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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby triplemultiplex » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:36 am

Whew! They saved it with that ending. I was getting a little worried there. I loved that self-aware moment with the reporter. Easily the best laugh of the night. It really seemed like a message to folks who are all like, "Hey, you guys should do an episode about blah, blah, blah!" I know we get that shit around here, but I bet they also get it from people they meet in person. Knowing that, the whole episode gets way better than it might seem on its face.

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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby nwt000 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:38 am

Far better than last week's pile of crap. People getting hit by Amtrak trains and the great satirization of memes made it worth my while. Hope we get to see the other kids on the show soon. And by the way Niels, that was a meme expert, not a new teacher. Mr. Garrison will be just fine.
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby maxbjr » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:41 am

Great episode, easily the funniest in a while. 9/10. They could have done alittle less with the Johnson cat but it was still good. I liked how they switched up the pairing of the boys, Eric/Kyle and Kenny/Stan. Glad to see Mr Kitty still alive and redone to look more like a cat. And as someone else said, they portrayed the GOP debates spot on.
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby CHRISLOPAR » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:42 am

Loved It!!! Best episode this season so far, followed by reverse cowgirl. I f*cking love Trey and Matt for continuing to do SP, I am soooo lucky to live in the generation where this legendary show was created
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Hydroleaf » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:42 am

paperwriter wrote:^I think the trains refer to asdfmovies - but I could be wrong.

I was thinking that, too, but they never actually said, "I like trains."

I wonder if South Park will actually popularize Faith Hilling and Taylor Swifting. XD
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Hayley B » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:43 am

I liked last week's better.

Though, I did laugh at the talking cat and wished I could have given M&T my cat pictures. That would had been just funny seeing pieces of bread around them. :D
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby KennyStanWendyFan » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:46 am


The GOP voice clips were funny. I like how they used real audio clips with no real coherency to them (which actually made the candidates more bearable to listen to).

I simply can't rate South Park on a scale of 1-10 anymore because I never know how I'm going to perceive an episode upon a second viewing or a year from now or whatever. As weirded out as I might be now, I might laugh my ass off the next time, or I might still be weirded out. I don't know yet.
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby JVM » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:53 am

I need to rewatch this before I pass judgement. I was sort of right - the episode was about memes, and the cats were the intelligent species. (Although neither Rick Rolling nor LOL cats were referenced.)

Also "No Kitty, that's a BAD Kitty!" sort of came back for a minute.
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby BearGrylls » Thu Mar 29, 2012 2:53 am

I'd give it a 7.99 out of 10.... Not amazing, but still pretty good!
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby yamilynn » Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:01 am

I like last's week episode. This one wasn't all that funny :|
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Sgt.YatesMonkeyBalls » Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:13 am

Been a while since I watched an episode when it first aired (I think Coon vs. Coon and Friends was the last time).

Anyway, I thought it was fine. I didn't quite enjoy the parts with the Boys, though.
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby bonglemongle » Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:18 am

I just really wish they would have correctly used the term Meme.

memes are absolutely anything and everything "popular" on the internet.

viral videos are memes. Choclate rain is a meme.

the actual music video for Rick Astley's Never Gonna Give You Up is a meme, as is the "action" of tricking someone into watching/listening.

memes, as used in the context of internet subculture, are ABSOLUTELY ANY CONCEPT that is disseminated widely and which undergoes change and variation as it is disseminated, while simultaneously becoming a cultural phenomena that can be referenced and understood without much explanation.

pictures of cats, 4-pane poorly drawn MS paint comics, terrible 4chan anonymous Guy Fawks masks, etc.

these are all memes.

the most interesting part about this episode was that the writers took the OPPOSITE stance that most people in these internet subcultures take (imageboards, reddit, YTMD, SA, NG, etc.)

most people tend to take the stance that NEWFAGS ARE BAD.

thus the new memes are bad.

the south park writers took the stance that knowledge and use of the newest memes makes you cool.

this is not a sentiment shared by most people.
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby cannibalisa » Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:23 am

LOOOOOOOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OMG I laughed non-stop from start to finish. I frikken LOVE the random bits that make no sense. And the show's comic timing is, as always, flawless. The way everyone screamed at the sound of the oncoming trains -- genius!! And poor Butters falling asleep... then bopping to the distant music....

Easily one of my top 10 favorite episodes of all time. Image
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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Niels0827 » Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:38 am

JVM wrote:neither Rick Rolling nor LOL cats were referenced.

The whole idea is that cats ARE a meme. I'm pretty sure they knew this. It started with LOLcats, then grew to include anything pertaining to cats. My friend Trevor posts something cat-related to my Facebook wall at least every other day. I even read a news article about how the internet was "dominated" by cats. I'm a huge cat lover, so it works for me.

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Re: *1603: Faith Hilling* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Yathatguy » Thu Mar 29, 2012 3:52 am

Http://Faithhilling.net and http://Faithhilling.org have already been taken over by the cats!

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