It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby JVM » Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:25 am

I just want to clarify I loved Season 14 and it's my second favorite season since the sixth.

#1. "It's a Jersey Thing" (#1409)
-- Funny episode, had a well-thought out plot, all four boys felt present, plus many townspeople as well. 9/10

#2. "You Have 0 Friends" (#1404)
-- Good commentary, has a fine message, the main three each had roles. Only con for me was Kip. I don't like one-offs. 9/10

#3. "Creme Fraiche" (#1414)
-- Nice development of Stan's parents, especially finally his mom. Some funny jokes, and a nice callback. 8/10

#4. "Medicinal Fried Chicken" (#1403)
-- A fair A-plot is complimented by an excellent B-plot. Very funny episode, could've used more Stan and Kyle. 8/10

#5. "Sexual Healing" (#1401)
-- A fair social commentary episode that suffers from some bad running gags and exaggerations even by SP standards. 7.5/10

#6. "Coon 2: Hindsight" (#1411)
-- A nice 'kids being kids' episode, with some good and bad jokes within itself, though it had it's issues. 7/10

#7. "201" (#1406)
-- I'm trying to be lenient. The Muhammad controversy just ruins it for me to be honest. But I loved seeing Pip and Mephesto again and Cartman's father was genius. 7/10

#8. "200" (#1405)
-- A fine love-letter to fans, and I loved a lot of it, but see above, plus I wish they hadn't revisited the celebrities. 7/10

#9. "Mysterion Rises" (#1412)
-- I love drama in SP but it was really just a huge joke. Not to mention Kenny spent the whole episode bitching. 6.5/10

#10. "Coon vs. Coon and Friends" (#1413)
-- Just a big joke. No real resolution to any of the trilogy's arcs, just a few comic panels that basically say 'THE END'. 5.5/10

#11. "Poor and Stupid" (#1408)
-- Too many running gags. The subplot was really a Kyle plot with Kenny used since Kyle isn't poor. 5.5/10

#12. "Insheeption" (#1410)
-- Awkwardly written with too much focus on the parody, no real development, not to mention STOLEN. 5/10

#13. "Crippled Summer" (#1407)
-- Both plots were mixed with some funny bits and some irritating ones. I liked Towelie's plot better than Jimmy's. 5/10

#14. "The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs" (#1402)
-- Good start, but got too caught up with Sarah Jessica Parker, which ended up hurting it. 4.5/10

Season 14 Overview
Not quite up to Season 13's snuff, but still far and above the detached feelings of Seasons 8 through 10, and still closer to the classic episodes than 11 and 12 were. Had some callbacks to the old days, and some nice 'kids being kids' moments, but also had some social commentary as well.
Final Score: 8/10
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby IHeartKennyMcCormick » Fri Nov 19, 2010 2:36 am

Okay~ Here's my thoughts on the episodes~

Sexual Healing- A pretty good episode. Nice way to start of the season. Loved the video game references. (It was like Outlaw Golf... o.0) 8.5/10

The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs- Loved it~ I write myself, so seeing something talk about the way people look to much into to a book made me giggle with please. 9/10

Medicinal Fried Chicken- Second best episode of the season. This episode made me soooo happy. 9.5/10

You Have 0 Friends- Blaah... FaceBook, no surprise... the episode was okay. I liked the whole "I need a friend, dude.." "Alright.. I'm here for you..." "Go on Facebook and fertilize my crops?" XD 8.5/10

200/201 (Group together for reason...) - Hated it. The whole Muhammad thing ruined the whole two-parter for me. 5(barely)/10

Cripple Summer- Uggh... talk about Towlie... 6.5/10

Poor and Stupid- Cartman and Butters episode. What saved it? Kenny being the Protagonist to Cartman's Antagonist instead if Kyle. That was a twist~ 7.5/10

It's a Jersey Thing- Love the Jersey Shore, hence I love this episode. The way they portrayed Snooki and The Situation made me smile. Also, the Pauly-D reference (Kyley-B!). 9/10

Insheeption- It wasn't good... but it wasn't bad.... 7/10

Coon 2: Hindsight- Greatness! The only thing is the whole fuss it cause about 'Who is Mysterion?" "Kenny is MBC cause of the water!" ruined it for me in a way.. 9/10

