*1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

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*1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby nall » Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:00 am

The season finale begins in less than 1 hour.
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby BRMBug » Thu Dec 12, 2013 2:33 am

You had me worried there. I saw a "Post Air" thread, and was freaking out that I had missed the airing. Jeez, had me checking all the clocks around me and everything.
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby triplemultiplex » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:16 am

Well, well, it's everyone's favorite gay fish!

I just assumed Wendy was going show Butters an unaltered picture of Kim Cardassian. (purposeful misspelling)

The next logical step might just be Wendy giving herself a digital makeover.

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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby BRMBug » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:31 am

"Bitch, how you not a hobbit again?" :lol:

(related un-related note; My sweet, sainted Mother was big into JRR Tolkien, and all the Hobbit lore. She was a self admitted "Hobbit person with leglets")
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Grievous George » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:35 am

The episode started off strong but ended in a horrible way. She caved into peer pressure. Appropriate way to end the season because it was horrid.
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby AlexTri89 » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:47 am

I was kinda hoping we'd see Kim Kardashian as a hobbit towards the end, but I was not expecting...that. I mean, the message in this ep was powerful, no doubt, but it was such a sad ending :-(
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby JamesPup » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:48 am

I liked the jokes with Kanye West second guessing if Kim Kardashian was a hobbit. I could have used Kim to appear on the show but it never came. I didn’t know that the kids had problems like pimples and acne. I wish Wendy had completed something on this show like getting rid of photo shopping pictures. It was kind of sad seeing Wendy cave in on what she was fighting for. But she was such a hater and was so jelly. I liked the joke of Aurora Colorado. I wonder how the joker James Holmes is doing. I bet he gets found criminally insane. angeldeb82 had just posted about Pope Francis being named TIME magazine of the year and it was on the show. Overall it was an okay episode but seeing Wendy didn’t really do it for me like I thought it would. Now it is to wait to see the movie The Hobbit.
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby triplemultiplex » Thu Dec 12, 2013 3:49 am

Ouch, Wendy succumbing to peer pressure at the end. I empathized with her a lot. Sometimes you just can't beat 'em.

The guys checking out all of their 'modified' classmates was pretty amusing.
Lisa Berger sticking up for Wendy in act 3 just like Wendy did for her in at the start was also good.
Incorporating the entire 4th grade class into the episode at some point was really cool, especially after all the roles they got to play in the last 3 weeks. I could get used to this.

But for the most part, it followed the series long trend of mediocre episodes following great multi-part ones. When you set the bar that high, it's hard to match it with just one more episode.

Pretty good season, fellas. Now go make us a movie or something with all that free time you have now! Heh, heh.

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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby KennyStanWendyFan » Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:04 am

I liked the episode. The ending was a bit of a downer, but it was actually kind of poignant. I didn't expect it to end without some kind of a last-second punchline. It does suck that Wendy sold out her convictions like that, but she was crying about it the whole time, which gave me the feels, to say the least.

It's funny because I was tutoring a student a month or so ago who was writing an essay about how Photoshop is being used to alter a woman's body image into something artificial and how this is destroying women's self-image by forcing them to aspire to something that isn't even real. It's pretty f*cked up.

Anyway, I give this episode a 9/10. The ending was a bummer, but most of the episode was pretty damn funny. Kanye was hilarious, and so was Wendy. Mr. Mackey was also great.
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby BRMBug » Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:08 am

I loved this one. Giggled at all the Kanye interaction. The ending was sad. I expected it to pick up, and then *credits*. (I just wanted to hug Wendy. Poor kiddo.)
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby nwt000 » Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:13 am

Okay, I'll have to give it a 9.2/10. It was great social commentary, but I'm kind of afraid this might be the end for Wendy Testaburger, or any female 4th graders for that matter, in terms of prominent or relevance. I really do hope I'm wrong though, they are easily South Park's most underrated and underused group of characters. Believe me, I still want to see them, even if they're only butting into a conversation every now and then. I really hope Trey and Matt don't end up phasing out everyone that isn't Cartman, Butters or Randy.

EDIT: A few more thoughts on this episode: Lisa Berger was pretty hilarious, maybe M&T should consider using her as a female equivalent to Scott Malkinson. In future episodes, I kinda hope Trey and Matt re-add Millie, Jenny and Esther to the cheerleading squad and back to the girls' inner circle. I also respect Kanye for not inflicting or even threatening to inflict bodily harm upon Wendy, especially after what he did to Carlos Mencia and almost did to Cartman and Jimmy in Fishsticks.
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby francisjairam121 » Thu Dec 12, 2013 4:14 am

Wow this episode was really good. I liked that Gay Fish dude he really made me laugh so hard about the Hobbit. Also for Wendy I think she really did get Jelly because every girl got photoshopped and now she blurt out how everyone had short legs and stuff like that. So Wendy got in trouble and then her friends kicked her out of the cheerleading squad so Wendy tried to stop this madness but since that Gay fish guy came into her room and was telling a story about a girl who had been hated on and she wanted to be beautiful. So when Wendy heard about this she felt bad and said sorry that she was a jelly and a hater. The ending is where it sucked. Wendy just photoshopped herself and she had that peer pressure feeling. I guess it was "it you can't beat em join em" But overall this was a great episode 8.6/10

Now that the season is over I will give my thoughts on it:
It was short I mean the only episode I liked the best was Informative Murder Porn, The rest was okay and some were good. The finale episode was just good but it was kinda strange to see Wendy feeling bad and just walked out. So this season was short but it did had some funny moments like for Randy and that Gay Fish guy at the end. So I hope Season 18 will do good when Matt and Trey come up with great ideas.
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Sgt.YatesMonkeyBalls » Thu Dec 12, 2013 5:46 am

Wow, this episode actually made me like Wendy. First act was really funny, but the ending was sad...
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby Zuli » Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:00 am

this is worse than not just having the boys-centered episode, they left us with a sad note! :cartmancry:

i think i'll have to freeze myself and ask someone to unfreeze me next fall. :frozenkenny:

Tweek had a line!! :tweek: w00t.
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Re: *1710: The Hobbit* Post-Air Discussion

Postby kfgg » Thu Dec 12, 2013 6:18 am

The Kanye stuff was pretty good. But now I'm more interested in when Season 18 starts.
Stan and Kyle :)

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