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Re: *1502: Funnybot* Post-Air Discussion

Postby MaddogRonH » Fri May 06, 2011 5:29 am

I may have been to harsh in my first post, So what I'll do is get real stoned and watch it again. I'll let you know how that works.
I'll add to my post in form of an edit.......... Wish me luck I'm gonna need it.
Nope,,, Sorry it still sucked.
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It really wasn't that good or funny

Postby myjunkemailaddres » Fri May 06, 2011 5:50 am

I was hoping for something far more topical like a skewering of the Royal Wedding.
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Re: *1502: Funnybot* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Brendle » Fri May 06, 2011 5:59 am

^ Yeah, I was hoping they'd do something TOTALLY predictable like an episode about the current hot topic like the Royal Wedding or Osama bin Laden.

That's what I hope for every week: that South Park makes an episode that everyone is expecting.

These guys should be CRUCIFIED for deciding not to do that this week.
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Postby minimoney9 » Fri May 06, 2011 6:28 am

does any one no how to dress ur avatar ,y sh*t is a noob thats bull sh*t
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Postby Big-Will » Fri May 06, 2011 7:01 am

minimoney9 wrote:does any one no how to dress ur avatar ,y sh*t is a noob thats bull sh*t

Yours is finished. Reload the page.
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Re: *1502: Funnybot* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Dontrun » Fri May 06, 2011 7:06 am

Does anyone have or know what Exactly was said between cartman and the germans when they were talking about Kyle and being jewish. I could understand some of it but I would really like to know exactly what was said <3
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Re: *1502: Funnybot* Post-Air Discussion

Postby BRMBug » Fri May 06, 2011 7:16 am

Btw, I'm glad they ripped on Tyler Perry as well. They're a little late I think, but it pleased me. Seems you can't turn on the TV without seeing Tyler Perry's Tyler Perry featuring Tyler Perry with Tyler Perry (or something of the like) these days.
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Re: *1502: Funnybot* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Reiska » Fri May 06, 2011 7:17 am

lapetiteturdette wrote:maybe they wanted to make a lame episode to reflect the lameness of comedy awards and it's participants. right? or not? :/

Or maybe not. Michaelangelo didn't paint ceiling of Sistine with lame sh*t either.

Great expression and creation doesn't work that way.
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Re: *1502: Funnybot* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Reiska » Fri May 06, 2011 7:47 am

Brendle wrote:Oh give me a break. People liked the absolute pile of trash that was HumancentiPad and disliked this one?

Exactly * 10. We are numerous.

Brendle wrote:This was a clear IMPROVEMENT and a step in the RIGHT direction. Finally they made an episode with a creative concept and a clever point: comedy has become so easy/systematic/formulaic that a robot could be programmed to do stand-up and probably do it better than most of the comedians today.

No it wasn't. No they didn't. Utter nonsense but so wonderfully different and weird opinion. :)

Brendle wrote:But I suppose if some of you giggle at disgusting, immature toilet humor like a Japanese man crapping in someone's mouth, or Cartman repeating the same unfunny phrase over and over again...it's no wonder you hate this episode.

Sp has always been all about grose humor, questioning the absolute truths and taking firm stand on important big issues... and ofcourse introducing many different and disgusting elements into many mouths. Poor sheeple of today are so very drugged and lulled into Official Truths that they surely need some serious shaking and shocking to wake up.

Kyle isn't just someone, one of my very favourite characters. His painful defilement only increased greatly the good and just message of episode against useless trinket, consuming & crap culture of today. It also is a most excellent picturing about what amounts of crap the multinational corporations shove down to our throats every day.

If only they would have included the Chinese slave laborers making the icraps and their suicide - prevention safety nets, then the episode would have been about perfect.
" They must find it difficult...

Those who have taken authority as the truth rather than truth as the authority. "
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Re: *1502: Funnybot* Post-Air Discussion

Postby NeuroHeart » Fri May 06, 2011 8:07 am

Brendle wrote:Oh give me a break. People liked the absolute pile of trash that was HumancentiPad and disliked this one?

This was a clear IMPROVEMENT and a step in the RIGHT direction.

I'm right there with you. Multiple viewings of Funnybot and I still like it. It's dryly ironic and the use of the Dalek voice for some of those lines... just tickles me. "EX-TERM-I-NATE! AN-AL-YZE! EX-PLAIN!!" Every time, man, I just get a tickle in my belly and it makes me giggle. I guess it's less funny to those who have no knowledge of the Daleks.
Then again, I have no knowledge of Tyler Perry, and I thought Token's uncontrollable chuckles were great.
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Re: *1502: Funnybot* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Herzy_fied » Fri May 06, 2011 9:18 am

I anticipated much for this episode after HUMANCENTiPAD, but it really let me down. It wasn't that bad, it was just that the first episode rocked so I got my hopes up for this one.

In fact, I was too scared to look at these forums being a die-hard fan and I didn't want to see horrible posts; but people seemed to really like it.

*Mental blank*
The Tyler Perry jokes with Token and Obama were great (I now take back that it really let me down). The funnybot's "AWKWARD!" was good too, everyone is saying it at my school aswell. The Obama's speech parody was in such good timing and I applaud M&T for that.

Overall I give this a 6.5/10
HUMANCENTiPAD got a 8.5/10 from me.

I think after changing my mind 100 times in this post I've learnt I'm most likely bi-polar.

Well done Matt and Trey and the team, I hope for mmore goodness next week!
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German Language

Postby Tikvaw » Fri May 06, 2011 12:04 pm

For the love of god. If you let characters speak german, please take the effort an let someone who CAN speak german do the voiceover (except the standard characters of course).
The guy at the press conference is speaking almost unintelligible if you understand the german language. Not very professional imo.
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Re: *1502: Funnybot* Post-Air Discussion

Postby JerWu17 » Fri May 06, 2011 12:16 pm

I finally find the time (and the internet connection speed) to watch it, and I must say that it's a really ADD episode in that M&T tried to pull it in too many directions with comedy awards, pissed-off Germans, human-exterminating robots, pissed-off comedians, Tyler Perry, and the Bin Laden killing. Many of these angles were not expanded upon seriously enough to reach funny potential.

Token laughing at Tyler Perry's caricatures was the only angle I found funny enough to laugh at, along with a few of the Funnybot jokes and Cartman pathetically trying to kill Kyle off...again. Jay Leno should have just pulled the trigger on Kenny.

Overall, it's about 5.5-6/10, significantly worse than HUMANCENTiPAD.

An additional comment: It seems like M&T is again reworking Butters into the 4th-friend role and pushing Kenny aside starting Season 15. In both episodes this season, Butters have played integral supporting roles in conjunction with Stan, Kyle, & Cartman, while Kenny remains the tag-along character he mostly had been for several seasons now (he only spoke two words so far, TWO WORDS!)

Personally, I feel that Butters in place of Kenny as the 4th friend is the better arrangement. When you have a character that is limited in verbal and emotional expression because his mouth is obscured, there is not much you can do with him other than cheesing him, making him sex-hungry, or killing him off (again and again... :zombiekenny: ).

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Re: *1502: Funnybot* Post-Air Discussion

Postby caspianrex » Fri May 06, 2011 1:04 pm

Ironically, this episode was about the least funny SP I've ever seen. It simply was not funny...much like the Germans. And Tyler Perry.
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Bad German

Postby magnum_p_i » Fri May 06, 2011 1:17 pm

I am from German and i didnt understand a word the germans are saying in this episode^^

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