5x01 "It Hits the Fan"

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5x01 "It Hits the Fan"

Postby vince_himself » Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:48 am

A few mistakes I noticed in this episode, mainly towards the end...

At one point when the boys are with one of the knights, pay close attention to the knight's mouth. The lip sync is very much out of rhythm with the words, if that makes any sense. (I forget where specifically it happens, but like I said, these all happen towards the end).

In the big dragon battle, I noticed two more mistakes. The first one being when the boys and Chef enter the studio. In the first shot, the boys are at the door, and in the very next shot, Cartman is standing a few feet away from the dragon. The last mistake I noticed was an animation glitch. When one of the knights runs across the screen, Kyle follows the knight, but rather than running, Kyle does this weird "gliding" animation in which he seems to literally slide from screen left to screen right.
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