902: Die Hippy, Die

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902: Die Hippy, Die

Postby cheddercheese99 » Wed Jul 27, 2011 9:52 pm

How could Stan's parents possibly have been in Woodstock?
Woodstock was 1969, that episode is from 2005. They looked at least 20 in the flashback which would mean they were born at least as early as 1949. That would mean that they were 56 years old in that episode. How could the POSSIBLY that old!?
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Re: 902: Die Hippy, Die

Postby sketchlord123 » Thu Jul 28, 2011 7:57 pm

Well, most likely in a show, the creators, in this case Matt Stone and Trey Parker, dont really change ages, or mess with that really. The boy's birthday happens every few seasons. (For Example: In Episode 15:07, Stan turns 10.) BUT! In that episode, there is one reason why they dont change the age much. Everything changed for Stan, and that's what reality is sometimes. Like within 70 seasons, if the birthdays happened every year, Jimmy --------> :timmy: would look like this: :santa:

That's what can happen, and ages in other episodes making an effect in the other is complicated. So they just leave it be.

Either that or you had a misjudgement on the age for when they were at Woodstock... :|
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