*2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

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*2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby nall » Thu Nov 10, 2016 2:30 am

Oh, Jeez.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby kfgg » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:13 am

Lot of lines for Ike
Stan and Kyle :)
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby JVM » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:16 am

(Act 1)

"This isn't how this was supposed to happen." That's going to dominate the rest of this episode.

Seeing Butters vs. Cartman in switcheroo is pretty awesome. "Traitor." It's still clear that Cartman has really changed and really cares about Heidi, but it's also exciting to see Butters being like this to balance the change out. I'm not sure what direction this is actually going in, but it's nonetheless cool to me. I hope things for him and Heidi work out, honestly. Wish he'd just tell her the truth himself.

So nice to see Sheila defend Gerald and she really seemed like her old self for a minute there! Gerald and Hillary is about what I've been expecting since last week, almost exactly. The James Bond parody is something South Park's waited twenty years to do, although I'm not sure where they're taking it in the next Act. The Family Guy voices are goofy. I take it Gerald likes the show but it felt a tad needless.

This is our first time seeing Garrison's House properly in years! Still looks the same as how it looked then, and notice Garrison's in the same robe from "Over Logging", I think. Caitlyn's obviously part of the conspiracy but not really sure how she fits in. Still, now Randy's been brainwashed, too, just as has been Garrison. Confirms purple liquid from Member Berries though?

"Stop being such a pussy" Gerald's being a really crummy dad now. I'll blame it on the Skankhunt42.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby JamesPup » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:59 am

The opening scene could have used more of the election and now with the protests and all but it was nice. I think when the Democrat head came out and said they were going to send everyone home and count everything tomorrow could have been in this as that was bull, unless the democrats will admit it was to lessen peoples anger.

Seeing Garrison so monotonous was due to too many member berries. The puking was new. Is that like Aliens I think? Is there an alien horror movie like that? I have been hearing about the new coming movie “Life” and it has me needing more. I still think there is something to the idea of member berries are from space and Mars.

The wall around Fort Collins was like the wall Trump wants to make. I thought there could have been a cool infiltration part to it but this was over fast. Still Fort Collins could be some sort of scene later. I think of that a scene with member berries or Space X will be here.

I didn’t get the Hillary saying the election was stolen but I see it was to set up a trap with the trolls. Still does this show Hillary and Garrison working together or that the member berries are puppeting everyone.

I loved that there was some James Bond even if done by a Jew. It was funny that all the trolls longed to be Bond. It must be an uber nerd fantasy. I think adding in the escape plan would have been cool. Still all the trolls must escape the locked server room. So maybe one of them brought their own gadget or they can use the servers to open the door. Or there could be a Han Solo move like shooting the door controls with a blaster or just overloading it with an electrical charge. There was Lennart and Gerald but if this is going to continue Bond than there needs to be more. Like Gerald escaping and taking down the whole headquarters anyways with a head turn as things go up and glare at Lennart. I think we will see Lennart killed too.

Bill Clinton looked old and it was weird at first to see Bill Cosby back but it worked. I longed for some rape stories but none came. The Bill and Bill Gentleman’s club could carry the rest of the season and pick up with dirtiness. The scenes with the Bill’s helping kids is scary kind of and could paint the Bill’s as child predators in future episodes. It seems both Bills are washed up sex freaks as the other thing they have in common other than their name.

I feel real bad for Cartman with Heidi. I wish he would be honest. Heidi, the way she looks and her voice acting kind of makes me feel in love. Creepy, right?

So, what did Bill Clinton mean by all women after revenge? Will this be about all women v men at some point. Will even Heidi be on the women’s side and give up love with Cartman for that? I think there being a war front like the one at recess and then Cartman and Heidi at the center but with the whole world would be cool. I can see Cartman’s past internet issues being revealed to Heidi but she forgives him and says she loves him. This sets the example for the rest of the world and so peace among the sexes is found.

