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Re: *2004: Wieners Out* Post-Air Discussion

Postby ssjup81 » Mon Oct 17, 2016 1:44 pm

mario88 wrote:I simply think you can't become gay or straight, you are born the way you are and that's it. And since neither Tweek nor Craig have shown any signs of being gay before they were kind of pushed into a gay relationship, I think they simply adapted to the situation in the eyes of the people. The day i see them kiss each other I will say: "OK, I was wrong, they are actually gay". I don't think I am forcing a theory against what it is shown: again, have they ever kissed? No. And you can't tell me it's because they're 4th graders, since we have already seen kisses in South Park.

You may say of course that simply because they haven't kissed, that doesn't imply they are not gay. Sure, but on the other hand, without that proof you can't tell me i am pushing a theory against the evidence, either.

The show itself seems to tell, at least to me, that they have simply become best friends, although they let people think they are a couple. Tweek is a sensitive child and he found a friend in Craig, who helped him believe in himself. Craig responded positively to this request of friendship.
This is my take on it as well. Neither seem to have a romantic interest in one another and seem to be "together" because they were pressured into it and are keeping up the facade for the sake of the town...and in Craig's case, maybe money. :-P They just come across as good friends to me.

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