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Postby ushankasrockmysocks » Mon Apr 16, 2007 4:18 am

Well, out of the main boys, it would have to be Kenny, based solely on the Quintuplets episode - IF we decide to count that. I personally would be inclined not to. First of all, every other time he sings - The Most Offensive Song Ever, his part in Little Mountain Town, etc. - it's in his normal Kenny-voice. Also, generally when Kenny is supposed to be singing with the other boys, if you listen closely you'll find that he's NOT actually singing - I guess it's because his muffling would mess up the sound of the song.
SOOO I guess my real answer is Cartman. He has some real technical skill, which neither Stan nor Kyle has. He uses vibrato (that wavering effect on long notes), which is a sign of technical skill. That's something that comes with practice. I can just imagine him practicing dumb 80s songs in his backyard, right after he finishes dancing with the Justin T. cutout XD
Kyle really does have a cute singing voice, though. On the show, I like his voice better than Stan's, but there's this song on Mr. Hankey's Christmas Classics - It Happened in Sun Valley - where Stan sings with Wendy and sounds *incredibly* cute.
Oh, and Butters is a cute singer too, though he's obviously not a very good one...those high notes!:D

On the whole show, Chef is obviously the best singer; that's why they tapped Hayes for the role. Trey's adult characters, like Mr. Mackey, have pretty good singing voices too, though, due to Trey's own skill. Oh, and Token of course has sung really well - but in Here Comes the Neighborhood, he sang in his normal voice, so the other time may not count.
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Postby ClydesGirl » Thu May 31, 2007 1:23 am

Well besides the obvious (Chef), I'd have to say Kyle. How could you not crack up at the Lonely Jew Song? And Cartman in 'Cartman's Mom still is a Dirty Slut'.

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