It ends with Heidi and Cartman going to Space X which is connected to Elon Musk, so we can expect him to appear. We also can remember that the member berries are out to escape and so these two groups may meet up. I don’t see how Cartman and Heidi can live on Mars. There is nothing that rate now can get people there or have people survive there. Maybe they will make something up or this is fodder to lead to getting the member berries a place to stay on Mars.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby JamesPup » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:10 am

Also the Beauty and the Beast T-shirts Cartman and Heidi wore were off of Trey, Boogie, and Betty's Halloween costumes. You can see then in them at Boogie's Instagram page.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby nwt000 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:15 am

I think I may need to watch the episode again to give it a proper review, but Trey and Matt threw a whole lot at us in too short of a time period. This kind of thing is why Trey and Matt should probably stop with the season-long storylines, that along with the lack of freedom to focus on a variety of characters, uninteresting plots getting dragged out too long and poor endings due to Trey and Matt not having at least some concept of how the season should end early on. I'm also worried that Trey and Matt are setting up all of the female characters to be written out of the show because of the frantic violent uprising of females that Bill Clinton told Butters about, which I fear will potentially make all of the girls and women beyond redemption and therefore force them to be thrown off the show. I also can't trust Cartman with Heidi anymore because I am so afraid that he is either going to kill her or get her killed as a result of him either being desperate or going back to his old depraved state of mind. My biggest concern for the show is President-elect Donald Trump, who I fear will not only destroy this show, but will also obliterate every platform of free speech possible, execute anybody who tries to speak their mind, especially those who criticize him and abolish the first amendment altogether.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby JVM » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:16 am

"We're going with Plan B, 'member?" is technically from two weeks ago but kind of applies to this episode.

The Bill and Bill joke was really not landing here. It's obvious they were re-purposing what was going on expecting them to win, and I can sort of see where they were going, but without the foreknowledge that Bill Clinton was First Gentlemen, or even a candidate for it, the joke completely lost what edge it could've had. Yes, if the Clintons had won the expected landslide, it might seem hypocritical that a liberal campaign had elected a 'First Gentlemen' who was an accused rapist, but when the President-elect is one, the joke loses it's relevance and it's "edge". To their credit, the new Clinton design looks a lot better than the one from "Sexual Healing", might've not closed the eyes up just so much though. Personal taste.

PC Principal doesn't even seem to care much about the election? What the f*ck? Is he the 'all elections are fake' kind of guy? He seems REALLY defanged this season. We might as well have Principal Victoria back on board, especially since PC is falling out of power now.

A lot of this act is Gerald's time in Denmark as Von Miller, meeting a woman at the Airport with blonde Michelle Obama hair and managing to infiltrate TrollTrace to some degree. Lennart knows right away, judging from his stilted speech, that's now dealing with Skankhunt42, and the attempt to lure him out is pretty funny. Glad he hasn't forgotten Freja Ollengard as his motivation and he specifically calls back to the comments that were upsetting. Locking him in with the other trolls with soundalike Bond music and the double-cross reveal took me by surprise, although the whole thing's a bit hackneyed. They only invited the "top trolls in Colorado"? And all they did was lock them in together? This is Gerald's fault for the others?

There's a few bonus scenes here. We see Stan finally trying to win Wendy back, with the Gentlemens' help, but it's clearly not working and just awkward. He's being alienated from the other boys' misogynism and Butters stands up against him. It's a cute scene and it's nice to pick this thread up, but it's not... very committed. We also see the Marsh family scene from the preview, which I enjoyed, but Randy just brainwashes Sharon and Shelly in a moment, and the excitement disappears. Grandpa has disappeared once again. There's also, of course, Cartman bothering Heidi about Mars, and their cliffhanger.

At the Stotches' House, we are once again given a promise that the women of the town are going to rise up and do something, and yet, the show has continued to focus about the same on the male cast as always, with the welcome addition of Heidi. Bill's conversation with Butters about Hillary is very interesting and opens up more of the character after he's mostly been a jerk lately, but whatever Bill's talking about seems... well, if it's happening, it hasn't been built up well. I know I sound a lot like a good friend of mine right now, but I hope the girls really manage to do something of consequence, with actual lines, before this Gender War story comes to an end, because the focus on women is making the lack of women seem worse than it was.

