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Re: *1809: #REHASH* Post-Air Discussion

Postby agent-FSS » Mon Dec 08, 2014 3:20 pm

Stanluv25 wrote:
agent-FSS wrote:The worst is still ahead bro, the full transition to the Internet space and the life inside it. And we have the probability to survive until these days.
That's what I'm not looking forward to. Telling my grandkids 'back in the day books used to be on PAPER and we had paper money and sat around a living room as a family watching the same movie or TV show...'

It will be sad days.
Yes. I agree. Only you yourself know perfectly that it is impossible. Grandchildren will tell you the same thing that Ike and his friends. Progress will destroy humanity if it is used carelessly, and blame human laziness and greed.

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