Episodes that are off this site

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Episodes that are off this site

Postby FettiFPeet » Sat Nov 10, 2012 4:34 am

What episodes of South Park AREN'T available on this website? For example a friend just gave me a link showing me that Scott Tenorman and Cartman are half brothers and that this was revealed in episodes 200 and 201. I didnt even know this episode existed and I thought I saw EVERY episode. I'd like to look for those episodes and any others I may have missed. Thank you so much!
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Re: Episodes that are off this site

Postby Big-Will » Sat Nov 10, 2012 5:12 am

Only three episodes can't be shown here

Super Best Friends

That's because certain Muslims or Muslim converts made threats to Viacom after 201 aired. Muslims, especially radical ones, have a thing against Muhammad's face being shown.

Super Best Friends was here until 201 aired.
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Re: Episodes that are off this site

Postby Tno » Sat Nov 10, 2012 10:26 am


If you want to find those episodes you have to say f*ck off to majors like CC and go find those on torrents. Sorry to say that but this is the way we apparently have to follow if we want to support M&T freedom of speech.

We now all know that majors and distributors like CC are persuaded that censoring is the way to tolerance, and as we both know that is not. It's just a way for extremists and minorities to impose their point of view, protected by I don't know which associations or anything, so this way majors can please the majority that shut their mouths and make more money with 'em (... hum... after all no, I'm not sorry)
I live in Europe (France) and I've followed South Park since the beginning. The first seasons were aired here, even translated (voices and words were great BTW) and now we have to wait almost 2 years for the season to be aired (if it is) or released each time they make a new one. That's because it's not distributed by CC here, probably because they think they won't make enough money exporting it... We don't even have access to South Park Studios online episodes ! (Did I said China or France ?)
Anyway, we have to find "other ways" to follow it. I had a sad surprise last year when I received my SP S14 Blu-Ray, first it was censored on 200 & 201 (but after all it makes the episode and his subject more credible = talking about censorship and tolerance as we can't hear the morale from 8yo boys at the end LOL) No, that's not what troubled me, this was more that the BR was region locked... Sh*t.. really ? (the two previous, 12 & 13, were region free). As we can't find any region A BR players here, we have to buy one online, from USA and prey that customs miss it or else it would be charged at 40%... SP was not sold here until last year, and now we have DVD's with missing episodes (200 & 201 are not on dvd's here) so let's say the only way to enjoy that show is to buy it from USA. But some freaky vampires decided to lock the market just because they fear I don't know what... What did they said ? Globalization? really ? Why when that word is written do I suddenly feels like my hemorrhoid are coming back ? :-)

Anyway, I do support SP and it's creators, they really made such a great show, let's just hope they can do what they actually do as long as possible. BTW do some of you remembers Drawn Together ? That's a good example of censorship and parallel distribution, here we have the same problem when touching to "untouchable" subjects like r*l*gi*ns, for example our paper "Hara-Kiri" that drawn a parody of a certain prophet last year ^_^... that paper just exists since 40 years and they have criticized everything from Politics to Nobel Peace prized assh*les, but this time, they touched the untouchable...

Well, go find those episodes on torrents, they are everywhere on the net, and prey that one day M&T would be able to express like they would like to (I hope they really want to...)

Cheers :assface:

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Re: Episodes that are off this site

Postby Lvia » Mon May 27, 2013 7:56 pm

Are you still looking for these, OP... if so, I think I can help!
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Re: Episodes that are off this site

Postby Vidtani » Thu Jun 27, 2013 11:09 am

i cant help just wanna say SHAME to u countries who dont allow the freedom TO WATCH TV EPISODES to their "people"

how are they you r people really if you dont support them ..you oppress them

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