Look, I'm being critical as hell, I know. The team at South Park Studios has done a very admirable and fabulous job trying to turn the episode and storyline around at the last possible minute. I'm sure Trey and Matt spent all day trying to bring it all back together in time for air, and we all appreciate it. Their effort wasn't in vain and it was some nice escapism to visit my favorite little mountain town again.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby Female345 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 4:59 am

It was an ok ep.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby FLnarRayya » Thu Nov 10, 2016 5:48 am

While some seem to dislike this season (more like it's not the best), I think it's great. This episode had me surprised a lot of times
I was wondering what was going on with the member berries and I lost it when the trolls got rick rolled. The only thing I felt weak
is the "gentlemen club", but it's obviously due to recent events and the way the season was scripted. The more it goes, the more
I'm wondering what's going on with Cartman and Heidi, I know she's known as a "two faced bitch" and that Cartman loves
manipulating people. I think both will see what they've done, they'll hate each others and they'll either love that friction
between them or it'll just end up. The thing with the girls, I'm sure Kyle and Stan will come up with a "gay little speech" to make
the girls understand how wrong they were.

In overall, I'm hyped for this season. The whole continuity concept makes me engage on the whole season but I know that's not
popular opinion, people like it when the story only holds for one episode. I think they should make a movie with this style then
keep the original style coming.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby Big-Will » Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:15 am

JVM wrote:Confirms purple liquid from Member Berries though?
I heard voices. ;)
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby JOSHSKORN » Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:34 am

Pretty decent episode except for the whole 'Gentleman's Club" bit. That was totally weak.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby mario88 » Thu Nov 10, 2016 10:16 am

I think and above all I hope that they immediately drop that "gentleman" thing. It could have worked with Hillary at the White House, but it doesn't given the outcome of the election.

As much as I hate being critical, I didn't enjoy this episode. As it was easily predictable it turned out to be rushed and its parts not well blended, or at least this is my impression. They were unlucky this time, their prediction was wrong and they had very little time for adjustments.

About cartman: his feeling might even be sincere, but that doesn't mean he has changed: I mean, he will rather go to mars than confess his dirty past to the clueless (or not? Who knows) Heidi. This is old cartman outright.

My wild theory about freja still being alive was wrong. OK, it was farfetched but still made more sense than her untimely suicide.

If parker and stone intend to continue with this format in the next seasons, then IMHO they need 40 minutes' episodes, 20 are not enough to handle all that they put in the plot.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby SjwKillah » Thu Nov 10, 2016 3:34 pm

This episode felt a bit cucked. Time to stop pandering to women. The country has spoken. Here's hoping South Park gets its balls back.
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby forsakencheeseypoofs » Thu Nov 10, 2016 6:35 pm

Where do I sign up to be put underground and milked for my semen? :D
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Re: *2007: Oh, Jeez* Post Air Discussion

Postby triplemultiplex » Fri Nov 11, 2016 1:12 am

I watched a downloaded copy I wanna know from those who saw the East Coast premiere, did an F-bomb get through to broadcast there at the end of Garrison's acceptance speech?
All other instances of fuck were bleeped as normal, but not that one. Weird.

I picked up on the trap set for Gerald pretty much from the moment the head Danish guy greeted him. I was kind of thinking Gerald would get caught, but as soon as they met in the lobby, I guessed it was a set-up. Ah the Rick Roll; I 'member...
Nice alias for Gerald by the way. Von Miller is a linebacker for the Denver Broncos.

Sheila sure did her research on the ol' watersports fetish. She almost started to sound like she's enjoying the piss play.

My two favorite laughs were Gerald telling Kyle to stop being such a pussy and the phrase "pressing pickle".

It doesn't look like they had to do a huge amount of rewriting and reanimating for the unexpected Trump win. A few new bits of dialogue; the opening scene, Gerald meeting HIll-Dawg under the bridge instead of somewhere more official. I can see elements of what it used to be. Like seeing a bank that clearly used to be a Hardees. Gerald was going to get trapped in Denmark and Bill Clinton was going to have his Gentlemen's Club and Fatass was still going to be taking Heidi to SpaceX regardless of the outcome of the election. (The shot of SpaceX at the end is too wonderfully drawn to be a rushed job.)
Stan's scene with Wendy seems more out of place in the flow of the episode, so I bet they had to cut some stuff out of the Gentlemen's Club story to make room for acknowledging the upset. I think the puking member berries might have been one of the late additions and to make it fit, they cut a few beats from the Gentlemen's Club.

There is the possibility that they are now stuck having Mr. Garrison as President in the show. But I do see an out for them. They might simply have Garrison tag in an equally abhorrent person into the job at the end of the season. Someone who doesn't yet exist in the South Park universe. Actual Trump. There was a Trump-esque Canadian and Garrison has been the stand in so far, but they can always bring in the 'real' one if they don't want to lose one of their characters to the Presidency.

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