*1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

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*1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby nall » Thu Nov 14, 2013 2:56 am

Now airing on Comedy Central!
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby BRMBug » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:01 am

Big, long Black Friday. I'm so ready for this. :mrgreen:

I loved everything about this episode. And Butters has some hi-larious and sound logic to his GoT spiel. I can't wait to see what next week brings.
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby AlexTri89 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:34 am

Omg are we getting a sequel next week?! :D

Great episode tonight!!!
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby nwt000 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:41 am

Looks like we're getting a two-parter here, next week should be totally epic! Anyways, I think this was clearly the best new episode since Informative Murder Porn. I love how there were so many shots at Game of Thrones' overwhelming sexual content and although it happened a year ago, the Kevin Clash sex abuse scandal. Really cool to see everyone taking their role play seriously while going after the consoles of their choices. I'm personally for the PS4 because of all the DRM bullsh[white][/white]it surrounding the Xbox One. Never thought the older security guard's eye was actually a fake, made it all the more hilarious. I really hope next week's episode can live up to it's hype. I still think we have yet to see a couple of factions that might play into the storyline next week. One more thing, I think M&T may have possibly taken a shot at Ubisoft for delaying the Stick of a Truth and the rest of their lineup.
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby KennyStanWendyFan » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:43 am

Aww, a cliffhanger? I was enjoying that one! Oh well, that just means I can enjoy it twice as much after next week.

This was easily the best episode of the season. I was already hyped when I saw Stick of Truth outfits in the previews, and the episode itself did not disappoint my expectations. It's a standard boys-being-boys episode, which is never complete without Randy's childish antics. I love pretty much all LARPing episodes.

The funniest part was the scar eyepatch. I also loved the allusion to The Stick of Truth's constant delays. Wouldn't it be funny if Part 2 ended with the boys getting a Wii U instead of an Xbox One or a PS4? I'm calling that ending right now just in case it happens.

Kenny's betrayal at the end was unexpected. I look forward to next week. Will Kenny be trampled to death at the mall? I hope so--we haven't gotten a Kenny death yet this season, which is strange considering the new intro begins with Kenny's tombstone.


EDIT: Actually, Don't Touch Me Elmo was the funniest part. The toothpaste! :lol:
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby JamesPup » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:48 am

I thought it would be about PS4. I wish I had said Xbox One also. The Capt guy with the scar did die, he was the best and he got some laughs out of me. He was like Moby Dicks Captain Ahab or something. I love that it will go another show or two, it’s a good story. I guess I will have to wait till next week to see what happens. I have never watched Game of Thrones, does it have too many penises in it? I wish I had got that joke. PlayStation sounds better to me but some of the games I would like only come out on Xbox. I say you need to have both systems and then there is Nintendo which you want for the games too. I wonder what will happen on Black Friday part 2? Looks like Cartman is using Kenny to setup some sort of trap. I hope the kids just get all the consoles, that sounds like the best choice because that way you can play all of the games. Having one system makes one feel left out.
What seems to be the officer problem?
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Tikal Tyrant » Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:57 am

This episode was pretty much perfect! I think everyone is already saying what I'm thinking. Absolutely loved all the jabs at Stick of Truth (I'm still frikkin' excited for it though, and dammit I want that map). Stan's team deserves more people! But I love that PS4 gets all the outcasts, like the goths, vamps, and ugly kids. Loved the emotional stuff with Stan and Kyle. And Kenny getting some spotlight is great. Nice to see he's still got his rats. I'm still curious if we'll see Kyle change to his SoT outfit.

I totally wasn't keeping up with the time, so when the credits came on I was both like, "Noooo!" and "Yes! Two parter!" Seriously, South Park has the best two parters. Super excited to see where this goes. Boys being boys. Gotta love it.
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby francisjairam121 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:00 am

Wow. This episode was amazing. The Stick of Truth, Black Friday, and The Next Gen Console wars. That was epic. I knew that Cartman would be an Xbox fanboy because he has owned a Xbox 360 from past seasons and never cared about the PS3. So in this episode Cartman and his gang wanted them to get the Xbox One on Black Friday. But then Stan betrays them by joining the other gang that supports the PS4. Kyle likes the Xbox One but he is still bothered by his best friend choosing PS4 over the Xbox One. So he is undecided right now. So Randy which I always like as my favorite character wasn't too funny in this one but he did made some funny quotes. I also like that Elmo commercial for Black Friday. But what really surprised me at the end was that Princess Kenny betrayed Cartman and decided to join the army of the PS4 but then it ended with the credits so I was like "WTF thats it?" I swear they better make a part 2 soon. Maybe after the next gen consoles are released. But overall this was a great episode. For me personally I am getting the PS4 but I will have to wait until next year since I am too poor (like Kenny)
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby kfgg » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:19 am

I absolutely cannot stand seeing Stan and Kyle pulled apart like that. It really brings me down. I hope that is able to resolve itself at some point. I care more about these 2 than anybody should...

I thought the Elmo parody was hysterical.
Stan and Kyle :)
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby James--76 » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:49 am

Excellent episode can`t wait for next weeks episode that “Stop Touching
Me, Elmo!" Doll was so funny :lol: I have never had an Xbox i have always been with Playstation loved the PSone that i bought back in 1997 and i just recently bought a PS3, so i am with Stan on this one.
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby VACOOLA » Thu Nov 14, 2013 4:54 am

The fake scar scene was so touching it made me tear up... laughing. I simply couldn't help it. But come on! WTF is Token doing hanging out with all those niggards?! It's BLACK Friday, for crying out loud! Does he really want to risk his life trying to get a new Xbox on a day like this? :lol:
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby leprechaun_dan » Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:01 am

oh holy crap this was the best episode since you're getting old. i have never laughed so hard in a while at a south park episode. every single scene was a gem

i loved the integration of game of thrones, black friday and xbox one/ps4. it was splendid. and the don't-touch-me elmo was hilarious haha

this felt like a classic. i loved how it strayed far from what we would expect in newer south park material and felt like an almost sequel to the lord of the rings episode

and the old guy (who turned out to be jeor mormont) was a nice little blessing for game of thrones fans. i also loved how kenny is pretty much daenerys but instead of having dragons, he/she has rats haha

10/10 can't wait for (hopefully) part 2
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby rodgw » Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:10 am

Great episode, but not alone. That one asks for a second episode.
Went smoothly, very pleasant to see. We note some movements of the characters are slower, enjoyable to see.

The mouse (dragon) on the princess when it roar. Oh my, very nice. Epic!

Cartman's basement left: "Johnny doll" lol

KRUM is a name with germanic / scandinavian origin. I couldn't see...

Two security guards are surely from Game of Thrones. One with small chin and the other that talks with Randy, and he talks the same way, made me laugh 8)
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby UhhIDontKnow » Thu Nov 14, 2013 5:31 am

Fantastic episode, can't wait for the sequel.

I'm expecting Butters to go off at least three more times about weiners.

But what I can't wait for the most will be to see Randy in action with his new "eye patch". That was one of the funniest scenes in South Park, hands down.
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Re: *1707: Black Friday* Post-Air Discussion

Postby JOSHSKORN » Thu Nov 14, 2013 6:53 am

OMG the Elmo thing was the best part of this season, so far...maybe even before that. Damn. hahaha

Some of the officer parts were kinda weak.

Didn't expect an XBOX One vs PS4 episode. Very relevant. I pre-ordered the XBOX One, even though the GDDR is inferior to the PS4...don't care.

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