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gregh2k5 wrote:
vidson wrote:o you americans make me sick what do you think you are with those 2 inches winnies. Ye and you are a homosexual country just look what ppl live in there. europeans send the retarded ppl across the ocean to america that's the story of your "special" AMERICA!!
And you know it, Eric....Cartman!!!!
Don't piss me off i'm serious!!
And i am pretty pissed of right here!!
We'll see how you like my foot up your ass, you f*cking little wussy homosexual, i'll kick your motherfudging ass over the net mothafucka!!!
Get your ass back to bed before something happens to ya, whore!!
I mean... strange things happen behind the bush and speaking about bushes...Your president... George W. Bush is such a retard i can't tell you... A turd has a higher IQ than him and you call yourself the best country in the world....Think again, fuckaz, cause your president and all of america ia totaly homosexual. sorry, not all of america, there are exceptions like Bam Margera, Trey PArker & mat Stone and a couple of other but you guys are just f*cking Weirdos, man

It's funny about a lot of europeans i've met. You constantly bash America, yet you continually worship our culture, watch our shows, listen to our music, watch our movies, and idolize our stars. You've probably even eaten at a McDonnald's once our twice in the past month. And yet all you can do is still bash us. If you really don't like us and think we're weird then why can't you find your own culture and stop talking sh*t on us? Personally I don't like snubby french people, and I don't worship anything over in france. I don't even think about it, I just stay away from there and do my own thing.

It just seems to me that a lot of europeans talk a lot of sh*t on America, and after a while it gets under my skin - especially when we (as people - not our government) didn't do anything directly to you.

And it's not just europeans either. One person in denmark who showed a picture of muhammad started riots in the Middle East. And suddenly not only denmark flags get burned, but American flags too. Why the hell are they shouting down with America over what 1 person in denmark does?

The fact is that most Europeans think they know what America is like because they see it in movies and on TV, but you know nothing of the actual good people that live here.

P.S. If I ever saw your ass in America, I'd f*ckin beat the living sh*t out of you.

Hell yeah! They took' ou' jobs'!

Ahah not but, I'm damn tired of all this dissing against America, just stop it.

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