douche. 'Nuff said.

Pinewood Derby - 9/10 (FW: 8, RW: 10)
This one reminded me a lot of the earlier SP seasons. Not every episode has to be serious, some are there just for sh*ts and giggles. And this one DID make me laugh out loud several times.

Fatbeard - 8.5 (FW: 10, RW: 7)
A Cartman episode, yay! This one said a lot about Cartman's character. And I loved the "Somalian pirates we" song too. The scene with the pirate "choir" was hilarious.

Dead Celebrities - 5/10 (FW: 5, RW: 5)
Yawn. The best part of this episode was the Billy Mays running gag... The rest was as predictable as a bunch of French tourists getting lost on Mt. Fuji.

Butters' Bottom Bitch - 9.5 (FW: 10, RW: 9)
"A kissing company!" That idea was hysterical. And the side plot with the police guy and his "FuhREEEEZE!" line were pure comedic gold.

W.T.F - 9 (FW: 10, RW: 8)
I think they kinda killed the whole "They took our JERBS!" joke with this one, but it was still worth a giggle or two. The wrestling coach was really funny... would be nice to see him as a recurring character.

Whale Whores - 6 (FW: 8, RW: 4)
I have no idea about the show they ripped on here, so I didn't find it that funny. Maybe I just didn't get it. And I definitely don't find Hiroshima and Nagasaki a laughing matter. I wonder how Americans would feel if the Japanese hung sh*ts on the military who died in Afghanistan or Iraq.

The F Word - 8/10 (FW: 8, RW: 8)
One word: JUSTICE. Was nice to finally see a show that gives Harley-riding homosexuals what they deserve.

Dances With Smurfs - 8.5/10 (FW: 8, RW: 9)
OMG... they killed off the ginger kid. The beginning was hilarious. And it just got better after that. Poor Cartman though.

Pee - 4/10 (FW: 5, RW: 3)
Toilet humor? Come on :| I wasn't grossed out, but I didn't laugh either. The only good scene was when Randy was getting peed on. Woulda' been funnier if someone shouted "Yeah! Golden shower!" or something.

There we go.
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Re: Episode ratings for season 13 - Go!

Postby joshitos100 » Sat Dec 05, 2009 9:16 am

the ring- 7/10
had good laughs, especially with mickey mouse, baaabyyy
the coon-8/10
really funny spoorf of batman and watchmen though really
wanted to know who mysetrion was?
margaritaville- 5/10
not that funny, ok ok? kinda boring
eat, pray, queef- 2/10
the worst episode ever..hardly even remember it no story
at alll whateverrr
fishsticks- 9/10
funiiest sh*t in the worldddd... gay fish,,, im a mother frickin
genius, a frickin miracle worker, ahha i loveed it
pinewood derby- 8.5/10
veryyyyy funnyy... one of the best...baby fart mgezzax was
really nice and the world leaders, " oh nooo Nooott
fatbeard- 5/10
not funny, couple laughs but pretty poor end to mid season
dead celebrities- 6/10
could have been much better... not put together
welll, needs more mj
butters bottom bitch- 8/10
hilariousssssss,,,hands upp im a cop
wtf- 9/10
one of the best of all timeeee wraasstling
whale whores- 7.5/10
cartmans poker face was da sh*t plusss stan was coool
the f word- 2/10
bored as sh*t no laughs what so ever
dances with the smurfes- 9/10
greatesttt episode alll season sooo funnnny especially
the intro
pee- 6/1-
nice spoof of 2012 but not that funny
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Re: Episode ratings for season 13 - Go!

Postby imabastard » Sun Dec 06, 2009 10:57 am

Season 13 Overall: 7.5/10

Honestly, WTF? While the productions get more complex, the creativity and story line seem to suffer in inverse proportions. My interest in South Park sadly decreasing with every new season.

The Ring - 6/10
Jonas Brothers parody pretty dead on funny.

The Coon - 9/10
Favorite episode of the season. Well done.

Margaritaville - 9/10
Excellent parody of the banking & finance industry, and timely at that.

Eat, Pray, Queef - 2/10
Yeah right.

Fishticks - 2/10
Only episode worse than Eat, Pray, Queef.

Pinewood Derby - 8/10
Very good, entertaining, everyone well in character.

Fatbeard - 8/10
Pretty great spoof on the real Somalian pirate scene. Well casted. Ending needs work.

Dead Celebrities - 7/10
Ghost hunters parody was hilarious. The underlying "i see dead people' 6th sense idea was good, but moved a bit slow.

Butters' Bottom Bitch - 6/10
Good underlying theme & characters, but repetitive gross-outs don't deliver.

W.T.f*ck/u] - 4/10
Good parody, but repetitive and predicable.

Whale Whores - 4/10
Repetitive, boring, pointless, poor attempt at a twist.

The F Word - 3/10
Overly repetitive waste of time. Great opening and contrast with (yes it's true) obnoxious bikers, but this is better as a subplot, and tedious as a feature.

Dances With Smurfs - 5/10
Entirely predictable, but somehow gratifying anyway.

Pee - 2/10
Boring, seriously disturbing, and in this case being gross for the sake of being gross was not funny. Bring back the upbeat and seriously twisted Terrance and Philip.

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