In Defense of Rebbeca..

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In Defense of Rebbeca..

Postby Rebecca_Cutswald » Mon Oct 23, 2006 2:51 pm

This is basically a subject that keeps coming up, but I can't post my thoughts on it because it would be off-topic so I decided to start a thread on it. XD Kay... here it is... Also this can be a Rebecca Cutswald thread since one doesn't exist... (^^;; Though since she's only in one episode it probably won't last. Please bring her back Matt and Trey!)

Rebecca was homeschooled and pretty much protected from society to the point where she doesn't know how it works. That was the "point" of the show. When Kyle told her to kiss him, he neglected to explain that "love" and "kissing" are intimate things that you only do with one person. When Rebecca went to the prom she was only trying to be normal and fit in by doing what Kyle had told her to do. I'm sure that when she got home her family (or at least her brother, her father probably just stuttered in horror) lectured her on kissing and love ect.. and she probably went "Ooooh!" I don't think she was "horny" and whorish so much as excited and trying to fit in.

Also... in most of their Rebecca bashing- the fans forget that compared to the other girls of South Park, Rebecca Cutswald is still extremely innocent and conservative, even in her "whore" mode. In Stupid Spoiled Whores the public school girls (every single one except Wendy and Wendy tried) out did her short "kissing spree" by far. =P (Raping Clyde in the closet even! Poor kid.)

If it's jealousy over Kyle... I'm not really sure Rebecca was even interested in Kyle romance wise. She certainly didn't show any interest in him. He sang and she threw money... I mean c'mon...
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Postby kylelover52610 » Mon Oct 23, 2006 4:28 pm

Well, of course you are entitled to your own opinion, but I just don't really like her character, she annoys me. It used to be about Kyle but I really just don't like her, and hope she does not come back.
But I am not gonna lynch you for liking her, if she caught your fancy then for me...I don't like her. ^^;
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Postby Big-Will » Mon Oct 23, 2006 6:28 pm

Heh, she appears in just one episode and people are arguing about her? :lol:
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Postby Rebecca_Cutswald » Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:52 pm

Big-Will wrote:Heh, she appears in just one episode and people are arguing about her? :lol:

=O Hell Yeah. Rebecca and Mark need to be brought back.

Actually... yeah I keep hearing she's a whore and I'm like... XD yeah ok... didn't bug me, but I found someone else who agreed she wasn't in the Butters' thread so I felt I had a good argument but I didn't want to post it there because it was OT. =O
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Postby Mr. Hat_DX27 » Mon Oct 23, 2006 8:58 pm

I could care less either way. Rebecca and Mark seem like the one-timer type characters. Bringing back one-time "it's been done, why do it again?" characters is how Family Guy fell into it's hole.
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Postby Cerisa_Roz » Tue Oct 24, 2006 1:35 am

What irritates me about the Rebecca hatred?

1. She was a one-time character and yet you get people acting like she was one of those screentime hogs that try to steal episodes away.


3. The fact that so many people feel it necessary to always write her and make her out to be a whiny, bitchy, jealous, valley-skank whore and vapid bimbo, which there's no real sign of on the show (besides the 'ho' bit at the end of 313), JUST so they can tear her down and pair 'their man' up with Miss Perfect Mary Sue. There's an entire series of fics by this person named BrownSugar that's DEDICATED to bashing Wendy and Rebecca and basically telling everyone not to like them because they're flawed on the show and to root for her Mary Sues.

The same thing irritates me with the other girls, like I said. It's like there can't be reasonable debates about the three (and sometimes Bebe) without it escalating into the old "WAH SHE STOLE MY MAN I HATE HER KILL THAT BITCH!" kind of fighting.

That being said, I'd actually like it if she made one more appearance, almost like an 'f ya' to the rabid types. Add Kelly, and it's a double-shot!
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Postby love*metal » Sat Dec 16, 2006 9:15 pm

At the end of that episode, didn't rebecca and mark's dad say they could start attending public school?
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Postby Shiek927 » Sun Dec 17, 2006 10:55 pm

Indeed, but we've never seen even cameos of them. She and Mark were basically made too move the plot M&T came up with(intelligent by socially-depraved homeschool kids), and afterwards, they served no purpose. The hatred is a bit 0_0 though since she really is simply a female Butters(though not as social-savvy).

She and Mark deal with everything in a well-mannered understanding way(like Pip) and the other children, for lack of a better explanation, don't simply think like that. They are after kids who just want too have fun, while those two are deep and motivated who actually THINK about their future, hence studying so hard.

When Rebecca was introduced too love and romance, something she was deprived off from her parents(or perhaps it's just her immaturity or young age, she IS only 8 yrs old), She ended up feeling immidiatly drawn too it, ignoring all the lessons she learned and becoming a whore(or perhaps, simply looks like one). But is such a transformation(an innocent who listens too something that seems exciting and does the wrong thing) any different then Stan turning Goth because of his obsessive love and sadness, or Butters into Professor Chaos because of his anger? They're KIDS who are drawn too what they don't understand and end up becoming an extreme example of it(Goth Stan, Angry Butters, Whorish Rebecca) and it's only later do they change back. Butters first love was a Raisins girl who quickly became crazy for her(note the pictures and posters of her in his room). He even threatened too move out of his parents house and into hers, Has he gone nuts? No, he just lacked the experience and was completely unaware of her "milking" off him.

