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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Niels0827 » Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:06 am

kylekennypiptweek wrote:I HATE YOU not you JVM byt the little ass wipe that said a hurtful thing about Kyle! I'm talking about Stanluv! FUCKYOU BITCH!!!
*ahem* sorry I just don't like character bashing any character except Cartman I mean you wul be pissed if someone said somthing bad aboot Stan *walks away*........*comes back*...and :tweek:

How do you REALLY feel?
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby NeuroHeart » Mon Oct 10, 2011 4:42 am

I can certainly agree that Stan's outlook was not helped by having his friendships fall apart and his parents get divorced, but remember that none of his cynical depression was actually kicked off by those events, it was just fed by them. And, in the case of the friendship friction, fed into them. Which is how it goes, in my experience. It's a really vicious cycle of, "I'm not happy and I don't deserve to be. And look, no one wants to hang out with me now, and that really bums me out, but why would they want to hang out with me? I'm a mess and a bummer and I don't deserve friends and I don't deserve to be happy." It gets more and more difficult to pull out of that cycle, and some people never do.

Brendle wrote:NeuroHeart, the message wasn't that alcohol CURES depression. The message was that alcohol makes it go away, temporarily. It numbs the pain.

I never said it was being touted as a cure. I'm very aware it isn't and wasn't supposed to be a cure, which is part of what makes it a bad solution. Getting buzzed/drunk every day might be a solution to depression, but it isn't a very healthy one, and it will cause a great amount of trouble long-term.
See, if I didn't have a sense of humor, I would be going, "Hey, screw you guys, I didn't need to get drunk all the time to handle depression! How dare you say that?!" (I had other unhealthy habits, but that's not something I need to detail in this thread.) But I'm not upset about it, just saying that I would think that message more "offensive" than having a group of ignorant Matrix-fighter wannabes saying that Asperger's isn't real.

Brendle wrote:Stan drinking the alcohol to numb the shittiness of his life...I do wonder if that's reflective of Trey.

I have some concerns that it might be. I've certainly heard him talk about drinking more than once. However, so long as he's getting up and leaving the house and not doing anything dumb like DWI, he's probably okay. (Not that there's a lot his anonymous fans could do for him if he had a problem, anyway.)
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby jpotion » Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:18 am

JVM wrote:Okay guys, stop saying "They make fun of everything else" - it's true, but it's a sh*tty reason. People have all the right to be offended - telling them to "get over it" is just going to make them angrier.

I got over my anger, but I didn't get over it because a bunch of people told me to quit my whining. I got over it because I rewatched the episode and paid more attention to the dialogue and realized while they didn't seem to have much to say, they did have a point. It has always been about having a point with them - "Le Petit Tourette" NEVER made fun of Tourette's, in fact it showed the disease very accurately, over the entire episode. "Ass Burgers" discussed Asperger's but only showed it in a single scene, which makes it harder, though possible, to discern Matt and Trey's feelings - depending on your perspective on that one scene, it's more difficult to determine their point and if you see it one way, it's a lot harder to counter than with Tourette's, which discusses the disease in multiple scenes, which can be used to counter each other.

It's all about perspective.

Trey said in an interview earlier this year he and Matt DON'T want to offend people (anymore) and if they did that it means they screwed up.

I'm not saying people who are offended are correct, I'm just saying yelling at them isn't going to do any good. I didn't come to my senses because everyone told me YOU'RE WRONG, I got over it because I gave the episode another chance.

And I love how NOBODY really understands why Isaac Hayes left the show.

While I still feel like he could have done more, whatever. I'm sure it was frustrating to try and cheer him up and it didn't help. But again, part of why Stan was so sad was because his friends walked out on him.

No, i will not stop saying they make fun of everything else. How is that a sh*tty argument?

Those people who are offended now are laughing their ass off during other episodes ripping on jews or rednecks :lol: . They make fun of damn near everything and when people take it personally its just silly. What is worse about making fun of aspergers than aids or tourettes ? and Don't tell me cartman and the older guy with tourettes weren't making fun of it.