Mysterion Rises- Talk about character development. I fount the episode funny and it revealed the biggest question of all. Kenny is Mysterion. 10/10

Coon vs. Coon and Friend- It was great! I watched the episode, and I felt soo good. I loved every part. But thhheennnn freaking Mint Berry freaking Crunch ruined it. 9.7/10

Crème Fraiche- I liked the Food Network references. I loved the Hell's Kitchen references. Love the Chef reference. Hated everything else... 7.5/10

So~~ Here's the list of the episodes Best to Worse:
Best- Mysterion Rises
Coon vs. Coon and Friends
Medicinal Fried Chicken
The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs
Coon 2: Hindsight
It's a Jersey Thing
You Have 0 Friends
Sexual Healing
Poor and Stupid
Crème Fraiche
Crippled Summer
200/201 Two-Parter :gaykenny:
Butters Best Moment: I like that Boom Boom Pow...

Kenny's Best Moment: PHFFFT ALL OF THEM!
I love K2: Kyle x Kenny. And Cartters: Cartman x Butters. All other couples don't really matter.
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby Aidsburger » Fri Nov 19, 2010 3:34 am

First of all, let me just say that I loved this season. I normally wouldn't take the time before rating the episodes to praise any given season, but this season seems be getting a bad rep from a lot of people on these forums, and while I respect others' opinions, this is now my personal third favorite season after seasons 6 and 11. I don't know about the rest of you, but I watch South Park to laugh. I appreciate when the episodes have a well written, coherent plot, but at the end of the day, I watch to laugh myself silly, and the episodes this season far exceeded my expectations in that department. Anyways, now, with all of that out of the way:

1401 - Sexual Healing: Strong season premiere. The alien-wizard twist was a bit strange, but Butters' obsession with "bush", the PGA video game bits, and the celebs in therapy were great. 8.6/10

1402 - Scrotie McBoogerBalls: a bit weaker than the previous ep IMO, but still some good laughs, especially with the celeb spoofs. Puking was way overdone, tho. 7.9/10

1403 - Medicinal Fried Chicken: this is why I still watch South Park. Or at, least, a small part of the reason why. Randy is priceless in this one, and Cartman's "Scarface"-esque illegal chicken operation was great, too. 9.1/10

1404 - You Have 0 Friends: as a Facebook addict, this was my favorite of the half season. Very relate-able topic for me, and I loved the "Mad Money" and Chatroulette spoofs in particular. 10/10

1405/1406 - 200/201 - talk about a nostalgic group of episodes. These eps had references to nearly every past important moment or event in South Park's history on television. Highlights for me were the return of "Jennifer Lopez", Cartman's dad being revealed (for real this time), and the Tom Cruise gay joke being brought into a new, fresh light. Easily my favorite multi-parter since Go God Go or maybe even Cartoon Wars. 9.7/10 (combined score - both eps)

1407 - Crippled Summer: after the controversy surrounding the Muhammad subplot of the previous two episodes, it was refreshing, at least for me, to have a totally unrelated, fun, hilarious ep, especially one revolving around Towelie. I know a lot of fans dislike overuse of Towelie, but he hadn't been used in a long time before this episode, and I enjoyed every moment of his part in the plot. 8.3/10

1408 - Poor and Stupid: not my favorite storyline. I'm not even a NASCAR fan in the slightest, but spoofs of the "sport" are quite overdone. There's an entire comedic movie ("Talladega Nights") based on this theme, in fact. Only part I really liked were the "Two and a Half Men" joke. Cartman's redneck persona also cracked me up a bit, but still a weaker ep IMO. 6/10

1409 - It's a Jersey Thing: this one had me in stitches laughing. I agree with what's been said earlier in this thread that it didn't seem very "South Park"-esque for a South Park episode, but the spoof of Jersey culture as it's portrayed in reality TV was spot on. Loved the Al-Qaeda twist, too, as much as I hate to admit it. 9/10

1410 - Insheeption: loved Mr. Mackey as the main focus in this episode. Had a lot of laugh-out-loud moments for me as well, especially since I am very familiar with "Inception". However, the actual spoof of the movie being plagiarized from College Humor marks this one down a bit for me. 7/10

