The Goth Kids of South Park and Ike Broflovski

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The Goth Kids of South Park and Ike Broflovski

Postby jonholb56 » Tue Dec 04, 2007 10:32 pm

One of the best gags in South Park has to be the Goth Kids. How would Ike's parents and Kyle react if Ike became best friends with the kindergarten goth kid? Thank-You
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Re: The Goth Kids of South Park and Ike Broflovski

Postby tyciol » Fri May 09, 2008 5:10 am

I doubt they'd really care, Ike's Canadian so he can't help being friendly. There are lots of goths and emos in Canada since we're so tolerantly multicultural that they get beat up less than in the US.

Considering they are jews, they are probably tolerant of persecuted groups and stuff.
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Re: The Goth Kids of South Park and Ike Broflovski

Postby Big-Will » Fri May 09, 2008 7:12 am

I have no idea. I don't see it having much of an impact though.
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Re: The Goth Kids of South Park and Ike Broflovski

Postby ShellyBroflovski » Sat Nov 22, 2008 8:17 am

I find this topic idea most awesome, for as it was posted back in may, and I've only reached page 9 chapter four of my fanfic by late last night, and have now just found this topic tonight.... Hehehe. It's great.

Here's why- a snippet of my fanfic: (Warning! Kinda long, and some swearing!)
~ ~ ~
Her company turned to give her a smile, before motioning with a tilt of the head that they were once again moving along. They soon made it past the intense tangle of bodies, and Shelly felt a little more at ease. There were large booths along the walls, and tables with chairs further out, before the dance floor started. It seemed however, Ike already had a favorite spot, as they were making a beeline for it. It was a corner booth – made semi-circle for a large group of people, and was probably in the darkest corner of the whole club.

It was also occupied by at least four people.

“Scoot the f*ck over, Kinder.”

“f*ck you, Jew’den.”

Despite Kinder’s words, the other boy did indeed move over to let Ike and Shelly fit into the booth, though it was a close fit.

“Jew’den?” Shelly rose an eyebrow.

“Funny story, really-”

“You’ve got to be kidding me. You did not just bring in someone with Pink.” Shelly turned to the voice, which had come from the only other woman at the table. She was a little on the heavy side, but not so overly so that it pulled away from her attractiveness – or what was showing through at least.

“Something wrong with pink?” Shelly shot the other a glare. She didn’t know what the hell to expect, hadn’t been told a damn thing about where she was going, and not five minutes into being here, someone is giving her sh*t about the color of her shirt.

“Ah, ‘Retta, that’s my fault. I didn’t exactly tell her where we were coming-”

“So not f*cking cool, man.”

Shelly slipped out of the booth and stood, the anger quiet apparent on her face.

“Wait-What are-” Ike started to get up, but was stopped as Shelly threw a harsh gaze at him. He stopped in his attempt, but his expression gave away his worry to her leaving.

“If I ditch the pink, will you be f*cking happy?” Shelly turned back to the aforementioned ‘Retta.

The only response the other gave was a look that seemed to challenge how Shelly would go about doing so. Wordlessly, Shelly removed her pink sweater. She was now actually thankful she’d been too lazy to remove her white night shirt, and had instead just threw on the pink sweater before. ‘Retta gave a half nod, as if approving of the change. Turning back towards Ike, Shelly had caught the sound of his light gasp when she’d made to remove her top. Even in the dim light she could make out the hint of a blush creeping along the boy’s face. Grunting, she threw her sweater in his face.

“Move the hell over.” Shelly mumbled as she took her spot again. As she sat back down, a young woman came up over to the booth.

“Refills on those coffees for ya?” She questioned the four. They all nodded. As the lady began to pour them each a new cup, she turned to her table’s new additions.

“What can I getcha sweetie?”

Ike put the sweater down next to him and began listing off various drinks and a few items of food. When he was satisfied, he turned towards Shelly. “Get whatever you want.”

“Ah…” Shelly had no idea what they had here, so she picked the first think to cross her mind.

“White Russian?”

“Ok, that times three?”

“There’s a three drink minimum if you get liquor based drinks; two drink minimume for beers.” Ike explained to Shelly’s confusion.

“Oh, ok… then make the other two a Pina Colada and…a… Stawberry-Mango Daiquiri.”

“You got it.” The girl walked off.

Shelly turned back to Ike, and gave him a confused expression. “A Techno Rave Restaurant?”

Ike laughed lightly. “Not quiet. You get drinks of course, at any club, but the food isn’t anything other than simple muchie food. You get pretty thirsty and hungry after dance for hours. So they worked that in. It was a pretty big hit.”

“Guess so.”

“Anyway, this is way overdue- Shelly, these are my boothmates here; guys, this is Shelly Marsh. She’s my company tonight- a family friend, so to speak.”

The four others merely gave a nod or short reply. Shelly in turn gave a small ‘Hey.’

“This is Red, ‘Retta, Alto and Kinder.” Ike pointed out each as he named them off.

~ ~ ~

After having watched the final episode of SP season 12, I went to go work on my fic. I'd already planned that Ike would venture to the Underground Techno Rave - a place he's frequented for a while.
Somehow the Goth kids wound up in the fic; probably both from seeing the episode and previous ideas of drawing Kinder and Ike chilling.

I decided that Ike would somehow have come to be cool with the Goth kids - (an explanation to this will be in my fic later on) and became friends with them after a while. Ike wouldn't judge them, nor criticize. He'd probably understand them, if only a little.

However, I can only really see the start of this fruition occurring around the ages of 13-14. At 16, he'd be on pretty good terms with them, enough to say they were his friends.

I have crazy ideas. o.o XD
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Re: The Goth Kids of South Park and Ike Broflovski

Postby superiorsavior » Sat Nov 22, 2008 5:43 pm

Ike would probably end up as the leader of the goth kids, knowing him. Pluss he'd be a goth, not an emo or a vampire. I can see him turning to the dark side though, I mean, he doesn't even have to dye his hair black (or those balls of pure darkness he calls eyes).
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Re: The Goth Kids of South Park and Ike Broflovski

Postby Mister Garath » Sun Feb 22, 2009 4:48 pm

I expect the bignosed kinky haired kid with the walking stick would remain leader, this is one group who would NOT take guidance from a tiny football shaped kid who says "I poop my Pants!" but Shiela Broflowski is as intollerant as Cartman in that they bouth do not care who gets hurt in the persuit of what they want.
She would convince any gulible numbskull who would listen that theGoth kids are Evil and had to be done away with for "the good of the Children!" the same way she did Terrance and Philip twice the most significant exchange resulted in a War.

Gerald Brofloski probably wouldn't be to concerned - but he would look at how he might legaly benefit from it (suing the other Goth kids families for corrupting thier son) leaving Kyle the shows conscience trying to find ballence and reason in it all.
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Re: The Goth Kids of South Park and Ike Broflovski

Postby big keny » Sun Feb 22, 2009 5:03 pm

i like the flippy haird goth
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