Sure people have a right to be offended, they have the right to do a lot of things. But should they be?
They only get offended when its about them. If you want to enjoy a show like south park you need to be able to laugh it off when your turn comes around. Just like in a group of friends.
The people who said they always watched it up til now, because this episode was so offensive, are obviously not true fans.
"yeah right, like someone would just abandon their friend if he said something mean to you"

And matt and trey may have said that (though i haven't heard that), but they are definitely not going to stop offending people. Not necessarily because they mean to, but because its a satire and they're going to push the envelope (just like they did with the mohammed episodes). Thats what South Park does.

and if you don't like it then you can geeettttttt ooouuuttttt

And yeah people do know why Isaac hayes left. Go watch the return of chef again.... the secret...

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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby jpotion » Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:27 am

This is a quote from a BBC news article by the way...

But co-creator Matt Stone said Hayes had "never had a problem" until the Church, to which Hayes belongs, was parodied.

The show was insensitive to "personal spiritual beliefs", said Hayes.

"There is a place in this world for satire but there is a time when satire ends and intolerance and bigotry toward religious beliefs begins," he said.
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby kylekennypiptweek » Mon Oct 10, 2011 1:23 pm

Niels0827 wrote:
kylekennypiptweek wrote:I HATE YOU not you JVM byt the little ass wipe that said a hurtful thing about Kyle! I'm talking about Stanluv! FUCKYOU BITCH!!!
*ahem* sorry I just don't like character bashing any character except Cartman I mean you wul be pissed if someone said somthing bad aboot Stan *walks away*........*comes back*...and :tweek:

How do you REALLY feel?

Aboot the episode? It was funny and I am not mad anymore I just had homework over the weekend and was mad aboot that and when I am mad it will show at the slightest thing
If you were Kyle what would you do and how could you do it?
.........thought so cause no one could help him and he tried helping and he said no one could help. See the COULD part not the WOULD he would've if he could! and :tweek:
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby starlitlight » Mon Oct 10, 2011 10:15 pm

Last week episode was really average, not entirely good or bad, but it has some moments. I like it when Stan gets up at 7am, showering with his hat on and starting seeing his pancakes as sh*t at his new apartment building. The Terra Nova advert was really hysterical when the dinosaur craps all over the place. Hilarious. It seems everything went back to normal when Stan approaches the guys at the bus stop, eyes half-closed where Cartman and Kyle are arguing as usual about something ridiculous. I like it when Stan snapped at everyone at the classroom and where he started to cry about how he wanted his life go back to normal. That scene made me sad of seeing Stan like that. He really wanted to alleviate his cynical condition.The Secret Society of Cynics aka the matrix hits bits was my favorite part from the whole episode, especially when they forced Stan to drink Jameson Irish vodka to cure his cynical of seeing the real world again. I hope they make a cameo throughout the season; they were really amusing and fun to watch. Cartman Burger’s scene wasn’t all that great except everyone noticed the real ingredients at the end, but it was still great. Stan being drunk and tipsy was wrong, underage and yet hysterical when he flips off Kyle out and repeatedly telling him “I love you.” I know those Style fangirls were squealing and jumping at that scene, but they should know that Stan was drunk and didn’t think about what he was saying. I’ll give this episode a 8/10 with the witty comedy of Asperger and Stan sipping vodka at the end.
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby VVhispers » Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:34 pm

I tried reading all of these posts, but the white text on black background is screwing with my eyes.

I just want to know something, as a person with Asperger's: Were Matt and Trey making fun of us or the way normal people view us?

I so want to believe the latter because it touched on a lot of things we Aspies deal with every day, mainly people thinking Asperger's is fake. My mom had Asperger's and so do I, but my brother and sister don't think so. My sister says we're just hypochondriacs and my brother says it's just an excuse to act differently without having to worry about chastisement.
No one without Asperger's has any idea what it's like, even if their own child has it. There are people who try to understand and/or people who can't understand but don't condescend anyway, and that's all I ask for. I don't and can't understand you, so I don't expect more from you toward me - if that makes sense.