1411/1412/1413 - Coon and Friends Trilogy: brilliant. Loved the "DP" joke, and the concept of Captain Hindsight was very clever. Tony Hayward's repetitive apologies actually had me laughing with nearly every use, and now we finally know Mysterion's identity. However, the ending, although unpredictable and funny, was a bit rushed, and Cartman getting cute with Cthulhu was a bit awkward and unfunny to watch. 8.8/10 (combined score)

1414 - Creme Fraiche: As a somewhat regular viewer of Food Network and cooking shows in general, I got a kick out of seeing this subject spoofed by my favorite TV series. Randy was hilarious as always, and I loved Cartman's Gordon Ramsay impression in the ep. However, the Sharon/Shake Weight plot-line didn't have much substance to it IMO. 8/10.

Overall, as I've already said, an incredible season by my standards. Season 14A was far better than 14B as well, but of course that is just my opinion. Also, before anyone screams "fan-boy!", let me just say that I have grown to absolutely despise most of season 12 and parts of season 9, so it's not like I've praised these episodes just because they're South Park episodes. I gave them such praise and such positive scores because they really made me laugh, which the majority of episodes do, but if an episode is bad, I am capable of disliking it.
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby goredsox989 » Fri Nov 19, 2010 4:51 am

Hi everyone! im new to the forum, have seen every episode many many times.

Overall: My favorite season since season 11. I loved almost every episode. I didn't like the vast amount of culture comentary and lack of (good) creative original episodes. But thats being picky.

Favorite to least favorite, with some comentary

200/201: Probably would have been my favorite episodes ever if aired uncensored. These episodes got way too much media attention. Its a real shame. Never thought I would see Scott tennorman again!
Medicinal Fried Chicken: When Randy and Cartman are the stars, you cant go wrong.
You have 0 friends: Such an accurate comentary!
Its a Jersey thing: Great episode. After watching an episode of Jersey shore, I was really hoping Matt & Trey would give the show justice. They didn't dissapoint
Scrotie McBoogarballs: Great original idea. I loved the symbolisim. :o
Poor and Stupid: Gotta love Cartman & Butters.
Insheeption: Seemed like a classic after I first watched it, but after the second or third time it got really repetitive.
Sexual Healing: A little boring, but glad they said what everyone was thinking.
Crippled Summer: Not much happened, and was kinda boring but had some of the best lines of the season.
Cream Fraiche: really repetitive.
The Coon trilogy: Was excited with the first episode, and when Kenny was introduced as Mysterion. After that though, it went downhill fast, and ended leaving me very dissapointed. Mintberry crunch sucks.
Favorite Episodes: Fantastic Easter Special, AWESOM-O, 200/201, Gnomes
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby aerojockey » Fri Nov 19, 2010 9:16 am


Funniest Moments:
1. Bouncing Down Main Street to Chicken on the Rocks
2. Food Network Phone Sex Line
3. "You must now harness and focus your powers, Gok-zarah, the power and mint and berries, yet with a tasty, satisfying crunch."
4. Guy jacking off... guy jacking off... (cough) that's a guy jacking off...
5. Kyley-B's agonizing transformation
6. "Release the Kiken"
7. "No, Mint Berry Crunch never pees his pants" (with fist pump)

Most Shamelessly Stupid Funny Moment:
1. "There's a real hoot for you, Woodsy"
2. "Now [the chimpanzee]'s apologizing on it's own talk show"

Best New Characters:
1. Bradley Biggle
2. Kip Drordy
3. Snooki

Biggest Surprise:
Mint Berry Crunch had true superpowers

Funniest Kenny Death:
Autoerotic Asphixiated Batman

Most Quotable Moment
"Go away, I'm walking on sunshine!"

Most Cathartic Moment:
"So we're not friends, then?"
"F*k off, Dad."

