Is the Stan and Wendy relationship falling apart?

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Re: Is the Stan and Wendy relationship falling apart?

Postby Wii fit man » Sat Nov 14, 2009 3:22 am

nwt000 wrote:
Beard wrote:
Scotland wrote:I would hate to see them break up again (I remember seeing Raisins at Christmas, pretty emotional).

All I really ask is a little more signs of love between the two in the episodes.

And more barfing!

I think the puking on Wendy thing is really dumb. That joke is so old and bad, it can't return occasionally like Kenny's deaths. Event Kenny's death should no longer happen in every episode. He should once, maybe not at all, and at most twice a season.

Every time Kenny lives in an episode, my face goes D:
effses: Austin confirmed for turbo homosexual

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