I just don't understand if this episode is supposed to be funny because, to me, it wasn't. The only thing that was funny were the ass burgers and the two kids suggesting Kyle and Wendy do it. lol
Stan being drunk wasn't funny. Not because he's a kid, but because my mom had AS (Stan doesn't have AS and I hope Matt and Trey don't give it to him. He's gone 14 seasons as a normal kid; AS doesn't just spring up) and was an alcoholic. Bad memories watching him traverse the town inebriated. =[

Maybe I'm being too subjective since I wanted to see what Matt and Trey had to say about our disorder, but it just wasn't funny. It was tense and dramatic and then silly, but not funny silly. Watching this episode was just uncomfortable to me.

Having AS, my Theory of Mind skills (the ability to infer the implications of another through social cues) are completely shot, but I'm going to agree that this episode was just poorly written. It digresses and completely loses the original point. Then, it throws a joke in there that it seems only the writer gets. It's as if a person with AS wrote it. :cartmanlaugh:

I had more to say, but I went on a tangent and forgot what it was. Hopefully I won't forget about this post so I can come back later. I tend to forget things easily. :timmy:

I will say this: In scanning my comprehension of the episode objectively I can see what might make it funny. If it really is about how AS is a real disorder that is VASTLY misunderstood, then this episode is actually hilarious and extremely deep.
When MorpheAS (see what I did there? And they say Aspies don't get puns =p ) started explaining to Stan that he views the world as sh*tty and no one else could see it, that really spoke to me. I'm actually 59% certain that Matt and Trey consulted several individuals with Asperger's for this episode (or at least read some case studies).
[I'm sorry, I tend to reach epiphanies while writing. It allows me to re-read my statements and then put them together in different ways. We Aspies are visual thinkers.]
The world is turning to sh*t, but when I try to explain to people why, they completely disregard it. Like norms have this filter (probably one of those unspoken social rules) which shuts out logic and gives ignorance the monicker "common sense".
I can't explain it (I'm horrible at explaining anything - once tried to teach my niece how I'm so good at math in what I felt were very simple terms... yeah... no... >_> ).

I've typed too much (we tend to talk without end), so I'm going to go now.

tl;dr: Who exactly are they making fun of here? I don't get it. -_-
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Brendle » Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:04 pm

They're making fun of THEMSELVES, and outsiders in general who make fun of the disease.

It's blatantly obvious from the line 'unfortunately due to the name people think it's a disease to be made fun of.' This is followed by an Aspie being a ridiculous and over-the-top stereotype, pissing all over everything. They, Matt and Trey, think it's a disease to be made fun of due to the funny/dumb name, even though they're away that they're being assh*les by doing it.
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Lvia » Tue Oct 11, 2011 2:30 pm

As a conspiracy theorist, I interpreted the message of this episode rather quickly and found it to be genius. If I misinterpreted it wrong, eh, that's on me... but after the show ended, I thought, "Wow... either you got it and thought it was excellent, or you didn't get it, felt mindfacked/confused and thought it was not funny at all."

I hope the whole season has this kind of humor. It's what makes the show special after all these years.
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Big-Will » Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:18 pm

If anything, they're making fun of groups who jump onto the bandwagon. In this case, Asperger's is the latest condition people have been talking about, and some groups (surely they're out there) have gone around masquerading as Asperger's research groups or centers. More generally, they're attacking shady groups that take advantage of legitimate issues. Stan concludes that they're as sh*tty as anything else.
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby RichardV1150 » Tue Oct 11, 2011 7:36 pm

I have two things to say, one, anybody who watch SP and after M&T "misrepresented" those with Aspergers, and then said that's what made you stop watching SP, is a moronic jizz rag. Okay, so South Park makes fun of people, but they did take it seriously, pointing out that people make fun of Aspergers because of its name. Physical clumsiness and lack of proper social skills may have been a better approach. But this IS South Park, and they take everything over the top, so quit your whining. The whole point of South Park is to look at yourself in the mirror and be able to laugh at yourself and those around you. Another great point this episode made, was that everything is sh*t, and to tell you the truth, I really think the same now.

EDIT: P.S. :Those people at the rehab center may or may not have had Aspergers, the important think to take away is that they were putting on an act. So the guy farting bubbles wasn't doing what he did from Aspergers, but what he thinks Aspergers is, even though he may actually have it. Remember, Trey doesn't have a lot of time to research this stuff, only how to make it funny and appealing.