Old School Character Happiest To See Back:

Most Underrated Episode:
Crippled Summer

Episode Rankings:
1. 201 (honorary, for being banned)
2. Creme Fraiche
3. You Have 0 Friends
4. Coon vs. Coon and Friends
5. It's a Jersey Thing
6. 200
7. Mysterion Rises
8. Coon 2: Hindsight
9. Crippled Summer
10. Sexual Healing
11. Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs
12. Medicinal Fried Chicken
13. Insheeption
14. Poor and Stupid
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby Herzy_fied » Sat Nov 20, 2010 1:41 pm


Sexual Healing-C

The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs-C+

Medicinal Fried Chicken-B

You Have 0 Friends-B-



Crippled Summer-D+

Poor and Stupid-B-

It's a Jersey Thing-B


Coon 2: Hindsight-C

Mysterion Rises-C

Coon vs. Coon & Friends-C+

Creme Fraiche-C++
I reckon season 15 will be the last...and i think it will end with an hour-long christmas special...i hope it doesnt but anyways.

Overall- I give season 14 a B- rating. enjoyable, funny, gross, smart...the way south park should be...special points to creme fraiche for the old-fashioned
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby Kobb » Sat Nov 20, 2010 11:58 pm

My thoughts:

Sexual Healing - Pretty much average in my eyes. It wasn't bad, but it's not particular funny and, on the other hand, not very engaging. I'd give it a 6.8/10

The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs - I liked the jokes about Catcher in the Rye and how people tend to really over-analyze the sh*t out of literature, but the SJP jokes were simply unfunny and the jokes overall were hit and miss. 7/10

Medicinal Fried Chicken - One of my favourites of the run. It was relevant at the time and still feels relevant because it's just as funny as it was earlier this year. This is Matt and Trey at their finest, witty without sparing the gut-busting humour they're known for. 9/10

You Have 0 Friends - Pretty good. Kip is just a hilarious character and there is a lot of subtle humour here. Memorable, on top of all of that. 7.5/10

200 - An episode made for the fans who've stuck with the show, watched all the episodes, and gotten attached to the show. A really nice tribute to the run of the series with a lot of neat reappearances. 9/10

201 - Mr. Hankey, Scott Tenorman, Mecha Streisand, and Dr. Mephisto - what's not to love? I'd say it's a bit better than the previous and probably my favourite episode of the run overall. 9.3/10

Crippled Summer - Hilarious. That's the only way I can describe it. I don't care what anyone else thinks, I was laughing my ass off the whole time throughout this episode. Mimsy is one of the best one-off characters on the show. Most of the humour here is really low-brow but damn, if it's funny, it's just funny. 9.5/10

Poor and Stupid - Following one of my favourite episodes of the run, we get this. This episode is just lazy, uninspired, and not funny. All of this is ridiculously old material. I'd say "forgettable" is the best way to describe it. A real disappointing mid-season premiere and a sign of things to come. 3/10

It's a Jersey Thing - Now this is better. I think, like in the High School Musical episode, they kind of made the kids (mainly Kyle) unlikable to further play on the joke, and while it is sort of funny, it kind of takes away from the episode. Snooki was funny but got old pretty quickly after hearing "SNOOKI WANT SMUSH SMUSH" about 7 times the next day. 6.5/10

Insheeption - This episode was kind of disappointing, but it's still a decent episode. I think they could've did a lot more with a little Mr. Mackey, but the episode is still watchable. The Inception parody is funny but feels ham-fisted nonetheless. 7.8/10

Coon 2: Hindsight - I hated it. I'm sorry, but I don't know what to say. I honestly didn't care about Mysterion at all at this point, and throughout the episode I was just gazing blankly at my TV, hoping the episode would improve. Captain Hindsight is probably the worst character of the season, and it's ridiculous how the joke (LOL PEOPLE KEPT TALKING ABOUT THE BP SPILL AND WHAT COULD'VE BEEN SOLVED INSTEAD OF FIXING IT) had to be personified to such a ridiculous extent. Cthulu was an amusing but ultimately pointless addition. My favourite scene is undoubtedly the Clockwork Orange reference. 4/10

Mysterion Rises - An improvement, and probably my favourite of the three. I found the goth kids amusing in this episode, from their Nine Inch Nails comment to the Bauhaus poster on the girl's door. I also liked the silly My Neighbor Totoro scene as well. The plot was overall more interesting as well. 7/10

