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Re: *2004: Wieners Out* Pre-Air Discussion

Postby Nicovic » Tue Oct 11, 2016 8:16 am

Some people on tumblr are saying that this scene is kinda a reference for Harambe stuff. But seriously, i can't stop looking at the screenshot where Heidi and Cartman are so happy and cute together, handholding. I dont think that Heidi will show him her V in the show, i think they won't even show it. And if boys are showing their treasure. I think that they have seen girls' thing too. Heh, I don't know , i am so nervous about every next new episode lately.
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Re: *2004: Wieners Out* Pre-Air Discussion

Postby ssjup81 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:44 am

nwt000 wrote:Man, so much going on in just the description and the two press images we've been given so far! For starters, Gerald seems even more nervous now in the wake of the suicide he caused and the death threats he has received. I guess we'll finally learn who wants to meet him under the bridge this week, right? Also, it's great to see even more of Heidi in this week's preview material and it looks like she and Cartman might actually be a thing now! For some reason, Kyle looks really jealous. Is it possible he might actually have a thing for Cartman himself? It also appears that we're finally going to get a decent look at the gender war taking place between the rest of the boys and girls in the fourth grade now, I really wonder what each side might have in store for the other and if the girls are starting to think their whole mass breakup plan was a giant mistake. I guess there's the possibility that Randy might dive even deeper into the truly twisted truth about member berries and Garrison might finally find a way to lose the election by making the same kind of sexist comments that Trump sunk his own ship with, but I wouldn't mind if we skipped over those plots this week, although with the way Trump is taking a nosedive in the polls and in the court of public opinion, I guess Trey and Matt could potentially wrap up the Garrison for President arc now to make more room for Gerald's trolling repercussions, Cartman and Heidi's relationship and the gender war at South Park Elementary School. I'm hoping that the girls finally show the boys that they are more than just afterthoughts and prove that they have just as much power as the boys do as well, you go, girls! P.S., nice Harambe reference with the title, lol!
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Re: *2004: Wieners Out* Pre-Air Discussion

Postby MissMakesmesick90 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 11:33 am

Am I the only one super grossed out by the concept of Cartman being in a relationship? Everyone keeps talking about how cute it is and how he deserves it - are we talking about the same Cartman? lol

Honestly I hope this doesn't last long and Cartman goes back to his evil, universally hated self before the season is out.
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Re: *2004: Wieners Out* Pre-Air Discussion

Postby kfgg » Tue Oct 11, 2016 12:10 pm

My health is not the greatest. I hope I feel better tomorrow.

As for Cartman, Heidi, I hope things go well with them. I think they can learn from each other. I think Cartman especially needs that.

As for Kenny, I swear it seems we see him more with his pants down than his actual face. Take that hood off for once.

Gerald, he'll probably wind up giving a speech again like he did when he was getting high on cat urine.

For the rest, I can only hope and pray.
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Re: *2004: Wieners Out* Pre-Air Discussion

Postby the1forgotten17boy02 » Tue Oct 11, 2016 9:37 pm

Anyone else think that the girls are gonna flash their breasts at some point, not their genitals? I've actually heard sometime before season 20 premiered that Matt and Trey were planning to tackle "Free the Nipple" sometime soon.
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Re: *2004: Wieners Out* Pre-Air Discussion

Postby mario88 » Wed Oct 12, 2016 7:48 am

What breasts? They are elementary school girls.
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Re: *2004: Wieners Out* Pre-Air Discussion

Postby KeeperIXX » Wed Oct 12, 2016 5:56 pm

mario88 wrote:What breasts? They are elementary school girls.
I imagine it would be the thought that counts, beside, I think Bebe grew up to having a bra size in an earlier episode (I know this happens when girls reach their pre-teens, which most of the fourth-graders are in), it would stand to reason if it happened to at least afew more girls in South Park Elementary.

In a personal note, I find the premise of this episode a welcome surprise, why? look at it this way;

Thoughout most of Season 19, the kids of South Park only rarely got to do much of anything, and most of them seemed to have sporadically lost their usual spine when PC Principal came into the picture, which in my opinion is a very contrived way for them to be put in the sidelines. Especially when you consider how, by all accounts, there's nothing really stopping the kids from reporting PCP's abuse of power to the authorities and getting him arrested or fired. Feels like the only reason PC Principal's ever gotten away with his crimes is because he's got plot armor for his defense attorney, and if there's any humor behind his abuse of power, forgive me if I couldn't catch any of it.

In contrast, Season 20, The Kids are not only given back their usual major roles in episodes, but most of the time they're clearly taking matters into their own hands, like their spines have suddenly grown back with a vengeance. The whole 'Wieners Out' business in particular has to be a rather ballsy move of the boys' part (pun intended) since something like what they're doing is bound to get PC Principal's attention, yet they don't seem to care. Heck, PC Principal seems to have had a shift in attitude this season, considering that he treated the whole Skankhunt deal as not his problem despite having raised hell over things much less serious.

I'd give anything if this episode is gonna a sign that the kids of South Park are no longer afraid of PC Principal, a sign that his iron grip is permanently weakening. Even if he doesn't get written out of town yet for this season, I'd consider it a really good day if something like this ends up happening this episode.

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