My second thing to say, why isn't this episode uncensored yet?
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Jink » Tue Oct 11, 2011 8:22 pm

It was hillarious, as usual, but I must admit that they could have played upon the Aspberger's issue a lot more. Aspberger's Syndrome is considered to be a high functioning form of Autism. Unfortunately, it isn't the kind that makes you say, "Oh that poor child." Nope. Even with treatment, these kids have the ability to become walking, talking piss-you-off and keep your jaw dropped machines that only turn off when they go to sleep. Trust me. I have a son with it, and there is plenty of funny material that can be pulled from this diagnosis. They managed to work Timmy until you don't even really notice Timmy's issue--it's just funny to hear him holler his name at this point. I know they already have Timmy, and of course there's also Jimmy, but if they would have given Tweek the Aspbergers Syndrome diagnosis without having to introduce another character, OMG!!! The material is almost endless. Again, I have a son with it, and I also have a son with ADHD. Of course, the Aspberger son does encounter critical crisis issues, but the other stuff he does would be absolute comedic gold. Hate to exploit that condition, but I refer to it as the "Ass-acting" disease. When we are not in crisis mode, I sit in private in my room and I laugh at what this syndrome entails: impulsivity way more than ADHD; psychotic episodes; completely anti-social behavior not by choice; and the list goes on. Imagine a real life Tweek toned down just a little bit (maybe less coffee), now imagine this:

1. The person who runs across the street to the bus stop, only, there is no bus there pulling off. You ask yourself, why did they break out into a run across traffic if they were not in danger of missing a bus? Yep. That's my boy.
2. In an assembly at school, the city's NFL team (the Saints) sends members to talk to the students at school, and when they ask does anyone have any questions, my son stands up and asks, "What's a Saint?" That's my boy.
3. It's 90 degrees outside. There's a boy waiting for the school bus. He has on a long sleeved shirt underneath his school uniform shirt. Yep. That's my boy.
4. Teacher assigns paper to be completed. Topic is "Global Economics: Will China be the Next Superpower?" By the time my son does the necessary research, he is convinced that there is a government conspiracy to, as he puts it, "tap the smart kids" to figure out how to remain a superpower. This rambling goes on for 3 days after the paper is complete eventhough everyone is telling him that he won't get kidnapped by the CIA. Yep. That's my boy.
5. The city's mayor likes to frequent a certain restaurant, and you also like that restaurant, so your son has done photo-ops with said mayor. Only, after meeting the mayor more than once, neither one of them remembers each other, and my repeatedly asks me who that guy is. I tell him it's the mayor. The same one he met 2 times before. After each time, my son asks, "What's a mayor?" And I've answered that question during voting season and various other times. Yep. That's my boy.

And these are just a smidgen of what goes on.

There is so much funny material that can be played upon with the Aspberger's issue.
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby eltrut » Tue Oct 11, 2011 10:38 pm

What the hell is wrong with some of you effin' people? It's SOUTH PARK! Get the sand outta your vaginas!

This was an excellent episode!
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby LilianneKilledKenny » Wed Oct 12, 2011 2:07 am

God, I just love that episode so much!!!
it never gets old!
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Re: *1508: Ass Burgers* Post-Air Discussion

Postby RichardV1150 » Wed Oct 12, 2011 4:34 am

mascen wrote:South park was great when it was about the children running around town and having fun adventures. Now that @ssburgers and your getting old are emphasising the depression of real life it hits way too close to home.

Bring back the essence of south park, what it was about, fun and comedy.

The show just isnt funny any more. Just like stan's world where he sees everything as sh*t... this is what its like for me when i watch a new south park.

Dont make a comedy show without the comedy.

Instead of being funny, M&T are voicing their opinions through the eyes, voices and actions of the fourth-grade boys and girls. Because honestly, look at the world, there's always good, but lately that good has diminished. People suck, the economy sucks, jobs suck, music sucks, food makes you fat(sucks), children die of starvation(sucks), crime is still big(sucks). Face it, the world can be viewed as a glass half full, but its ugly underbelly has risen to the surface, causing chaos and turmoil. M&T portray that through literally Sh*t!
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