Coon vs. Coon and Friends - The whole Lovecraft scenario is still amusing, but the episode overall is all over the place and not very enjoyable. The Justin Bieber joke is the epitome of retarded, and I can't believe they actually had to resort to such a joke to stall for time. If they had cut out this one damn joke, we probably could of had a much more satisfying ending. Mint Berry Crunch's redemption is funny but, like the sudden absence of Captain Hindsight from the plot, just makes the episode feel hollow and lifeless. 4.5/10

Crème Fraiche - This whole episode is basically just two jokes repeated over and over. The shake weight is sexually suggestive and Randy has some sort of food fetish. Fortunately, the way the jokes are executed is a lot better than one might expect. The whole storyline with Sharon is amusing, although the joke becomes pretty tired by the end. Seeing Randy imitate Chef was good enough for me, though. 7.5/10

Overall, the season was mixed in my eyes. The first half of the season got its footing pretty early on and was an enjoyable ride. The second half was just weird. It had some pretty unique humour, but this was overshadowed by really simple, mind-numbingly predictable jokes and scenarios. I think they just didn't have too many ideas the second half of the season and put too much faith into the whole "Coon and Friends" idea. But, as I've always thought, it's worth digging into a bit of sh*t to get to a gem like "Medicinal Fried Chicken" or "Crippled Summer".

Overall, I'd rate Season 14 a 6.9/10

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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby JVM » Sun Nov 21, 2010 12:22 am

^ You realize M&T only stuck in the Bieber joke to shut people up? I'm no fan of Bieber, but people have been whining about him for months. If M&T really hated Bieber, they'd have devoted a whole episode to him. Not have him killed by Chthulhu in five seconds. The scene wasn't even that funny IMO

I'm shocked about "200" and "201". I remember earlier this year everyone told me they sucked and it was the worst story arc and I was overrating them because callbacks make my non-existent 'giney tickle. But now people here love them all of the sudden?
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby Zazaban » Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:25 am

Let's see, off the top of my head;

1: You Have 0 Friends
2: It's a Jersey Thing
3: Poor and Stupid
4: Coon 2: Hindsight
5: Medicinal Friend Chicken
6: Creme Fraiche
7: Mysterion Rises
8: Insheeption
9: Coon vs. Coon & Friends
10: Sexual Healing
11: The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs
12: Crippled Summer
N/A: 200/201 (haven't seen)

I'll post a more detailed version later, maybe tomorrow.
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby IHeartKennyMcCormick » Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:38 am

JVM wrote:I'm shocked about "200" and "201". I remember earlier this year everyone told me they sucked and it was the worst story arc and I was overrating them because callbacks make my non-existent 'giney tickle. But now people here love them all of the sudden?

I hated the 200/201 arc. It was great to see old characters come back and all, but they over did the Muhammad thing... like, way toooo much.

... and they killed Pip ;.;
Butters Best Moment: I like that Boom Boom Pow...

Kenny's Best Moment: PHFFFT ALL OF THEM!
I love K2: Kyle x Kenny. And Cartters: Cartman x Butters. All other couples don't really matter.
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby IKyman » Sun Nov 21, 2010 3:44 am

Here's my list and ratings:
Episode 1401: Sexual Healing B-
Episode 1402 The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs C
Episode 1403 Medicinal Fried Chicken C
Episode 1404 You have 0 Friends B+
Episode 1405 200 B-
Episode 1406 201 B-
Episode 1407 Crippled Summer B-
Episode 1408 Poor and Stupid C
Episode 1409 It's a Jersey Thing A
Episode 1410 Insheeption C
Episode 1411 Coon 2: Hindsight B
Episode 1412 Mysterion Rises B
Episode 1413 Coon vs. Coon & Friends B+
Episode 1414 Creme Fraiche B
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby JVM » Sun Nov 21, 2010 6:28 am

IHeartKennyMcCormick wrote:
JVM wrote:I'm shocked about "200" and "201". I remember earlier this year everyone told me they sucked and it was the worst story arc and I was overrating them because callbacks make my non-existent 'giney tickle. But now people here love them all of the sudden?

I hated the 200/201 arc. It was great to see old characters come back and all, but they over did the Muhammad thing... like, way toooo much.

