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Re: *2010: The End of Serialization As We Know It* Post-Air Thread

Postby Alex Shir » Tue May 16, 2017 12:57 pm

As for me, this story (and storyline of 19 season too) is about trusting, behind the messages about feminism and gender war, actual agenda of President’s election and a problem of responsibility. Fukuyama has wrote good work “Trust” about it and it’s really keystone of our civilization. Society, business, family, industry – every collective action based on trust. And in the process of post-industrial revolution and social digitalization we risk to lose trusting.
19-20 seasons SP show us how there is easily lost trusting between close people – parents and children, super best friends, wife and husband, girl- and boyfriend. We so afraid lose our relation and starting to lie and lie and finally ruined it. Everybody lies and it’s normal, but sometimes ordinary lie provides to kill. T&M had wrote really tragic love story of Cartman and Heidi when Cartman can’t trust her and risk to destroy maybe exclusively relations in his life.
We have no see at s20 strong friendship of Stan and Kyle after them fight at “Truth and Advertising” (and especially after Stan’s enthusiasm when his squad go ride to kill Kyle) – in whole 20 season they are seemed more separately than at early seasons. Sure, so strong emotional shake would can leads to more deeply relations but it’s not necessary. It’s seems very stupid, when one-day-living media-agenda crashes real friendship, but it happens in real life.
Very interesting, by the way, that Stan was on periphery of storyline. He is seemed silent and immersed in his own confusions. He lose his sbf at s19 and girl friend at s20 – oh, WTF? It’s too much for ordinary ten old boy. Kyle, as far as I can see, was confused too, but he involved in action, and he does not have time for his own emotional turmoil. However Kyle run from home after conflict with mother not to Stan (where he could used Randy’s computer) – not, he don’t think about his sbf, he come to internet-café.
Kenny was totally absent in story. He hang out with Butters movement just for fun and lives his normal schoolboy’s life, without deaths and heroism. “Nice and boring” (C) - C as Craig). There may have simple cause – this apocalypse is not for Mysterion. It’s sophisticated social problems, there is no place for old-fashioned superhero wearing underwear on pants. And Kenny can not help any feeling some tiredness and untrusting about his friends who not help him with his poverty really no once, prefer take a pathetical speech and hang out for fun. Maybe, after ungratefulness and obliviousness of his friends Kenny getting older and has lost his altruism, concentrating on protection of his close people (Karen, firstly) like Stan too, a propos. It would be very sad. Kyle will have to save the world in the future alone, if he remembers why he is doing that.
I guess Gerald Broflovski’s storyline was main at this season. It’s story of trusting too, besides problems of trolling and good role of bad man. It’s impressive dialog: “- Do you know who I am, Ike? – No. But I want to, dad”.
And all we need in happy end. Kyle has found solve of general problem and recruited all boys, and they did some horrific things without explanations and discussions, because they have trust him. It’s pity that there no girls in his troll-force, but I suppose we will see great peace with girls at s21. Cartman has a chance to save his love if he will really changes (I want believe. Them stupid love murmuring on gym meeting reminded me of our enamored chatter with my wife. Must be we are good at infuriating people sometimes :) Srsly).
Sorry for my bad English, guys. It's not my native language.

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