The screentime hatred is simply made from people who don't want change or innovation. M&T(thankfully) wanted something new and felt new characters were necessary too move the plot. Like Damien, she's a "cult character" because she possibly has lots of unfurfilled potential. People want too stick with the tried and true and thus, bash her popularity.

As for the "SHE STOLE MY MAAAAAAN!!" is just not worth thinking about since it's simply from annoying fangirls who spend too much time wishing they were real.
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Kyle and Rebecca.
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Postby love*metal » Mon Dec 18, 2006 12:18 am

A female Butters, I like it!!!!!
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Postby Broflovskifan1234 » Sat Mar 24, 2007 5:10 pm

I agree....before I admit I did hate Rebecca but that was a long time now I see that Rebecca was totally innocent and it was kinda Kyles fault but hes still my fav guy character despite that
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Postby Rebecca_Cutswald » Sat Mar 24, 2007 7:39 pm

love*metal wrote:A female Butters, I like it!!!!!

Yeah the topic came up when someone (not me) suggested pairing Butters and Rebecca (among many other pairings for Butters) and Cerisa_Roz and myself ended up discussing Rebecca from that..

I didn't like it at first but yes- she is a bit of a "female butters" except that she actually rebels against her much more docile father- where as Butters tends to let himself get pushed around. Now that Butters is rebeling a little more I can see that pairing as actually being cool. XD

She's really brainy though so I liked her and Mephisto's son Terrence better. They're both social outcasts and brain tards.
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Postby SuperMaids » Mon Apr 09, 2007 2:18 am

She did get a hella cool song aboot her. Which makes up for her being a whore of the biggest calibre, beating even Liane, who I’m sure wouldn’t tempt and then turn down Butters (well, not the ‘turn down’ part, anyhoo).
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Re: In Defense of Rebbeca..

Postby superiorsavior » Sun Feb 15, 2009 6:50 am

Hate it when fans of a particular character (any character but in this case kyle) deamonise their in cannon love interest (in this case Rebecca) because they want to ship another character (in this case Stan, Cartman, their mary sue) with that character. Seems pathetic that people were debating her still, i kinda liked the character and it was a shame to see them not reused, but so many characters are one shot not it doesn't really matter.

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Re: In Defense of Rebbeca..

Postby Jewish Pride 1 » Sun Feb 15, 2009 8:18 am

oh SS you dirty necroer :P

I dont really hate Rebecca and I do agree with the necroer's point on fangirls/boys, how they are bitchy about that stuff, but in this situation we should give them the benefit that the episode with Rebecca ended bad enough that Kyle fangirls/boys have the right to hate her and it doesn't necessarily have to be because they think some other character is perfect for him.
I mean for example there are some Stan fangirls/boys who hate Wendy because they want him to be with someone else, and that, imo, sounds waayyy more bitchy that hating Rebecca who broke Kyle's heart.

I personally think Rebecca was an ok character and as a proper fangirl I was more than thrilled to get the oportunity to witness how Kyle acts when he has a crush, moreover so with such an unusual kind of crush, I dont know if Kyle is among the coolest boys in the class but he certainly doesnt seem like he's from the most loosers, to see him fall for a girl like Rebecca, who was indeed a looser, was pretty damn cute. And I don't hate her for how the episode ended because after all I didn't want him to get a permanent girlfriend and I kind of saw that ending coming, well I didnt know what exactly would happen, but after Kyle and Rebecca's first kiss something of the sort had to happen, that scene with the kiss seemed waaayyyy too un-southparkish to not expect it.

superiorsavior wrote:I had the song kyle sings about rebecca as my ringtone until I got a new mobile :)

lolz thats so cute of you XD
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Re: In Defense of Rebbeca..

Postby BigCamera4892 » Sun Feb 15, 2009 12:36 pm

I'm amazed that no one mentioned the reference of Kyle's talk with Rebecca re: what is love; the flicker of lights in the distance. These are all take-offs from the original Star Trek Series. References to Star Trek, the original series were made quite often in the early episodes of South Park:

Series: 'The Original Series of Star Trek'
Episode Title: 'For the World Is Hollow and I Have Touched the Sky'
Episode Number: 310
Synopsis: "Just after Dr. McCoy is diagnosed with a fatal illness, the ship encounters a spaceship disguised as an asteroid, on course with a populated planet. When the command team beams over to try to stop a collision, they must contend with the computer oracle which controls the inhabitants of the ship, of whom McCoy becomes one when he elects to remain there after falling in love with the high priestess."
Original Airdate: November 08, 1968

It is from this episode that dialog in Star Trek episode 310 was paraded in the Rebecca episode. (Kirk had the Kyle role). And as in the Rebecca episode, the analogous character in Star Trek 310 was also a one-time character in Star Trek, from the original series to the end of the latest series and motion pictures.

I would like to see the return of Rebecca, but as in episode 310, I fear that Rebecca was a one-time character, never to return, as was in the case of 310.

I'm glad 310 existed for M&T to use in the Rebecca episode, but it's over and done with.

In defense of Rebbeca, she was great in her SP episode. But: been there, done that. Let's see what Season 13 will bring. I deduce (my apologies to the Woodland Christmas Critters in saying: 'I deduce') that Rebbeca sadly was history - no return engagements.

That's my take on the situation.


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