... and they killed Pip ;.;

The Muhammad thing annoys me and Pip's death does, too, but the fact we saw old characters back is the kind of thing that makes me jizz my pants. That's why they got low scores for me - because I had to put the callbacks out of my head. And without Mephesto, Pip, Hankey, Mr. Hat, Super Best Friends or Scott Tenorman, well there was nothing else to make me jizz my pants.
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby Sgt.YatesMonkeyBalls » Mon Nov 22, 2010 4:36 am

JVM wrote:#4. "Medicinal Fried Chicken" (#1403)
-- A fair A-plot is complimented by an excellent B-plot. Very funny episode, could've used more Stan and Kyle. 8/10

Just out of curiosity, what do you (or anyone else, for that matter) consider to be the A-plot of that episode? It feels rather evenly split between Cartman and Randy's plots.
Characters Ranked by Speaking Appearances...y'know, if you care about useless, autistic trivia like that.

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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby AngusMcTavish » Mon Nov 22, 2010 7:29 am

Sexual Healing 7/10
The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs 8/10
Medicinal Fried Chicken 9/10
You Have 0 Friends 7/10
200 10/10
201 10/10*
Crippled Summer 7/10
Poor and Stupid 7/10
It's A Jersey Thing 6/10
Insheeption 6/10
Coon 2: Hindsight 8/10
Mysterion Rises 9/10
Coon vs. Coon & Friends 9/10
Creme Fraiche 7/10

* -- Even though the censoring got totally out of hand, there were still some hilarious moments in 201.

I just hope Cowardice Central doesn't interfere with the DVD plans.
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Re: It's time for Season 14 rundowns, lists, and ratings!

Postby Brendle » Wed Nov 24, 2010 2:39 am

I had to put my two cents in.

Definitely South Park's worst season to date (the show has been on a steady decline since the beginning of Season 12).

14A: Mediocre.
14B: Absolute trash. The worst run South Park's ever had.


201: Best episode. Scott Tenorman reveal was hilarious. Loved the satire/message of the show...there is no goo machine, nobody should be immune to satire. Liked Tom Cruise becoming bleeped by the machine ("nobody can make fun of me now!") and then "Tom Cruise has semen on his back!"

I thought Barbara Streisand/Neil Diamond duet was hilarious. Overall a great episode. Not a gem, though.


200: Similar thoughts to 201, except it didn't have the Tenorman/duet stuff going for it. Still funny, though. I found it really funny when Tom Cruise was saying "nobody could ever make fun of you for all those rehashed movies you did lately and how if you really love Johnny Depp maybe you should just have sex with him--nobody could ever say that!" A good throw-back to all the classic SP moments.


Sexual Healing: I liked this episode. It wasn't a barrel of laughs, but it still had some strong satire thrown in there. I liked how they made fun of this sex addiction "disease." It seems men have been afflicted with this disease since time immemorial.

There were several scenes I really liked: when you find out Cartman/Stan are just playing a video game and when they say stuff like "oh sweet I just got a prenup power-up. Hit X to lose another endorsement deal." I also liked when the scientists discovered that sex addiction seems to be more common among teenagers than younger boys (LOL). The monkey scene was hysterical. "Now it's making a public apology on its talk show."

I also enjoyed when all the men in the show would anxiously give a sideways glance at their wives every time they denied that they crave sex as well.

But did the message really go beyond saying that it's not sex addiction, it's just men being men? The message seemed fairly one-note.

As has been said in this thread, the third act really brought this episode down. The wizard alien thing was not necessary.


Coon vs. Coon and Friends: This is rated this highly purely due to Mintberry Crunch alone. Really enjoyed when he recounts his "heroics" (running away back home and heroically watching Judge Judy, LOL). Then the absolutely ABSURD turn of events where Mintberry Crunch is revealed as the alien superhero with super was so ridiculous and out-of-left-field it made me laugh.


Medicinal Fried Chicken: This episode is in the same category as Sexual Healing: strong message, but not much funny. It has me torn. On the one hand, it's kind of clever in its message: KFC and fast food are the real evil in today's society, and marijuana is harmless. I like how they flipped it, placing a ban on KFC, they showed that crime is just going to come about through black markets, as it does with marijuana and other illegal substances.

