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Re: *1702: Informative Murder Porn* Post-Air Thread

Postby Det. Sandy Vagina » Sat Sep 02, 2017 8:58 am

While everyone is talking about the nipple rubbing and Wendy booing, what stuck out to me the most were the things they got wrong about Minecraft :lol: let's list them, shall we?

#1 "Filter through the skins"? What? You can't do that in the inventory. All you do there is store items...
#2 There are no hammers in Minecraft
#3 You can't pick up or throw people in Minecraft, but wells do spawn in NPC villages so they got one thing accurate.
#4 Frozen in the lake? You mean physically like the dude at the end of The Shining or just so cold that you die? Either way, both are impossible.
#5 Apparently every single person in the town is playing on the same server that also has no grief protection. Could be a vanilla server, fair enough, but it's unrealistic that they'd stumble upon each other unless someone in town is running a server only for people who live in South Park.
#6 Craig, flowers are f*cking worthless... What did you do with them? Make a flower garden? Why?
#7 Randy is playing on PC and Sharon is playing on an iPad... I mean yes, they're making "Better Together" update now which allows you to play online with anyone no matter what system you're on, but this was 2013.

This can be forgiven since they probably just recorded some random game footage to put on the characters computers, but Randy says he found the horses and wants to tame them, yet he walks down into a cave. Not only that, but he asks "what the hell is a Magma Cube?" even though there is no way to know what the mobs name are unless you get killed by the, and it'll say he was "slain by Magma Cube"... But he wasn't. Oh, and Magma Cubes only spawn in the Nether.

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