It was South Park's marijuana advocacy had been a long time coming.

However, several flaws with the episode...Cartman was unbearable in this episode. Pulling a gun on someone?

I enjoyed Randy and his balls, though. I thought the Scarface parody was a little lazy but still pretty funny in parts (Cartman snorting KFC skin). I also liked Cartman's jabs at The Pope ("Is the Pope catholic...and making the world safe for pedophiles?" LOL).


Crippled Summer: Now we're really starting to hit mediocre territory. A few Looney Toons homages didn't save this forgettable pile of dung, with a half-baked Intervention parody (I don't even watch the goddamn show...maybe South Park should take into consideration that some of their fans don't give a sh*t about these shows they're mocking?). Plus I've always hated Towelie. Stupid f*cking towel.


The Tale of Scrotie McBoogerballs: This suffered from Sexual Healing syndrome. Yes, it had a message, but it was very one-note and they ran it into the ground: people overanalyze their show and art in general. Yes, we get it...and they got a couple funny scenes from this premise ("oh that's such a simplistic view!") but there's really nothing else to this episode.

Cartman killing Sarah Jessica Parker...ugh...what a horrendous character he's become. What else was in this episode? Absolutely nothing. I guess Morgan Freeman talking about poop and peeing was pretty funny...the Sarah Jessica Parker potshots were shameless but funny nonetheless. This episode was nothing to write home about.


Coon 2: Hindsight: The only good, clever thing about this was Captain Hindsight...although that joke got old REALLY quick. I also was digging the first act where the kids were being kids and Cartman got pissed off at his mother for ruining their super hero illusion. Nothing else to write home about.


Mysterion Rises: Loved the Kenny explanation, but that's the only thing I liked. Didn't like the goths (I've never found them funny...the observation that by being non-conformist, they're conforming is not clever or original at's actually quite a cliched observation).

I've already gone into detail on this episode and the trilogy in general in the episode discussion threads.


You Have 0 Friends: Matt and Trey were 3 years late with the Facebook observations. People are treating Facebook friends like actual real friends. Yeah, that observation might have been cutting-edge 3 years ago. We've all heard the gags on this show before...

Getting "sucked in" to Facebook literally wasn't funny.

This episode was pretty much two 40-year-old guys saying "Hey, we know about the Internet thing too, guys! And we think it sucks! We're still hip and in touch with da youth culture, yo." Except the way they made fun of it has been done so many times before on the Internet itself that it rendered this episode useless.

Turning Facebook phrases into real-life phrases wasn't clever: Randy walking around saying "Randy Marsh likes cats" or whatever. All that "ignore" bullcrap.

Another painfully unfunny part of this episode was that kid Kip's parents mistaking Internet catchphrases such as "rolling on the floor laughing" and "laughing out loud" for actual real-life phrases. How many f*cking times has this joke been done before?


Insheeption: The point of the show is that it's overly complex to make fun of overly complex movies like Inception. However, it's a weak point. The entire point of this episode was that Inception sucked. Meh. Plus, sh*t was stolen. Takes it down a hell of a lot.


Créme Fraiche: Just a bizarre episode in general. Randy masturbating in front of his son...a Sharon B-Plot? Who cares about Sharon? She's a nothing character.

What was this episode even saying? We're addicted to food like we are to sex? That the Weight Shaker has become a substitute for a husband? What the f*ck was this episode even saying?

Food/phonesex scene was kinda funny. MEH.


Poor and Stupid: Poor and Stupid writing. All the unfunny Vagisil bullsh*t really destroyed this episode. Cartman continuing to prove how bad of a character he is. I liked the message of the show...that NASCAR fans aren't stupid, that's just a stereotype created by the media. The REAL idiot is Cartman...but Cartman sucks as a character.


It's a Jersey Thing: The most un-South Park episode they've ever made. There was just nothing charming/appealing about this piece of sh*t. Essentially, they did a lazy parody of a reality television show, with unfunny gags about Jersey people. Not even Snooki was funny.

This episode was pretty much "Hay dat show on MTV is dumb am i rite guyz????"

The only thing that stopped this from being South Park's worst episode ever was Kyle's transformation into a Jersey kid, Kyley B.
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